Best 110V Welders (TIG, MIG, Stick) – Top Picks Reviewed 2022

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110v welders are the most suitable and excellent option for basic welding projects. This product is the most popular item in the welding world because it allows the user to weld light to medium metal sections with immense convenience.

Because of its high-term popularity, its production rate has increased largely. But finding the right one may be troublesome work. 

Best 110v Welder

We will find the type of welders in the market that consists of a few features and lack in other sectors. It will eventually lead to your dissatisfaction and wastage of money and time. That is why, after considering several essential factors, we have enlisted the best welders.

Best 110v Welder Reviews 2022

1. Weldpro Tig/Stick Welder with Pulse CK 17


  • Weight: 53.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 17.6×7.9×16
  • Power adapter
  • Trigger button
  • CK17 superflex head
2022 Weldpro Digital TIG

WeldPro welder is the most popular device for smooth welding operations as it implements the most exceptional advanced inverter technology. This welder comes in a miniature size and minimum weight for easy transportation along with the superior feature.

The welding machine can supply a better range of settings for certain welding operations and tend to proffer both AC and DC welding. This device is not constructed for only welding aluminum and steel but is equipped with welding features for professional industrial operations.

The foot pedal is designed with a trendy outlook and is excellent in providing effective amperage control with an independent trigger switched torch. It utilizes the most upgraded inverter technology along with IGBT circuits and PWM technology, which increases the efficiency and profits the welders with a wide range of settings for different welding work.

You can use DC welding for copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, and other various metals. Moreover, you can easily switch to AC welding to work on other surfaces.

Weldpro comes along with more welding accessories like a gas hose, torch, protection cover, and many more to access the welders with everything they will need. That is why it is guaranteed to experience the best welding operation using this welder.


  • Suitable for both AC and DC welding; a recommended device for welding steel and aluminum.
  • Features a 17F torch; one of the best options for a welder like this.
  • Has a digital control system, allowing ease of operation for beginners.
  • 2T-4T switch is present for quickly switching to 4T whenever longer welds is required.
  • 200 amps power; great for welding up to ½ and even thicker with multiple passes.


  • The performance difference between 110V and 220V is too high, making it suitable for higher voltage and lacks ability on 110V.

2. Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter Arc/Stick/Lift Tig Welder


  • Ideal for farm work
  • Dimensions: 21.7 x 18.1 x 13.6
  • Material: Metal
  • Weld amp range: 15 - 200A
  • Dual voltage
Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter Arc/Stick/Lift Tig Welder

Welding enthusiasts should try this welder because it supplies dual inverter voltage essential for showering TIG capabilities and features high standard performance with maximum efficiency. It is an excellent appliance for fabrication, construction, farm work, and DIY works.

You can weld thin sheet metal and heavy gauge steel because Weldpro welders are specialized in this sector. Wherever you will find a power supply, you can connect this machine and start welding. The dual inverter voltage also features auto-sensing technology for more reliable operations.

The anti-kick features and arc thrust are exceptional to experience more exemplary and convenient control to carry out smoother activities when welding. The device has a compact size along with an IGBT inverter design that makes it more comfortable for the user to carry the machine.

Safety features like automatic overheat protection are available for safe welding operations. Moreover, overcurrent welding protection is also included to supply the maximum security to both the device and the user.

The welder is ideal and includes advanced technology for better welding operations along with exceptional safety functions. The accessories that are available along with the device are also magnificent. That is why you should not deprive yourself of such a remarkable machine.


  • Dual voltage of 115V/230V; suitable for indoor welders using regular outlets.
  • Features the IGBT technology; much safer from heat and voltage fluctuations than other welders.
  • One of the best arc performances in 200 amp welders due to the anti-kick and arc thrust features.
  • A broad amperage range of 15 to 200A makes it great for welding very thin and semi-thick materials.


  • Does not weld TIG.

3. DEKOPRO 110V MMA Welder


  • Weight: 12.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16.06 x 11.18 x 6.46
  • Input: 5.8 KW
  • No Load Voltage: 60V
  • Power Factor: 0.85

DEKOPRO ARC Welder Machine is one of the best devices for welding operations because they supply professional finish in welding thin steel, welding processes, car bodywork, and many more. If you prefer MMA welding processes, then this device will supply you with the greatest advantages.

You can experience a welding voltage that can be adjusted exactly with the welding current, and all of your operations will be completely soundless and smooth. The welding machine has a sturdy design with durable characteristics that proffers multiple solid frames for suitable transportation and a high-intensity body for conducting professional operations.

The fan motor is highly efficient with an instant cooling function to dissipate heat from the body conveniently. As a result, the control system tends to supply protection mechanisms throughout the machine.

You will receive a stable current output to prevent overload conditions that will improve your welding efficiency and grant you maximum safety. Moreover, the welder is equipped with multiple technologies that can be used in plumbing work, automobile manufacturing, construction work, thin material precision welding, and many more.

DEKOPRO ARC Welder Machine is an effective and efficient solution to all of your welding operations, along with professional characteristics and reliable safety features. A complete masterpiece!


  • One of the most portable welders on this list; weighs only 12.1 pounds and has a compact handle for carrying.
  • Can easily weld up to ¼" thickness with 6013 rods.
  • No overheating issues as the welder feature an excellent cooling system.
  • Suitable for welding stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, etc.


  • Does not have a smooth performance on 6011 rods as it does with 6013.

4. SUNGOLDPOWER 110V MIG Welding Machine


  • Weight: 29.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 11.9
  • Rated load duty cycle: 60%
  • Efficiency: 85%
  • Power factor: 0.73
SUNGOLDPOWER 110V MIG Welding Machine

SUNGOLDPOWER Welding Machine a more stable and reliable device for effective welding operations. The capabilities installed in this machine are incomparable, which includes switching speeds, effectiveness at higher voltages, forward resistance, heat dissipation, and many more.

You can achieve high cutting speed with no polishing requirements, along with saving energy and producing no sound. The welding machine is a very easy and simple appliance to operate.

You can easily adjust the cutting current in accordance with your welding materials and the thickness of the working plate to carry out smooth operations and excellent working.

As a result, this welder is effective for cutting stainless steel, copper, alloy steel, aluminum, etc. It includes indicators to update you regarding air pressure and overcurrent. The IGBT inverter and digital LCD display will help you a lot in convenient reading for precise operations.

Safety features include under-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, overheat protection, and many more. You can easily cut through painted, rusted, or rough surfaces without producing any considerable slag.

This welding machine can supply reliable solutions and effective characteristics to achieve excellent experience in cutting materials. You will never get the chance to have any complaints regarding this exceptional appliance because they have it all.


  • Great for both MIG and flux-cored welding with an output up to 140A.
  • Accepts any wire from the range of 0.023" to 0.039"; lets you operate with freedom.
  • Has a 60% duty cycle; great device for longer welds with lesser breaks.
  • For MIG, it is capable of welding up to 3/8" and can give a decent performance on ½" sheets for MMA.


  • Misses a digital control feature that would have made it more beginner-friendly.

5. SIMDER 160AMP 110V Welding Machine


  • Weight: 11.73 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16 x 13.4 x 6.2
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Duty cycle: 80%
  • Output: 10A-160A
SIMDER 160AMP 110V Welding Machine

Simder arc welder is a versatile appliance that will make small repairs around your house look very simple. It comes along with an LCD, which is ideal for taking comfortable readings and is perfect for beginners.

The welding machine's entire construction is lightweight and durable, which makes it ideal to be transported from place to place. It is easy to use and proffers high performance.

The arc welder comes with dual-voltage that allows you to start welding everywhere where there is a power supply unit. Also, it consists of an AC to DC mini inverter, which enhances the efficiency of the welding machine and takes your welding activity to another level.

This welder is capable of welding all sorts of metals like medium carbon steel, carbon steel, and many more. It is so easy to use this device because of the LCD. This appliance supplies huge safety features that include thermal overload and anti-stick protection that prevents overheating and over current flowing. 

It has a lightweight construction and a compact size with energy-efficient features that allow the user to carry out convenient welding procedures. That is why it is a must-buy for everyone, especially for the ones who are new at welding.


  • Suitable for welding iron and carbon steel, a lot of similar welders we mentioned here don't possess such features.
  • Works on ½" thick steels or even thicker sheets with quality arcs even after applying multiple passes.
  • Works without an issue when used with a 7018 rod.
  • The gloves provided are surprisingly good.
  • 80% duty cycle; great news for any welder, especially if you want the arc going on for a long time.


  • Amperage reading on the screen is not the most precise.

6. Goplus 200AMP 110V Arc Welder


  • Weight: 15.84 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.9 x 13.4 x 9.1
  • MMA and Lift TIG Function
  • Security Assurance
  • Advanced Design
Goplus 200AMP 110V Arc Welder

Goplus arc welder is an innovative device that comes with convenient portability and has a compact size for easy transportation. It is an arc inverter welder with a TiG function that supplies dual-voltage for easy usage.

The lightweight welding machine is popular because of its advanced construction to handle heavy-duty welding operations and is ideal for professionals. This welding machine is suitable for MMA welding mechanisms and TiG welding because of its capability of supplying high frequency.

The electric lift arc prevents the tungsten electrode from coming in contact with the workpieces and keeps it secure from being contaminated. Nylon panel is installed inside the device with over-voltage protection, over-current protection, under-voltage protection, and overload protection.

And that is why you are guaranteed to receive maximum safety and reliable operations. The machine has an advanced design with IGBT module technology, which ensures excellent arc stability and stable heat dissipation.

Automatic compensation is included for voltage fluctuation for convenient quick connection with increased stability and efficient working. The welder has the power to take over any welding operations, including the heavy-duty ones.

Goplus arc welder is a portable inverter welder for efficient and effective welding operations. It ensures consistency and supplies high-standard performances.


  • The digital control system is great, and on top of it, there is plastic protection.
  • Has the popular IGBT technology and a proper cooling; no worries about overheating issues.
  • Dual voltage of 110V and 220V; great for both work and home.
  • Can burn 7018 rods like butter on a range of thick materials.


  • Would be better if weld performance was satisfactory on rods like 6010.

7. YESWELDER 110V ARC Welder 125Amp


  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Dimensions: 480 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Voltage: 250 Volts
  • Wattage: 10000 watts
  • Delivers 40 amps at 250 volts
YESWELDER 110V ARC Welder 125Amp

YESWELDER arc welder has a durable and strong construction for taking over heavy-duty welding operations, supplying convenient experiences. It includes IGBT switch technology for excellent arc stability and suitable welding operations on thin workpieces.

The machine is lightweight and is easily portable, which allows reliable execution for professional use. The welding machine has a high-intensity body and durable characteristics suitable for professional work and other heavy welding operations.

It includes an advanced IGBT inverter technology, making the machine capable of supplying powerful welding operations on stainless steel, mild steel, and weld steel. This technology ensures excellent arc stability and reliable work executions.

An easy carrying handle is installed on the device and inherits a compact design for easy portability and convenient operations. The welding machine has immense safety functions to offer, which include overcurrent protection, fan dormancy, overload protection, and many more.

Automatic temperature control is an effective characteristic of the welding device, along with automatic compensation for voltage fluctuation. It is an optimized model to deliver excellent welding operations without the production of any spatter.

YESWELDER is one of the most powerful and excellent appliances that will make your welding job more convenient and pleasing. It is a reliable machine that supplies numerous beneficial features and makes your welding life more comfortable.


  • Ventilation is present all around the welder; it gives cooler airflow and increases the duty cycle.
  • A great welder for thin metals as it is rated for 20-125 amps output.
  • Can weld up to ¼" at 110V only and double the thickness at 220V.
  • Built-in hot start; fast arc starting feature.
  • Highly portable, lightweight, and small-sized.


  • The 110V plug can be a bit too short.

Buying Guide for 110v Welders

People usually tend to go through dissatisfaction whenever they buy 110-volt welders for their welding operations. That is because the buyers do not consider the essential factors they need to look at in their new welder. Firstly, you need to learn what are the pivotal properties a welder should have to be the best one. That is why the following guide will help you a lot.

Material Thickness

Every welder is enhanced with the property of cutting a certain thickness of metal. It is an essential factor that you need to look into before buying a welder. The thicker the welder can cut, the more versatile and better outcomes it will proffer.

That is why the primary thing you should look for is the thickness of the metal you will be cutting by using the new welder. If the welder you have purchased fails to provide proper material thickness, then all of your money, time, and energy will go in vain.

Ease of use

Welding processes are always complex, and which is why welders always look for welding machines that are easy to use. That is why you should look for welders that provide exemplary controlling power over the heat generated and other essential traits of the welder to make your job easier and convenient.


Welding operations always include numerous dangers, and that is why it is a mandatory step to consider purchasing a welder that is reliable and safe to use. Usually, 110-volt welders are safer than other welders due to the lower electrical potential.

Features like overheating, overloading, under voltage, and many more protections will provide enough security to the user and the device. Otherwise, you may need to purchase a new welding machine or be admitted to the hospital after operating the new welder for a few months.


Portability is a significant factor to consider depending on your workspace. If your welding operation requires regular movement from one place to another, then you must choose a compact, portable, and lightweight welder.

Also, many machines include handles for easy transportation and provide ample convenience. Compact designs make it easier to teleport and prove to be durable and supply long-lasting performance.


Multi-amp settings are the most advantageous feature that a welder consists of, saving electricity bills. Obviously, you will not need to use a similar amount of heat on every welding operation, and that is why if you can adjust the heat produced to low settings for simpler jobs, you will save some dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What size breaker for 110v welders?

The size of the breakers of the welders is determined by the amount of current that the machine needs. The 110v welders take a lot less current than other regular welders because of their compact size and lower voltage supply.

Usually, we will see these welders summing up to around 40-50 amps. That is why it is suggested to install at least 40 amps circuit breaker.

What can you weld with a 110v welder?

110v welders are the most convenient tool and are popular amongst most of the welders to carry out regular simple welding operations. They have excellent features, convenient size, and immense safety properties.

You can effectively weld aluminum, mild stainless steel, copper, carbon steel, and many other metal surfaces. Moreover, it also provides effective welding operations on car body parts and other Automotive activities.

How to weld using 110v welder?

  • Wear the welding helmet, gloves, and apron to avoid injuries to your eyes, face, hands, and body.
  • Always work in a well-ventilated area.
  • Before you start welding, inspect your welder properly.
  • Grind off the paint and rust from the metal before welding.
  • Use Acetone to wipe the entire metal body and eliminate all the contaminants.
  • After drying the workpiece, clamp the ground clamp to the working table.
  • Hold the welding gun with two hands and position the tip at a 20-degree angle.
  • Turn the trigger and move the gun over the surface slowly to create the weld.

How thick can a 110v welder weld?

Typically, a 110v welder can go to about 1/6 inch thick, 16 gauge, or maybe up to 14 gauge. It can cover more thickness than usual because the welder is great for sheet metal and bodywork.

They are always equipped with different advanced technology that increases the capability of the welding machine to supply greater thickness. That is why mostly it varies from machine to machine.

What size extension cord for 110v welder?

110v welders are lightweight and compact in size, which makes them more convenient to transport from one place to another. Nowadays, these welders come along with extension cords that tend to be long enough to supply maximum convenience to the user. 110v welders come along with a 10-gauge cord that protects the welders to 50 feet. A good extension cord will last for a longer period keeping your device safe.

How many amps needed to operate a 110v welder?

A 110v welder takes the half amperage of a similar 220v welder. It is because the 110-volt welders have a compact size supplying the limited voltage for carrying out simple welding operations that require a certain amount of current. More or less can cause troubles, so a range of around 40 to 50 amps will do the job to operate a 110-volt welder.

Final Note

A 110-volt welding machine is a perfect device for welding enthusiasts. That is because they include enormous benefits that win the hearts of every user. It has a compact size and provides maximum portability for convenient welding operations. Moreover, they do not supply advanced technology to ensure stable, smooth, and effective welding.

This miniature machine can take over work that requires the larger ones, which makes it exceptional than others. When the right one of such type falls into the hand of the right welder, then all the welding executions will be a masterpiece. That is why make sure that the one you are buying consists of all the essential factors and hence, experience better welding.

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