Best Engine Driven Welder Generators Reviews – 2022

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In our quest to cover everything we can about welding and accessories we have not yet covered the best engine driven welder generators.

We want our readers to have access to information about everything welding related so we called on our professional welders and welding instructors to help us understand what makes one engine driven welding generator better than another one.

Best Engine Driven Welder Generators

Our panel of experts has never failed to come through with factual and practical advice on products like these. They explained to us that engine driven welders combine an engine to an electric generator and created heavy-duty outdoor generators that were powerful and durable.

Best Engine Driven Welder Generators – 2022

1. Lincoln Electric Ranger 305 G Multi-process DC Welder/AC Generator

This is a multi-purpose generator that allows you to do stick welding processes, TIG welding processes, and wire and pipe welding with ease. It is a power horse of a machine that can work from sun-up to sun-down without faltering.

Lincoln Electric Ranger 305 G Multi-process DC Welder/AC Generator

The generator portion of this machine will give you the power you need to operate power equipment, lights, and most other electrically powered tools and toys. This generator produces 9500 continuous watts with surge watts of 10,500. It has 3 receptacles available to plug your tools into so you always have the power to do the work you need to do.

It gives you the ability to weld metal that is up to 5/32” thick and still creates a beautiful bead. You can use it to weld steel, mild steel, steel alloy, stainless steel, cast iron, and more. The clamping cable is 10'’in length. It also welds the flux core.

This is a gas-powered welder generator. It is easy to operate and fully ready to put into use when you get it home. There is no assembly required.

This machine has a duty cycle of 305 A at 29V. It has a push-button start and you can stop the machine just as easily with the push button.


  • Can generate up to 9,500 Watts of AC power for heavy-duty outdoor welding.
  • Suitable for stick welding as well and can use up to 7018 low hydrogen electrode.
  • The gas-powered welder can be suitable for up to 305 Amp DC welding!
  • The chopper technology provides excellent DC and AC performance and suitable for such outdoor machines.


  • A bit pricey, which is understandable considering the quality and functionality of the welder.

2. TOMAHAWK 15 HP Engine Driven Portable Generator

If you are looking for a machine that will give you the capabilities to perform TIG welding procedures, MIG welding procedures, and Stick welding procedures then this is the machine for you. An added bonus is that this machine is also a powerful generator that you can use to power other tools, or even to power your house when the electricity goes out.

TOMAHAWK 15 HP Engine Driven Portable Generator

You will be able to weld metal that is 1/3” thick, ¼” thick, and 3/8” thick with ease. The machine comes with the leads you need, a TIG torch, a ground clamp, and an electrode holder.

The generator/welder has a 15 horse power inverter engine. It has a fuel tank that can handle 7 gallons of fuel at a time with a fuel gauge that easily shows you how much fuel you have so you do not start a job and run out of fuel before you are finished. It has 210 rated amps and surge watts of 2000.

It has dials and controls that are simple to adjust. You can set this welder up in just a few minutes and be ready to do any work you need to do.

It is excellent for farm and ranch use, and strong enough for commercial welding too.


  • Features a 15HP engine-driven generator that can provide up to 2,000 Watts for heavy-duty welding tasks.
  • Has an electric start system that only takes a button for starting the generator.
  • Has two 120V outlets on the back that will allow you to use grinders, drills or anything else you need during work. Anything that accepts DC power can run with it.
  • Suitable for TIG, MMA, and stick welding and can ensure up to 210 amp output.
  • Suitable for ¼, 1/3” and up to 3/8” welding.


  • For using the 120V outlets, you need devices that accept DC power. So, most grinders or drill will not be able to run. In that case, you can pick devices from Makita or Dewalt that make DC-compatible devices.

3. Lincoln Electric Ranger 225 Multi-Process Generator

This welder is more than capable of getting any job done quickly and efficiently. It has a 100% duty cycle at 25V. That means that5 it is capable of working the entire time you need it without overheating or shutting down.

Lincoln Electri Ranger 225 Multi Process Generator

You will love the power of the generator. You can weld and run your power tools at the same time. It gives you 9000 watts of continuous power with a power surge of 10,500 watts. In times when your electricity is out, you can power your house lights with this machine.

It has a 23 horsepower Kohler engine that is a 2 cylinder. It comes with the technology to shut itself down if it were to ever overheat. Overheating is highly unlikely because it has overhead valve air-cooled design features that keep the machine cool.

The engine is totally enclosed. There are three access doors but you do not have to worry about dust and particles getting to or into your engine while you are working. You are completely protected.

Everything you need to go to work is included in the package with this Multi-process welding machine. It measures 42 5/16 inches long x 21 ½ inches wide x 30 inches in height.


  • Continuous generator power is 9000 Watts, and it can peak to 10,500 watts in 1 phase, providing enough power for tough welding tasks.
  • Provides a broad amperage range from 50 to 225A for a range of welding tasks.
  • At 25V, it can provide a 100% duty cycle for continuous performance without any breaks.
  • Features a 4-cycle engine that can provide 23HP and has air-cooling for ensuring prolonged usage.


  • Does not have hook ups for ln7 wire feeders.
  • Heavier than most similar units.

4. Hobart - 500563 Engine Driven Generator

Welding machine and generator combinations that are engine driven are heavy and large. They can be very difficult to move from one place to another so most people use them from the back of a flatbed truck or keep the machines stationary. This machine is designed on a rolling cart so you can move it from one place to the next without having to lift it or pick it up.

Hobart - 500563 Engine Driven Generator

This is an American made product that is durable and dependable. It has a Briggs and Stratton single-phase engine powering it. It can provide 4000 watts of continuous power and power surge watts of 4750. The engine uses gas as its fuel source. It has a recoil type start.

It has a rated output of 130A at 25V. The amperage range for this machine is between 40 and 145. You can weld the majority of all metals using this device. It can be used for fabrication, repairs, auto bodywork, and hobby welding.

This is a machine designed to perform Stick welding and does not do TIG welding processes or MIG welding processes. It does have 120v outlets that will power the most common power tools.


  • Can be suitable for 5/32 DC stick electrodes.
  • Provides 145 amp DC output for medium-level welding tasks without the need of electricity.
  • Features a large muffler that reduces the noise of the generator.
  • Can work with gasoline and has a 6.25-gal fuel tank.


  • It is a medium-tier generator welder. So, not suitable for heavy-duty welding.

5. HOBART Champion Elite Welder Generator

This machine measures 41 inches in length, 20 inches in width and stands 28 inches tall. It is actually smaller than most of its competitors and that5 makes it a little easier to transport and use in remote locations.

It has a twin-cylinder, 4 cycle 23 horsepower Kohler engine. It can deliver up to 11,000 watts so you can operate electric tools and many other items.

HOBART Champion Elite Welder Generator

The dials on the front panel are easy to read and that makes it easy to set your machine up to do the work you need to do. You can use this machine on stainless steel, mild steel, steel alloys, and galvanized metals. That makes the device acceptable for use on farms, to do light industrial applications, hobby welding, and general maintenance welding on equipment, gates, and other metal items.

The welder is rated for 75.5 decibels and it weighs 499 pounds. It is designed for use with welding rods and does not accommodate spool-guns.

If your power is interrupted you can connect this beast to your house and power your lights, or furnace, water well pump and more. You will find many uses for this machine around your home and business.


  • Up to 11,000-watt power of the device can ensure 225-amp welding output without any issues.
  • Contains a large fuel tank that has a capacity of 12 gallons.
  • Has the ability to power a 2600 sq. ft. house for multiple days when you need its power.
  • The auto-idle feature on this unit can be suitable for saving fuel.


  • You can’t use this unit if you are in California due to specific laws.

How to Choose Best Welder Generator

When you are ready to shop for an engine-driven welding machine and generator combo you need to consider a few things about the machine before you buy.

The welding process the machine is capable of doing

One of the key things to think about when buying one of these machines is what welding processes the machine is designed to support. Some of these machines allow you to perform TIG, MIG or stick welding while many others only allow you to do one particular type of welding.

You have to consider the type of welding you will do most often and then choose a machine that supports your welding style. If you only stick weld then there is no reason for you to buy a machine that does TIG or MIG processes.

The Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of a welder tells you how many working minutes the welder has for a specific time period. A 50% duty cycle tells you that if you are welding for 30 minutes the machine can only work full power for 15 of those minutes. A 100% duty cycle machine may cost you more but it will give you more service.

The Output capabilities

You want a machine that will power the tools you need to power in remote locations. Some people also like to buy a machine that will power their homes during power outages. The machine will tell you what wattage of output it is capable of on a continuous basis and what wattage it will produce periodically, called surge wattage. 

Fuel requirements

You want to pay attention to what fuel the engine of the machine is powered by. Some of these devices are gasoline-powered and some of them are diesel-powered. Both fuel types are good this is usually a matter of personal preference.


You know that an engine-driven welding machine with a generator is going to be a large machine that weighs too much for you to simply pick it up and load it in the back of your truck. You can, however, find some machines that are slightly smaller than others and some machines even come with castors or a rolling cart to help you move them.

FAQs About Generator For Welder

Q. How does a welder generator work?

The welder generator machines use a fueled engine to create power that causes the welding machine to work or allows the generator to power other items like tools or lights. The machine has an engine that creates electrical power when operating much like your car engine creates electrical power for your vehicle. You simply fuel the machine and start it and you do not need another source of electricity to work.

Q. How big of a generator to run a welder?

To operate an Ac/Dc 225/125 welding machine you need a generator with an output of no less than 15,000 watts. This is the continuous output of the generator and not the surge watts. If you power your machine with a smaller generator but the welding abilities would be reduced and you would have to use smaller electrodes in your welding process.

Q. How many KVA generator to run a welder?

Welding machines come in different sizes and the needed KVA from the generator changes according to the size of the machine. If your welder has an output of 160A or less you need a generator producing no less than 7 KVA but 8KVA is ideal.

For a welder producing between 180 and 200A you need a generator with no less than 8 KVA but 10 KVA are ideal. If your welder produces 250A then your generator KVA should be no less than 13 but 15 is ideal.

Q. What size generator to run Lincoln 225 welder?

To operate an Ac/Dc 225/125 welding machine you need a generator with an output of no less than 15,000 watts. This is the continuous output of the generator and not the surge watts.

Using a generator that produces fewer watts may provide some power to the welding machine but it will not be full power and it is not recommended that you run your machine on reduced power.

Q. What size generator to run 140 amp welder?

A welding machine of this size needs a generator with a KVA of no less than 7, but 8 is ideal, and you can use a generator with a KVA higher than 8.

Q. What is the difference between a generator welder and an alternator welder?

An alternator produces only AC currents. A generator is capable of producing both the AC currents and the DC currents. The generator can be used to power other electrical items like tools, and in some cases are large enough to power an entire home during a power outage.

Final Note 

With an engine-driven welding machine generator combination you do not have to worry if the location you are going to has electric power handy or not. You know that you are bringing the power for your tools with you.

The TOMAHAWK 15 HP is perfect for anyone who wants a welding machine that can do TIG, MIG as well as stick welding. 

These machines are large and bulky so if you want one that is on a cart with wheels the Hobart, 500563, Engine Driven Generator/Welder is the perfect machine for you.

These devices are more than one machine rolled into one package. They give you the ability to power many tools, and they provide you with a little security that you can have lights in your home when the electricity is out.

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