Best Midi Lathes For Woodworkers

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For woodworkers, midi lathes are like a blessing. It is because they come in comfortable size with features that the larger ones consist of.

Having the combination of the mini and large lathes, midi lathes are just the ideal wood lathe for turning operations.

They have superb horsepower, standard efficiency, powerful adjustable speed, and a compact size. 

Best Midi Lathes For Woodworkers

However, for newbies or even experienced people, picking up the perfect midi can solve a complex puzzle. It is not that simple as many people think like.

Fortunately, there is nothing to be worried about because, in the following article, we have covered the best midi lathes for woodworkers that will provide you enough information to find the perfect one.

Best Midi Lathe In 2022 Reviews 

1. Delta Industrial 46-460 Variable Speed Midi Lathe


  • Weight: 97 pounds
  • Dimensions: 36 x 11 x 17.75
  • Color: Gray
  • Power Source: Corded-electric
  • Measurement System: Metric
Delta Industrial 46-460 Variable Speed Midi Lathe

Starting the reviews with one of the best midi wood lathes available on the market, the Delta Industrial 46-460. Its simple design delivers some extraordinary qualities. It gives you amazing control over the whole process.

Letting you set the required speed for any piece you are working on, the midi wood lathe has a variable speed that goes up to 1,725 RPM. To gear down the speed quickly, it produces a maximum power of 1 hp, which is the ideal power rating suggested by the experts. Its 12.5 inches long swing lets you work with pretty thick or wide pieces without any issue.

The 1-inch drive spindle with a thread of -8 RH TPI makes it possible to properly work with the spindle. Meanwhile, the electronic motor of this midi lathe is three-phased with pulley speed. As a result, the turning tasks can be completed without any necessity of moving the belt. Speaking of the belt, it has an improved tension.

This is turning function has both front and back movement capability to provide a better outcome. You can use this for a long time.


  • Features electronic variable speed system; you don't have to change the speed by altering the belt position.
  • Turns both in forward and reverse positions, making it easier to have a smooth finish.
  • The motor offers a decent power of 1hp with 1725 rpm.
  • Has a swing capacity of 12-1/2"; great for medium-large scale projects.


  • The tool rest banjo isn't 1 inch, making it unable to hold many standard tool rests.

2. Nova Midi Lathe Flexible Woodworking System


  • Weight: 82 pounds
  • Dimensions: 8.9 x 17.8 x 32.9
  • Material: Other
  • Speed: 4000 RPM
  • Measurement System: Metric
Nova Midi Lathe Flexible Woodworking System

With the innovative style and top-notch materials, the Nova 71118 Comet II DR-Midi Lathe Flexible Woodworking System is brought to you. It can be said that this machine will deliver you complete woodworking features, all in one.

Having a 12 inches swing allows this to be capable of holding thick stocks easily. Since it is required for a lathe to have precise movement and quick speed change, this machine's powerful motor can generate a power of ¾ hp. This motor has a variable speed, allowing you to choose the speed that you want. The speed range is between 250 to 4000 RPM.

One of the important features, a DRO comes installed on the machine, saving you the hassle of buying it separately. To set a speed, you will need to dial the speed on the DRO. You can turn your woods both forward and backward using a switch.

There is a 16.5 inches distance between centers. However, it can be enlarged up to 42 inches using an extension tool that can be purchased differently. It features a tool rest of 6 inches and a 3 inches faceplate.


  • Features an electronic speed variable system, allowing infinite variables of speed with ease.
  • A large speed range from 250 to 4000 RPM allows you to work on multiple types of lathe projects with just one device.
  • Rotation can be switched to reverse or back to forward with just a switch; easy to get the right finish.
  • Takes up small space, unlike most professional lathe.


  • Doesn't provide enough power to suit the need of professionals.

3. Nova 46902 Comet 14DR Midi Lathe Bundle


  • Weight: 114 pounds
  • Dimensions: 33.5 x 10.5 x 17.5
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Horsepower: 1 hp
  • Modular Tool Rest System
Nova 46902 Comet 14DR Midi Lathe Bundle

Another product from Nova, a highly famous brand among the experts, is the Nova 46902 Comet 14DR . Allowing you an all-around controlling capability, you should consider this.

Not being able to set the speed is not safe for your pieces. Hence, this midi lathe has a variable speed with a wide range between 250 to 3450 RPM. This speed can be easily and smoothly obtained using a strong motor with a power limit of 1 HP. It is easy to set the speed with the speed screen and a dial-in, which is easy to understand.

Don't stop your project just because the stock is a bit too thick or long, as the swing length of this lathe is 14 inches. Meanwhile, from one center to another, the distance is 18.5 inches. To suppress vibrations, iron casts were used on its body parts.

Its 12 inches long tool rest was designed with modular type. Using this, your skill will improve. You get many additional important accessories in the package, including 9091 tiny bowl rest and G3 chuck.


  • Digital display shows the speed in RPM; precise measurement for excellent results.
  • The dial-in speed adjustment lets you easily pick a certain RPM from infinite variables to facilitate your project.
  • 14" swing capacity, making it suitable for intermediate and entry-level users.
  • Fairly small lathe that can fit tight workplaces without any issues.


  • Harsh delivery sometimes causes damage to the lathe.

4. PSI Woodworking Midi Lathe


  • Weight: 82 pounds
  • Dimensions: 32 x 9 x 17
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Measurement System: Metric
  • Material: Cast iron
PSI Woodworking Midi Lathe

Pleasing thousands of woodworkers throughout the country, the PSI Woodworking KWL-1018VS has multiple epic utilities that will potentially make your woodworking tasks a lot easier than ever. It's a must-try item for woodworkers.

Since this has a swing length of 10 inches, you can pretty much use all types of wood stocks. It contains a variable speed motor, something that is a must for secure work. You can pick a speed that you want from between 500 to 2000 RPM and 1500 to 3600 RPM. The motor has enough capability to produce 0.75 HP of power.

You get additional headstock and tailstock, where both are MT2. You need to provide the motor with 110 V of voltage. Meanwhile, the headstock has 1 inch by 8tpi thread. To work with longer stocks, the distance of centers is 18 inches. To have much support, the base is made of cast iron.It offers an amazing spindle locking mechanism.

You get many accessories that are necessary for your projects included in the package. The handles of this lathe is easy to reach and move.


  • Takes a minimal amount of space; great pick if you can't have a professional lathe device.
  • The digital readout is easy to see and gives precise RPM readouts.
  • Features a work light that helps you focus on the project in dark environments.
  • Features 4 tubular rivets on the ceramic base, allowing a nice and steady work with less vibration.


  • The wiring isn't the best and needs frequent adjustment.

5. WEN Variable Speed Mini Benchtop Wood Lathe


  • Weight: 44.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 28.1 x 13.3 x 7.6
  • Style: 3.2-Amp Lathe
  • 2.3-Inch face plate
  • Speed: 750 to 3200 RPM
WEN Variable Speed Mini Benchtop Wood Lathe

WEN Wood Lathes are sturdy, straightforward, and very easy to work with. They hold all the features that a large lathe would proffer with a mini lathe, ideal for cups, chess pieces, pens, balls, and other small pieces. It will also allow you with the proper power to take over even larger projects around your home.

The lathe has a powerful motor that provides more motor power than other large lathes, which allows you to accomplish large projects. The speed motor has a variable speed that can be adjusted according to your preferences up to 32000 RPM. To provide a stronger grip to your workpieces, the wood lathe consists of tailstock taper and also has an MT1 spindle to supply additional support during operations.

You can improve the precise actions and tailstock simply by adjusting the easy to use lever clamping system. The lathe comes with extra accessories like a headstock spa center, flat wrench, and many more. With the bold build quality, the lathe can take over various pieces.

WEN Wood Lathes features exceptional properties to operate on various workpieces with great precision perfection perfectly. It is the ideal benchtop lathe for everyone to have in their homes.


  • Gives excellent performance for working on chess pieces, pens, bowls, and cups; great for hobbyists.
  • Takes up only 12" x8" workspace; fits small tables.
  • Has a cast iron construction, making it highly durable against delivery impacts.
  • One of the cheapest lathe options available for beginners to master the craft.


  • Does not have a digital RPM readout.

6. RIKON Power Tools VSR MIDI Lathe


  • Weight: 124 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12 x 40.75 x 18
  • Material: Metal
  • Power Source:  Corded-electric
  • Horsepower: 1 HP
RIKON Power Tools VSR MIDI Lathe

RIKON Midi Lathe is the ideal appliance that delivers superb power that you will need for turning spindles. Besides, the turning capacity is excellent, along with the 24 position index head that grants accurate pattern work on a wide range of projects. You cannot imagine your work to be easier with the help of this lathe.

Having a 1HP motor allows this to deliver the strong power you will need to turn spindles to produce platters or large bowls. With a turning capacity of 12-½" diameters swing and 20 inches between centers, you can achieve maximum turning capabilities to achieve maximum precision. Also, the swing allows the lathe to hold thick stocks easily.

If you wish to achieve great accurate design or scheme work on different kinds of large projects, then the 24 position index of this lathe will do the job for you. Moreover, the lathe comes with an electronic variable speed of about 250 to 3850 RPM, and exceptional LED display and reverse/forward actions.

This will be the ideal tool to achieve greater experience in working with a wide range of projects. It provides stunning turning abilities along with strong gripping strength and great precisions.


  • The 1HP motor is a great middle-ground between beginner and professional lathe machines.
  • Features 24 position index head; suitable for precise design and patter works.
  • The LED display lets you read the current speed after you pick from 250-3850 RPM.
  • Along with variable speed, you can reverse the rotation for better handling of the project you are working on.


  • Can have a bit of paint damage for bad handling.

7. Shop Fox Bench Top Wood Lathe


  • Weight: 85 pounds
  • Dimensions: 38.5 x 15.5 x 17
  • Material: Wood Lathe
  • Power Source:  Corded-electric
  • Model number: W1836
Shop Fox Bench Top Wood Lathe

Shop Fox is packed with exceptional features that every woodturner will love. Do not be confused with its simple design because the characteristics that it proffers will blow your mind.

It is a powerful device that comes with variable speed spindle control for precise speed adjustments and consists of locked positions to keep your work under your control. The construction of this lathe has a heavy-duty iron cast for increased durability.

If you are willing to conduct smooth turning operations, then the 24 indexes in increments will allow you to accomplish the mission. It comes along with a 3/4 HP motor that is powerful enough to operate heavy-duty projects.

Also, the variable speed spindle control and the digital RPM readout will make your operations more accurate and allow you to make precise speed adjustments. Besides, it has overlapping speed ranges to ensure top-class spindle torque within each range.

The oversized precision ball-bearing design will provide maximum tightening operations with no resistance and increased stability. You can conduct any project conveniently with the help of the tool holder.

Shop Fox may be small in size, but the characteristics they inherit are amazing and outstanding for exemplary turning operations.


  • Headstock spindle speed can be easily determined through the digital readout on the lathe.
  • Very low vibration allowing easier and smoother work.
  • Has an overhead light that lets you focus on your workpiece.
  • Excellent craftsmanship ensures the longevity of this machine.


  • The belt isn't the best, and replacing it improves the lathe's performance.

8. WEN Variable Speed Cast Iron Wood Lathe


  • Weight: 77.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 33.5 x 19 x 13.5
  • Style: Variable Speed
  • Model number: 34018
  • Speed: 450 to 3500 RPM
WEN Variable Speed Cast Iron Wood Lathe

The following variable speed wood lathe will turn cups, bowls, chess pieces, tables, and many more without any extra struggle. If you desire to take anything larger, this beast can handle wood up to 12 inches in diameter and 18 inches long. If this is not enough for you, then the extension of these products can be purchased separately to maximize the capacity.

WEN Iron Wood Lathe allows the user to adjust the variable speed from 450 to 3500 rotations per minute. The powerful 4.5A motor can take over any large project. To achieve accurate and precise operations and adjustments for your turning activities, the onboard digital speed display illuminates the RPM on time.

The lathe is also versatile enough to enable a wide range of chucks to fit into the device, along with the 8-inch tool rest to grant additional support. For better compatibility with other additional accessories, the tailstock taper along with the MT2 spindle is brilliant.

Moreover, the tailstock and the tool rest adjustments are completed precisely by the exceptional lever clamping system. To make your woodturning project simpler, fast, and efficient, purchase this wood lathe to experience the best.


  • Has a soft startup feature that makes sure your work starts smoothly and causes no damage to the motor.
  • Suitable for up to 18" x12" workpieces; excellent for beginner to intermediate level works.
  • Variable speed with infinite control, allowing easy switching to different RPMs without having to operate on the belts.
  • Comes with essential attachments, including face plate, tool rest, spur center, etc.


  • It isn't reversible, making it harder to get the smoothest finish.
  • The control board should have had a better built as it seems to have low durability.

9. Shop Fox Benchtop Lathe


  • Weight: 48.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.1 x 27.9 x 13.7
  • Power Source: Corded-electric
  • Model number: W1704
  • Horsepower: 0.33 HP
Shop Fox Benchtop Lathe

Shop Fox Benchtop Lathe is the ideal device for woodturning projects. It has features that are amazing in conducting smooth turning operations with increased stability and precise speed adjustments making the lathe everyone's top pick.

The machine's durable construction makes it even more durable and sturdy to take over large projects outweighing the fact that it has a smaller size. The lathe runs under a ⅓ horsepower motor, and the 8 inches swing enables the appliance to be capable of holding thick stocks easily.

It can provide longer service for a prolonged period because of the cast iron construction. Small cutting or turning, or shaping projects will be a piece of cake for you if you are using this benchtop wood lathe.

With the word benchtop being said, the lathe has a versatile construction to fit on any workbench. It delivers spindle speeds about 700 to 3200 RPM by the variable speed motor, which comes in handy in turning soft or hard parts of the wood. Moreover, a safety paddle switch is included to increase the safety prospects of the machine.

Shop Fox lathe provides reliable and effective turning operations that will make your projects more effortless and efficient. A must-have for every woodturner lover.


  • Pretty good durability due to the cast iron construction.
  • Runs on 110V; an excellent pick for beginners who are just starting lathe works.
  • Comes with two tool rests instead of only one.
  • Easy to set up and secure on a bench.


  • Does not have good corrosion resistance.

10. RIKON Mini Lathe


  • Weight: 88.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 33.75 x 18 x 11.5
  • 1/2HP Motor
  • Model number: 70-100
  • Ability to Add Multiple Extensions
RIKON Mini Lathe

Rikon Mini Lathe is just the perfect tool for woodturning projects because it has a durable construction and proffers exemplary precisions during turning objects. It is mini proffers the largest capacity amongst all kinds with multiple extensions allowing you to work with larger workpieces. It is an amazing device because it gives you the chance to do more in less space.

The appliance is smooth-running and powerful. It offers distinctive peculiarities like a 12-position index head for perfect and accurate pattern work, a convenient tool holder, easily adjustable speed, and the option of adding multiple extensions.

The adjustable speed feature allows you to change speeds while operating with the piece quickly. For improved accuracy in your workings, the index head keeps the spindle locked for convenient removal of chucks, faceplates, and other lathe accessories.

Operations like grooving, layout, drilling, and many more can be easily performed through detailed pattern work because of the improved accuracy. The flip-up handle for mobility makes the device user-friendly and provides more convenience to the user.

Rikon Mini lathe is a wonderful tool along with several accessories that will fit your needs and will allow you an upper hand in accomplishing a wide range of woodturning activities.


  • Doesn't require you to use a knock-out bar for removing the center as the device features a self-ejecting tailstock.
  • Even though it doesn't change speeds with electric control, having variable speeds is fast with its easy-access feature.
  • Features 12-position indexing that helps the spindle to be locked in various different angles.
  • Works pretty well with a variety of chucks.


  • A variable speed dial would've been good for this device.

11. JET Wood Lathe


  • Weight: 77 pounds
  • Dimensions: 35 x 18.1 x 14.56
  • Power Source: Corded-electric
  • Model number: JWL-1015
  • Horsepower: 1 HP
JET Wood Lathe

JET Wood Lathe is the ideal device for woodturners who are searching for a user-friendly and professional lathe. The device's entire construction is completely sturdy and works smoothly, supplying greater power, improved precision, and exemplary versatility to solve any project.

It provides greater features and shows more capabilities, which are simply amazing. The easy-access speed change feature lets the mini-lathe smoothly and swiftly change speeds in between the operations. You can also use the locking arm and the tension-release lever while adjusting the speed.

It is capable of featuring more capacity to work with larger pieces. The 12-position indexing head keeps the workpieces fixed in multiple positions as you desire for improved accuracy and precision in detailed work.

Nevertheless, the machine is upgraded with an improved tensioning system and allows you to adjust the drive belt to determine the spindle speed. Its sturdy construction makes it ideal for taking over heavy-duty woodturning projects.

JET Wood Lathe reduces your frustration during several hard turning projects and proffers you a convenient experience by implementing several accessories that come along with the lathe. That is why this machine is everyone's favorite.


  • 15-1/2" space between centers allows you to work on pretty large workpieces with ease.
  • Up to 3,975 RPMs allows you to get a perfectly smooth finish faster.
  • 24-position indexing is present that can help to lock workpieces at numerous different angles.
  • Easy to change the speed compared to most similar lathes.


  • Does not have a digital display.
  • Infinite variable speed control is missing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a midi lathe?

Midi lathes are new to the woodturning world. They combine the features and power of a full-size lathe with the compact size of a mini lathe. That is why most woodturners prefer them.

Also, they come with optional bed extensions and can supply greater capacity for holding larger workpieces. Being compact does not refrain them from performing heavy-duty woodturning projects because they include stunning turning capacity and professional precisions.

Where to buy?

Midi lathes are now a popular tool in the woodturning world because of their exceptional features and adequate construction. That is why it is not a surprise to find these devices in local workshops.

Also, in online stores like Amazon and on different websites, you can find reliable and proper midi lathes for your woodcraft activities. But you need to make sure that the one you are buying from the online stores consists of positive feedbacks from the customers who bought it before.

How to change the belt on a delta midi lathe?

  • Hold the handle by opening the two access doors and loosen the locking lever.
  • Pull the handle up and tighten the locking lever.
  • Remove the handwheel by loosening the two set screws.
  • Using a soft mallet, push the spindle shaft far enough to move it to the right to remove the spindle pulley.
  • Remove the previous drive belt and replace it with the new one by assembling the spindle in reverse order.

Final Note

Combining features and essential characteristics made the midi lathe a perfect and significant device for woodturning activities. Not a single woodturner enthusiast can imagine their craftworks without these. Their efficiency, high-standard performance, and immense convenience made it the best amongst all the other lathes.

That is why to experience better and successful project operations; you need to go through a wide range of midi lathes to select the ideal one for your work. The provided examples are world-class machines that will make your work easy and smooth and take it to another level. Therefore, take a smart decision today and experience a more successful future.

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