Best Plastic Welders and UV Liquid Welders – 2022 Buying Guide

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Not all the time you can throw out broken plastic items, especially when its an essential part of vehicles or your home. Plastic welders are present to help you repair your car or anything made out of plastic!

After discussing with car enthusiasts who are passionate about DIY fixes, the list below is created to help out people who need to purchase the best plastic welders. Besides vehicle fixes, the following items can also be used in many different ways!

Quick Look On Our Top Choice

Best Plastic Welder in-Depth Reviews 

1. Bondic LED UV Liquid Plastic Welding Starter Kit


  • Weight: 2.2 Oz
  • Dimensions: 4.75 x 0.75 x 9.5
  • Model number: SK8024
  • Batteries: 1 CR123A batteries
  • Battery Cell Type: Alkaline
Bondic LED UV Liquid Plastic Welding Starter Kit

Bondic’s liquid plastic welding kit equipped with a powerful UV light is a very simple to use tool for hundreds of different causes. It fixes all kinds of broken plastics in four simple steps – clean, fill, cure and shape. It is a cheap and highly-useful pen-shaped tool that has the fixing liquid on one side and LED light on the other.

So, you might be wondering, is it just another glue or actually a welder. Well, you need to use it as a welder to get accurate results. After applying the liquid, using the LED UV is essential, as it cures and gives it the strong bond it needs to be fixed. If you are not using the UV light, the solution won’t harden, and it is what differentiates it from a regular glue.

Compared to other plastic welders, this one is simple and easy to use. It is undoubtedly not for professionals. If you ever need to fix small plastic objects, then this is the right product to use. Besides plastic, you can apply it on metal, PVC, rubber, ceramic and many other types of items.


  • The weld is fully waterproof and suitable for sandpaper usage.
  • Bondic doesn’t harden itself. As a result, it gives you room to make mistakes without causing damage.
  • Suitable for PVC, plastic, rubber, wood, Kevlar, ceramic, and a range of metals.
  • Only takes around 3 seconds of UV application for the liquid to harden.


  • Does not work great in dirty surfaces.
  • Not suitable for deeper surfaces.

2. Polyvance 5700HT Airless Plastic Welder


  • Weight: 4.99 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14 x 12 x 4.5 inches
  • Model number: 5700HT
  • Material: Plastic, metal
  • Power Source: AC
Polyvance 5700HT Airless Plastic Welder

Airless welders can be highly useful for tasks at home, unlike professional welding machines. The Polyvance 5700HT Mini Weld machine is one of the best airless welders available in the market considering how much power it can provide for fixing plastics with a high melting point.

It has 200 W power, giving it the ability to weld even nylon radiator tanks, which are very hard to melt. The kit comes with welding rods to assist with different types of welding.

As the kit has welding rods of 8 individual types, it can be used in many different cases. The best usage for this item is for vehicles, as there are many kinds of plastics involved. Due to the machine’s high power, it can easily do challenging tasks.

Airless welders do have their disadvantages, but they are not bad at all for your everyday fixing tasks. In fact, this item is liked by the majority due to its high power and ability to work on different types of plastics. The amount of power can also be utilized in professional levels.


  • Outputs up to 200 watts for heavy-duty plastic welding.
  • Highly suitable for automotive plastic parts and features 8 welding rods for assisting in automotive part repairs.
  • Quality temperature control unit helps in achieving the right heat.
  • Comes in a casing for easy carrying and has a belt clip.
  • Suitable for big cracks and damages on plastic.


  • Temperature fluctuation often occurs.

3. Beyondlife Plastic Hot Air Welder Heating Gun


  • Weight: 3.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.3 x 5.2 x 4.4 inches
  • Material: Plastic and iron
  • Power Source: Ac
  • Maximum Power: 1600 Watts
Beyondlife Plastic Hot Air Welder Heating Gun

People looking for welders to renew their vans ought to examine this heating gun because this is quite a beneficial device for the quick here and there fixes. The plastic Hot Air Welder Gun has a rich, sturdy design for easy and effective use.

The plastic welder is very long-lasting, weighing less than 3lbs. The gun produces a stream of hot air easing the parts that are about to be joined additional to the plastic fillers.

It has a professional PVC vinyl flooring welding gun with all the necessary accessories. The power and the temperature controls are both on your hand; you can adjust to different melting points. Also, it has a voltage of AC110V with a maximum power of 1600W.

The item comes with a complete spare set of all the different components needed for your uses. The robust motor is more powerful as the air volume can be adjusted. It has a cool-down function after overheating too much also with dust perception and memory setting.

Furthermore, the digital temperature control is from 40-550°c. This is a great welder machine for everyone who does handyman work. It is also a quite cheaper and complex machine. This tool would be one of the best purchases.


  • The heating gun comes with different tip attachments for heat concentration, making it a great professional unit.
  • Adjustable power and temperature for excellent precision plastic welding.
  • Highly recommended for automotive plastic welding.


  • A bit more wattage for bending would’ve been good.

4. Go2home 1600W plastic Welder kit


  • Weight: 7.13 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.29 x 7.44 x 7.13
  • Material: Plastic welder
  • Power Source: Ac
  • Air flow: 230 L/min
Go2home 1600W plastic Welder kit

Newlywed couples rush to amazon and quickly buy this welder to fix and decorate the balcony of your new home on your own and use specialized materials to mend it.

The welder has some of the best features. It comes with an important nozzle necessary for the linings of the tiles. You will use it to melt some of the seams of the floor membrane. It works like a charm. It is very lightweight and long-lasting enough to finish 2 hours of work.

The heat gun has an adjustable temperature range between 30°c - 700°c. The U-shaped butterfly blade has flexibility, furthermore efficient enough to work faster. The maximum power is 1600W with an airflow of 230L/min. The hot air jet effortlessly softens the parts that are about to be joined.

The low vibration and noise control makes the work more fun to do with its comfortable handle. The tool heats up fast, additionally with the electronic heating protection function, guarantees long service with safety. The packing includes a pencil nozzle, pressure silicone roller, etc.

Works great and with super affordable prices compared to other local suppliers. The accessories are amazing and work quite well enough. It is a superb quality product.


  • One of the most powerful plastic welders as it can output up to 1600W!
  • Adjustable temperature control lets you pick the right temperature from 85 to 1300 degrees.
  • Features heat protection and hot protection tube, ensuring longer work time.
  • Comes with a case that can store all attachments.


  • Takes a bit to heat up if you set it on a high temperature.

5. Weldy Professional Hot Air Equipment With Welder Pistol Tool


  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Dimensions: 3.8 x 1.5 x 1.8 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Handy and reliable.
Weldy Professional Hot Air Equipment

If you lack an ideal welder for sealing your shelter, then this Weldy Professional Hot Air Equipment is just the perfect one for you. This 1600W potential gun appeared convenient with a flat nozzle, which will make your work very smooth. It implements a trustworthy performance at an exceptional cost.

After handling this welder, you will be convinced that this tool is perfect and can be used for any job-sites. It comes with an easy-clean air filter along with protective measures.

It is a piece of professional equipment because it has installed carbon brushes and also automatic protection from the heating element. The hot air gun is reliable, and the air temperature can be adjusted effortlessly for proper use.

The welder professional hot air equipment is designed with a heating tube protection which grants the highest security. It is economical and can be modified with the temperature easily. Also, the machine is made from stainless steel which makes it more durable and can be adapted for any job.

Overall, this invention is quite advantageous for your work, and you will feel convinced enough with its modernized design and astounding performance. If you want to seal your roof or attach industrial fabrics, then this one would be the most competent choice.


  • Features 20 and 40 mm wide nozzles for controlled heat distribution while welding.
  • 1600W gives a temperature up to 1290F, making it a powerful professional unit.
  • Great for sealing up roofs and industrial works in tarpaulin and fabric fields.
  • Usable on 120V outlet, making it good for home usage.


  • The quality comes with a hefty price tag.

6. Beyondlife Plastic Welder Welding Tool


  • Weight: 6.98 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.03 x 7.48 x 7.33
  • Material: Iron and plastic etc
  • Max power: 1600W
  • Air flow: 230 L/min
Beyondlife Plastic Welder Welding Tool

This plastic welder welding tool will steer you by a blow by its steadfast accomplishment along with exceptional peculiarities. It appears along with a flooring welding collection and also a comfortable carry case. This item is an excellent steal for people looking for plastic welders.

This welding tool melts the pieces to be fastened by creating a fountain of heated air. Besides, the temperature is adaptable for various melting points enabling it to work with diverse plastics.

It comes with a significant set that carries rods, nozzles, and a roller. The hot gun has a sturdy wood handle for easy access and provides the best security from the heat. It is a serviceable accessory for any panel welder.

This gun is manufactured of stainless steel, which advances it to be extra firm and durable. It is a very lightweight device that can be utilized for fixing dump cart screens, swimming pond linings, car bumpers, and many more.

It comes simultaneously with a box, which makes it simpler for transportation and accommodation. With only this one accessory, you can accomplish all your welding tasks. People who necessitate welders for plastic jobs should approach this equipment because this one tool alone can complete all of your plastic welding tasks very efficiently and effectively.


  • The case it features is superior to most plastic welder cases as it is made of durable plastic with quality locking.
  • 1600W power for a wide range of work from DIY to professional plastic welders.
  • A very lightweight unit weighing 3 pounds only while other similar units weigh over 7 pounds.
  • Comes with a flooring kit that is missing in most similar welders.


  • Takes a bit to blow hot air.

7. Steinel Heat Gun Kit


  • Weight: 0.01 Oz
  • Dimensions: 13.3 x 12.5 x 4.4 inches
  • Model number: st34859
  • Material: Plastic
  • Air Flow Capacity: 13 Cubic
Steinel Heat Gun Kit

If your old gas heat gun cracked and you are aching to try something unique and distinct, then this kit comes with ample features to make you pleased. This wondrous product will complete all of your welding tasks very smoothly.

It is light enough to be held for extension work with a satisfactory grip. This power tool is amazing for its above-average air strength. The wattage of 1,600 is more than the other typical heat guns.

The airflow settings make it more versatile. The temperature is variable anywhere from 10 degrees to 1100 degrees. The gun has swift access and precise control to match the exact heat requirement essential for the work. Last but not least, the automatic thermal cut out function switches off itself when it gets overheated.

This heat gun has the maximum output temperature of 1100 degrees Fahrenheit that makes it painless to remove paint or heating and bending plastic. The power controls are on the backside of the handle with an on-screen display, which is easier to change the temperature controls.

Anyone using this heat gun will give it a 9/10. The item comes with lots of attachments with an unbelievably generous price. Excellent quality!!!


  • The case is made of aluminum instead of aluminum, giving it a lot more durability.
  • Features an HL 2010 gun that has an LCD display and microprocessor control for controlling the temperature without an extra control unit.
  • Provide a wide temperature range of 120-1150F.
  • Suitable for using vertically without any issues.


  • The case doesn’t hold the gun in place.

8. Belly Car bumper Repair Welder kit


  • Weight: 8.47 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.09 x 3.54 x 3.94
  • Material: Metal
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Wattage: 20 watts
Belly Car bumper Repair Welder kit

Belly Car Bumper Repair Welder Kit has been servicing and mending many bumps or scratches on the cars for many years now. And every time, this excellent kit made all sorts of tasks super easy.

The adjustable heating system on the device allows working on any type of material. It is accessible for welding harmed or fractured plastic areas of the car or any item. There are a total of 11 types of staples that the item comes with.

The handle has a switch and small holes for it to put different angles. The stapler has a very substantial amount of power and additional with the knob, is a switcher for more effortless and reliable power on option with three different settings (high/medium/low).

This staple with most types of plastic for it is a very useful product as you can instantly and efficiently join two parts together before welding or gluing damaged parts together for exam bar handles.

When it comes to a thin wall, we cannot use the pre-welding nozzle as it is not designed for that for which we can use the thermal stapler. It is convenient, efficient, and easy to handle, too, with everything in one box. It’s a steal for people planning to work with car bumpers.


  • Three adjustable heating choices for a range of plastic repairs.
  • Highly suitable for thermoplastic as it can make quick repairs on it.
  • The staple holder allows three angles for tight areas.
  • Comes with a good amount of staples for using it a long time.


  • A bulky welding kit that takes a bit of space.

9. UV Light Glue Kit Clear Adhesive Liquid Plastic Welder


  • Weight: 0.16 ounces
  • Dimensions: 7.52 x 4.09 x 0.87
  • Repair Almost Anything
  • Creates a Permanent Bond In 5-10 sec
  • Safe,Non-hazardous Formula
UV Light Glue Kit Clear Adhesive Liquid Plastic Welder 5 Seconds Repair

One of the best things about the GUGUYeah is its compact size. It is the size of a pen that does the plastic welding instead of an entire kit that can be harder to carry around. Moreover, most users seem to lose a separate UV light, which would be the case for this one.

Although it seems to have less liquid than the FlashFix liquid paste, its compactness makes up for it. In addition, the UV light is attached to the welding pen unlike a separate one like the FlashFix. This is more like Bondic’s plastic welder, which seems to be the favorite of most users.

This is a great option if you need a fast-working plastic welder that can be used in many materials. Seriously, this works on a range of things like glass, wood, steel, ceramic, PVC, metal, plastic, and many more. It takes only 10 seconds to work and is one of the fastest items available.


  • Works on a wide range of materials such as glass, wood, steel, ceramic, PVC, metal, plastic, and many more.
  • Only takes around 10 seconds to create a strong bond by utilizing the UV light.
  • The liquid welder is long-lasting even in high heat and it is also waterproof.
  • EU 174 passed; it is safe for the environment.


  • Does not last very long; not enough volume.

10. FlashFix Liquid Plastic Welding Kit


  • Weight: 1.76 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3.7 x 2.17 x 1.22
  • Compatible Material: Plastic
  • Quick and easy repair.
  • Cures in seconds
FlashFix Liquid Plastic Welding Kit

FlashFix’s set comes with everything you need. Firstly, you get more adhesive that lasts longer than glues. Its unique feature is its sanding block that is added to the pack, used for smoothing out the surface before using the plastic welder. Its ability to work in extreme heat and cold as the operating temperature for it is -40 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

The adhesive does not dry or stiffen unless you use the UV ray on the spot. This allows you to be precise with your tasks of fixing. The use of this plastic welder is highly suitable for arts and crafts, phone cords, jewelry making and fixing, and any broken plastic and glass items.

You can pick this if you prefer a proper set instead of a pen-like shape like the Bondic or GUGUYeah welders. Its working temperature range, water resistance feature, and ability to form a bond fast make it one of the best liquid plastic welders you can get!


  • Temperature resistant; can work in extreme weather and temperature of -40 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The weld does not become yellow over time.
  • Does not dry unless you use the UV light on it.
  • Features a sanding block to smoothen out the spot you are going to seal.


  • Not the best for windshields.

Plastic Welder Buying Guide

Before you start spending on plastic welders, know that essential research can help you get the right product. Otherwise, you will get stuck with a product that does not meet your needs! Here are some of the important factors you need to consider before purchasing a plastic welder.

Heating Type

For common usage, there are two types of models available for plastic welders. First up, we got an airless model. This welder is equipped with a tip made out of metal, and it gets heated and fixes the upper layer of plastic.

Such type of welders is not so good compared to heat guns, and they are only used for filler works. A heat gun emits hot air, and you can control the temperature by yourself. As a result, you can do more sophisticated tasks and make the hardest repairs possible.


The power of a plastic welder is an essential consideration while shopping for one. Usually, the recommended wattage for a plastic welder is around 200 W. Make sure that both the heat emission and airflow remain consistent.


Plastic welding kits should come with necessary attachments that will help you with the welding process. For example, kits for different types of welding (speed, pendulum, and tack welding) are essential. Moreover, plastic rods and other attachments make the process easier. So, always look for plastic welders provided with all the essential attachments.

Temperature Control

Controlling the temperature of a plastic welder is essential for precise work. Usually, professional welders will prefer welding machines with a sophisticated temperature control system.

Along with temperature, controlling the airflow is pretty crucial. A welding machine that allows you to control both the temperature and airflow seems to be excellent for plastic welding. As a result, if you want more control and looking for welders that can do complicated welding, it is better to have something that allows temperature and airflow control.


Speed, pendulum, and tack – these are the three techniques used in plastic welding. Each of the methods requires a unique type of weld. So, not all plastic welder is suitable for every technique. Also, for following a unique technique, you need to use the right attachments.

Hobbyist or Professional

If you are just a hobbyist who wants to repair their own items, you can go for a product that requires a lesser amount of wattage or power. As we have discussed before, not all plastic welders are the same. Some are suitable for stronger bonds, while others are used for everyday tasks.

If you are a hobbyist, you can purchase a welder that has lesser power. You should also go for a welder that is easier to use. Moreover, make sure that you are not getting something too expensive.

When you are a professional welder, you need something more powerful and a high amount of wattage. Usually, the welders you are looking for have microprocessors and temperature gauge. You can easily control the temperature and also do complicated tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is plastic welding stronger than glue?

Plastic welding is significantly better than using glue. Moreover, it is very quick and can be done without spending a lot.

Can you plastic weld PVC?

Almost all kinds of plastics can be welded and it is no different for PVC. Heating a PVC or using a liquid plastic welder on PVC can weld it properly.

How long does plastic welding take?

If you are using liquid plastic welders for fixing smaller pieces, it only takes around 10 seconds to work. However, hot air welders can take more time as it requires time to cool down. It also depends on the thickness of the plastic and what kind of plastic it is.

Final Note

After this, forget about taking anything made out of plastic to repair and spend a large amount of money. Just use a  welding machine for plastic that can easily help you fix it without any additional cost.

Make sure to purchase the right kind of welder because not every tool is suitable for a specific task. As you can see above, not every welder is the same, and they also have dissimilarities on their function.

Whether or not you are a professional or doing this out of a hobby, with the help of the right guide, purchasing a welder wouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Hopefully, this review will allow you to pick the right welder you need!

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