The Best Tungsten Grinder In 2022 – Review With Buying Guide

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The tungsten grinding machine is a new member in the TIG arc welding world that is taking every weld quality to another level with improved safety and professional outcomes.

With time, it has gained huge popularity and has become a necessity for every welder to experience high-standard electrode grinding. Because of its new arrival, welders are going through different confusions in picking the right one for their welding operations.

Best Tungsten Grinder

Different tungsten grinders include distinctive features that provide maximum precision and safety. That is why before you go for the hunt, check the following grinders which are selected as the best ones that provide exemplary grinding experience to every welder.

Best Tungsten Grinders 2022 Reviews

1. 3mirrors ALUMINUM Tungsten Electrode Sharpener Grinder


  • Weight: 5 Ounces
  • Dimensions: 1.69 x 1.69 x 2.36
  • Size: Small
  • Material: Aluminum T6061
  • Fits most all Rotary Tools
3mirrors ALUMINUM Tungsten Electrode Sharpener Grinder

The 3mirrors aluminum tungsten grinder is a wonderful machine that comes along with easy installation that provides ultimate convenience to the users during grinding and is the perfect welding tool with a multi-angle cut-off slot, diamond wheels, and a connecting rod.

It is a versatile appliance that fits almost every rotary tool including Bosch Dremel, Decker, Milwaukee, and many more. It has a Creo design and will grind 2 sizes of tungsten.

The appliance is premium CNC machined with 5 axles and includes three holes for each function that allows the user to efficiently use each ring completely on the grinding wheel. The CNC machine mandrel swings less when grinding.

The complete machine comes along with good impact resistance, wear resistance, and good hardness. The sharpening system is excellent and comes in great use while cutting a wide variety of materials. The holes installed on the diamond wheel are of the same height and which is why the user does not need to set the height again and again.

It is a very light and strong accessory that provides maximum convenience and allows the user to carry out precise operations. This tool is the perfect piece for real professionals and for welders who are passionate about their work.


  • Comes with 120-140 grit that gives smooth grinding with its hardness.
  • Suitable for use with a rotary tool; fits most rotary tools that have a 3/4-12 thread.
  • Easy to set up quickly.
  • Excellent fit of tungsten in the guide holes of the device.


  • No 30-degree option for grinding.

2. 3mirrors Aluminum Tungsten Grinder


  • Weight: 1.58 Ounces
  • Dimensions: 1.69 x 1.69 x 2.56
  • Size: 4 Sizes x 4 Degrees
  • Material: Aluminum T6061
  • Fits most all Rotary Tools
3mirrors Aluminum Tungsten Grinder

3mirrors aluminum tungsten electrode sharpener grinder is the perfect TIG welding tool that includes 5 diamond wheels along with four copper screw holes that allow multi-angle cut-off slots. This tungsten grinding tool will convert all of your grinding activities to be more simple and convenient. It is very easy to install and requires a minimum struggle to operate.

The grinder comes along with four Brass tungsten guide screws that ensure multi-offset and concentricity. As a result, you can use the grinding wheel at its maximum utilization. To conduct precise operations, the grinding tool includes four angled holes that supply a more perfect tungsten tip angle.

Interestingly, all of the holes are designed to have the same height as the diamond wheel. This results in exemplary convenience and makes it easier to align the diamond wheel. If the tungsten becomes contaminated, you can still use the cut-off port for cutting even after the machine has worn out.

It is an ideal tool that will save a lot of your time and will provide precise tips. It comes in an open design which makes the installation of the grinding wheel more convenient. That is why real professionals and welding enthusiasts should look into this product. This versatile appliance will provide maximum welding performance.


  • Has CNC finishing and is made of aluminum alloy; highly durable and lasts a long time through rough usage.
  • Features tungsten cut-off port, allowing easy cutting of tungsten when it is damaged.
  • Works on a range of rotary tools with ease.
  • Cordless grinding allows it to be used anywhere without electrical power.


  • The bevel could be a bit narrow.

3. Diamond Double sided Coated Cutting Wheels Discs


  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 1.81 x 1.77 x 0.47
  • Material: Diamond coation
  • Pattern: Discs
  • Multi-purpose
Diamond Double sided Coated Cutting Wheels Discs

Aluminum tungsten electrode grinder head tool is the perfect tool for TIG welding that provides flexible adjustment sharpening angle and includes 6 adapters for allowing any type of electrodes.

This tungsten grinder is engineered with the highest quality aluminum alloy using the CNC machining method and provides precise sharpening that maximizes your welding performance. It is the ideal tool for welding professionals and it matches perfectly for electrodes of any diameter.

The tungsten grinder has a patented design which makes it compatible with almost every rotary tool including Bosch, Dremel, Decker, and many more. It includes flexible settings that allow the user to sharpen electrodes at any angle and also possesses 6 special stick adapters which makes it more suitable for allowing electrodes of a wide range of diameters.

As the machine is manufactured with high-quality aluminum alloy, it is more reliable and provides a quality management system. It not only provides anti-corrosive protection but supplies an attractive appearance. Welders can use this sharpener for multiple purposes including dig welding tasks because of its versatility of allowing electrodes of any diameter.

The grinding tool has the power to take your welding skills and your welding operations to another level providing maximum performance.


  • Suitable for grinding tungsten, cutting, carving, sawing, sharpening, and a range of tasks.
  • Works pretty quick; sharpens tungsten edges with smoothness.
  • A perfect choice for Dremel rotary and Magneto grinder.
  • High-density quality diamond gives precise results.


  • The mounting screw is a bit small.

4. 3mirrors ALUMINUM Tungsten Electrode Sharpener


  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 1.97 x 1.97 x 2.56
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: Small
  • Fits most all Rotary Tools
3mirrors ALUMINUM Tungsten Electrode Sharpener

The 3mirrors aluminum tungsten electrode grinder is an upgraded version that includes a larger incision and is more convenient. The tungsten grinder is strongly built and has a sturdy aluminum alloy base. It is compatible with various angles and allows more number of tungsten electrode sizes.

It is a versatile tungsten grinder that allows all rotary tools including Dremel, Decker, Milwaukee, and Bosch. The machine is composed of aluminum alloy and CNC finishing which makes the appliance durable and easy to use.

Also, it is equipped with CNC mandrels that will not allow the grinding wheel to swing when rotating. Welders will receive maximum convenience because of the lightweight of the machine and provide precise welding operations.

Also, the machine includes o-rings and acrylic housing that prevents the tungsten dust to spread everywhere. Because of its dust cover design, the welders will receive more convenience and healthy experience. It also provides a significant angle control design that provides an upper hand to the user to execute perfect welding activities.

Welders who pursue perfection should definitely check this product because it is designed for real professionals. The machine is very easy to assemble and simple to operate with more advanced and practical designs.


  • Excellent for six different sizes of tungsten from .040” to 5/32”; excellent for preparing tungsten for a range of welding tasks.
  • Features a cut-off port that helps you cut tungsten wires enabling you to cut tungsten easily.
  • Doesn’t require you to set the height of the grit again and again.  
  • Works excellent even with a cheap rotary tool.


  • The slots are a bit hard to use.

5. S & F STEAD & FAST Carbide Burr Set


  • Weight: 1.65 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5.7 x 4.4 x 1
  • Material: Carbide
  • Measurement: Metric, Imperial
  • 8-pc set
S & F STEAD & FAST Carbide Burr Set

Stead and Fast Die Grinder Bits are high-quality metal chips that can be used either with electric or air tools. It is a versatile set that can be used in numerous fields including automotive, aerospace, metal fabrication, and many more.

All you have to do is to apply a little pressure on the bits and they will do the hard work. They are made of high quality tungsten carbide that enables them to provide durable solutions and inherits a longer service life.

The double-cut tungsten carbide rotary burr set has superior hardness and is perfect for professionals. These are ultimate solutions and can run on your carbide burr for a prolonged period without causing any overheating. Also, they can be used for removing sharp edges, cutting, grinding, shaping, and many more.

This set is best for general purpose applications because the steel grinder bits provide more smooth results. They are hard enough to handle metals like copper, steel, cast iron, and nickel alloys. Also, the double-cut surface allows excellent control of the carbide bits.

Stead and Fast Die Grinder Bits are superb accessories that are CNC machined and can be used with air and rotary tools. A perfect accessory for every professional who wants to experience better.


  • Works excellent at high temperature.
  • 35,000 rpm high-speed ensures fast grinding and smooth operation.
  • Features double cut surface and ensures fast stock removal.
  • Four different head shapes result in a range of welding shapes.


  • The grinding heads are not the strongest; chippings are expected.

6. TungstenMate Aluminum Electrode Sharpener Grinder


  • Weight: 7 Ounces
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Grind all day with no fear
  • Multi-Offset guides
TungstenMate Aluminum Electrode Sharpener Grinder

TungstenMate Tungsten Electrode Grinder is a great sharpener accessory with a cut-off slot that proves to be pivotal for TIG welding. This tungsten grinder has a special patented design which makes it compatible with almost all rotary tools.

It is a great machine that provides flexible adjustment sharpening angles and is constructed with the highest quality aluminum alloy using the CNC machining method. A tungsten electrode grinder is a versatile machine that allows almost all rotary tools to fit into it including Decker, Dremel, and many more.

The machine includes 3 hardened steel tungsten guides that ensure concentric, on-center, and tight tolerance which is essential to provide effective support to guide your tungsten. It allows a wide range of sharpening angles which is an absolute must for any tungsten grinder.

The product provides a quality management system and reliable solutions because of its high-quality aluminum alloy construction. It is an essential accessory to assist you in TIG welding tasks as it matches perfectly with electrodes of any diameter. This grinding machine has the power to take your welding skills to another level enhancing your welding performances.

TungstenMate tungsten electrode grinder provides absolute solutions for welding professionals to experience convenient grinding and magnificent results.


  • Made of 6061 aluminum; highly resistant to heat and lets you grind for a long time.
  • Features multi-offset guide, ensuring longer usage of a grit without waste.
  • Suitable for three different tungsten sizes of 1/16”, 3/32”, and 1/8”.
  • Suitable for most rotary tools that have a 3/4-12 thread.


  • Only two grind angles; isn’t as good as usual tungsten grinders with 4 angles.
  • Slower than most grinders mentioned here.

7. Carbide Burr Set


  • Weight: 12.2 Ounces
  • Dimension: 7.05 x 5.55 x 1.85
  • Material: Carbide
  • Pattern: 1/4 shank-10pcs
  • Measurement System: Inch
Carbide Burr Set

The Carbide Burr Set is an exemplary appliance that can accomplish a wide range of applications and is useful in many sectors like fabrication shops, brake shops, die manufacturers, toolmaking, aviation industry, body shops, metalwork, model engineering, and many more. It is machined from new raw tungsten carbide which provides a unique tooth angle that prevents chipping for a prolonged period.

This set provides exceptional features and solutions to implement effective mold and pattern making which is essential for metalworking. Also, the kit is perfect for opening holes or porting heads upon ferrous materials. For surface cleaning and maintenance, the carbide burr set is an essential accessory.

It provides a unique tooth angle that prevents chipping for a long-lasting period. This is possible because the set is machined from 100% new raw tungsten carbide. This set consists of various types of burrs that allow the user to perform a wide range of applications including polishing, drilling, engraving, porting, carving, milling, woodworking, and many more.

Moreover, the burrs come in distinctive shapes like cylindrical shape, spherical shape, tree-shape radius, taper-shape radius, flame shape, and many more. As a result, this set of cutting burrs is perfect for every type of grinders and provides professional outcomes.


  • Durable and strong grinding heads, ensuring rough usage without any chipping.
  • Comes with an excellent folding case that allows easy carrying and assortment.
  • 10 different pieces of burrs in various shapes for a great range of works without having to purchase extra sets.
  • Suitable for grinding metals, woods, and many carving applications.


  • The folding case is cheap quality.
  • Doesn’t work in a Dremel.

8. Sharpie DX Deluxe Model Hand-Held Tungsten Grinder


  • Manufacturer: Sharpie Tungsten Grinder
  • Color: Tungsten Grey
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Fits Multiple Sized Tungsten
Sharpie DX Deluxe Model Hand-Held Tungsten Grinder

Sharpie hand-held tungsten grinder is a deluxe model that is convenient, safe, and portable. It comes with an adjustable grind angle feature that allows users to implement a wide range of grind angles to accomplish any TIG welding applications. The diamond wheel included has a long life that allows the machine to provide service for a prolonged period.

The adjustable grind angle feature allows the user to achieve maximum productivity and allows them to carry out any kind of wedding application. It is equipped with a double-sided diamond wheel that provides precise longitudinal grinds on a wide range of electrode sizes.

You can carry out a quick and consistent electrode preparation which enhances the weld quality. For longer electrode tip life, you can easily add a tip flat that also reduces weld contamination. The machine comes along with a built-in cut-off option that enables the users to exclude the contaminated portions of the electrode.

As a result, you do not need to break the electrodes because it reduces electrode performance. The machine is safe and easy to use and includes wheel type grinders that easily grab the electrodes. The versatility of this appliance is what makes it special and allows it to provide more safer and productive outcomes.


  • Hand-held device for easier and more portable tungsten grinding.
  • Has a cut-off option built-in for easy removal of contaminated tungsten parts.
  • The head is detachable; you can use it on a Dremel easily.
  • Provides a range of angle grinding options from 15 to 45 degrees.


  • Adjustment instructions aren’t very clear for grinding tasks.
  • Dremel tools are better than this option unless you want a hand-held grinder for a specific reason.

How to Pick the Right Tungsten Grinder

The tungsten grinders are present in huge numbers in the market because of their increased popularity and the involvement of a large number of manufacturers. That is why welders find it difficult in selecting the appropriate tungsten grinder for their welding applications. The following buying guide will provide you vital information that will assist you in picking the right one.

High-quality material

When you are going to buy tungsten grinders for grinding the tungsten electrodes, the primary thing you need to ensure is the quality of the material. The construction of the grinders will determine how effectively you can use the machine to grind materials.

Also, the grinders that include strong and professional construction tend to provide service for a prolonged period. That is why look for the ones that include a steel body or have an aluminum alloy base.

Ease of use

The tungsten electrode grinding machine which is user-friendly is a must-have for every welder. Such a product will allow the welders to experience superior convenience in installing and assembling the product.

Moreover, the appliance having features that are easy to operate will provide an upper hand to the welder to experience increased productivity and comfortable solutions. That is why choose the ones that come in a compact size with no complexity.

CNC machined

The CNC machined tungsten electrode grinding machines usually provide more enhanced grinding solutions to the users. This is because they play a pivotal role in ensuring excellent arc stability that allows the welder to implement precise arc operations.


Grinding machines that allow a large number of rotary tools to be fitted inside them are significant in providing multi-purpose activities and tend to supply maximum welding performance. Tools like Milwaukee, Decker, Bosch Dremel, and many more can be easily adjusted inside such machines.


Many tungsten grinding machines provide inconvenience and cause serious health hazards because of the absence of essential features like o-rings and acrylic housing. These features restrict the debris and dirt particles to spread around and ensure the proper removal of dust that is produced during grinding.

Stick Adapters

Having an adequate number of stick adapters inside the tungsten grinding machine you are purchasing will provide greater benefits in adjusting a wide range of electrodes. About six stick adapters will provide the welders an upper hand in grinding electrodes of any thickness. As a result, welders can employ versatile operations easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you grind tungsten with?

What you will grind your tungsten with is an essential factor to keep in mind because it is a great factor that will affect your tungsten hugely. Many professionals have recommended grinding the tungsten on a bench grinder that is especially dedicated to tungsten only.

Do not dare to grind your electrode on a wheel that is attached by steel. This is because it contains the risk of embedding contaminants onto the tungsten.

Is grinding tungsten dangerous?

Grinding tungsten is considered dangerous and provides major hazard threats that require proper attention. During the tungsten grinding process, thoria is produced along with the particles of tungsten on the surface.

These are simply dust particles but cause major hazards. When these particles are inhaled, alpha particles from thoria are released which is injurious to health.

What is the best way to sharpen tungsten?

The best way to sharpen tungsten is to grind the tungsten on a bench grinder that is dedicated to tungsten. Chuck the tungsten into your hand drill and prepare it for grinding.

Make the length of the pointed cone about double the diameter of the electrode and keep the tip-off the pointed cone so it doesn't cause further contaminations. After you have finished grinding, use a belt sander to polish the tungsten.

How do you grind tungsten for aluminum?

Sharpen both tungsten electrodes to a certain point using the bench grinder. Later on, place the electrodes inside a TIG torch. A piece of aluminum is placed on a conductive work surface that is connected with the TIG welder. Position the sharp tip of the electrode away from the piece of aluminum and start the weld.

What angle do you grind tungsten?

Maintaining a proper angle for grinding tungsten is an essential step because it determines arc stability and improved precision. The 90-degree angle is the best solution for grinding tungsten because it provides maximum arc stability.

That is why the diamond grinding of tungsten electrodes should be executed when the length of the electrode is at a 90-degree angle to the grinding wheel.

How do you prepare tungsten for TIG welding?

Preparing the tungsten for TIG welding simply means that the tip needs to be round-shaped. To do so, use a pointed tip and a ball-shaped tip for welding over DC and AC power respectively. Make sure the tungsten electrode doesn't come in contact with the workpiece or else an unusual sound will be produced and the electrode will be contaminated.

Final Note

Tungsten grinders are playing a pivotal role in the TIG welding world which provides the most efficiency and is eco-friendly. These are safe and simple to operate and provide high profitability with increased welding experience.

That is why before you jump to conclusions regarding any tungsten grinder, make sure it includes all the essential requirements to provide the perfect service during TIG welding and plasma welding.

The above-mentioned tungsten electrode grinders are amongst the best and include all the exemplary characteristics which allow them to provide superior results. You can also follow the buying guide and make sure you are possessed with the right machine for taking all your welding operations to the next level.

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