Best Welder For Exhaust Pipe In 2022 – Reviews & Comparison

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Welding is a complicated work process that demands proper tools and proper processes for each different metal. We have had a lot of readers ask us if there were any welding machines that we recommended as the best welder for exhaust pipes and systems.

We asked our panel of experts if they would review a few welding machines capable of performing the right process on exhaust systems. 

Best Welder For Exhaust

They gave us the following recommendations for the equipment they found to be appropriate for this type of work.

Quick Look On Our Top Choices





Hobart Handler 500554 Exhaust System Welder

7 voltage selections, enhanced magnetics & wire feed

Lincoln Electric K2697 1 MIG 140 Welder for Pipe

Perfect for Mild Steel, Aluminum &  Stainless Steel

Hobart 500559 Handler 140 Welder

Welding Processes: (GMAW), Flux Cored(FCAW)

Miller Electric 120/240VAC, 1 Phase

Advanced Auto-SetTM, Spoolgun Detect

Amico 160 Amp Stick ARC Welder For Exhaust System

Advanced control module IGBT dual voltage

DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA Welder

Easy carrying handle,compact design

Best Welders for Exhaust System Reviews 2022

1. Hobart Handler 500554 Exhaust System Welder


  • Item Weight: 78 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.3 x 10.6 x 19.5 inches
  • 7 voltage selections
  • 30% duty cycle @ 130 Amps 
  • 25 to 190 output amperage
Hobart Handler 500554 Exhaust System Welder

This device is constructed of quality materials so it is durable and will last for many years. It weighs only 78 pounds so the majority of welders can easily transport or move this machine if they need to. It measures 12.3 inches x 10.6 inches x 19.5 inches.

This machine performs the process of welding known as MIG welding. It is a 230 volt device that is designed for homeowners and small business owners but has the ability to provide industrial performance.

This is recommended for welding on 24 gauge metals that are as thick as 5/16”. If you get a spool runner spool gun the machine can easily be used to weld aluminum. It has a switch that makes it easy to change from the typical MIG gun to the aluminum gun. It even comes with a set-up guide that will help you choose your settings according to the materials you will be working with.

This equipment is perfect for making repairs on items like lawnmower decks, auto body welding, fences, exhaust systems, trailer frames and more.


  • Up to 190 amps capacity gives you the power for welding a broad range of thickness as you can control from 25 to 190 amps.
  • Infinite speed control and wire feed give you the consistency for welding thin materials.
  • You can use a 6000-7000 watts generator for outdoor usage.
  • Suitable for thin to thick materials up to ¾” without any issues. Great for welding different kinds of exhausts.


  • 30% duty cycle at 130 amps isn’t too bad, but it can be a hassle for heavy-duty work.

2. Lincoln Electric K2697-1 MIG 140 Welder for Pipe


  • Item Weight: 62 pounds
  • Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 16 inches
  • Model Number: K2697-1
  • Can use with common 120V input
  • Flux & MIG welding capabilities
Lincoln Electric K2697 1 MIG 140 Welder for Pipe

This device is designed for MIG welding processes. It is light and weighs only 62 pounds so it is easy to maneuver and take with you around the farm or ranch. It measures only 20 inches x 15 inches x 16 inches so you can carry it on a golf cart, a side by side, in a truck, or in a small car.

You power this welding machine with the regular 120 volt electrical currents in your home. It is a great machine for both experienced welders and beginning welders. You do need to have a 30 amp breaker on the supply circuit you connect the machine to. It is easy to use and does a quality job.

It has an automatic shut off if the machine is operated to the point that it begins to overheat. It provides a 20% duty cycle at 90 amps.

The machine comes complete with everything you need, (except the shielding gas), to start welding. It can be used on a wide variety of metals including exhaust systems, trailer stock and more.


  • The arc performance is excellent without any spatter while welding.
  • Easy to set up due to its two-knob control.
  • Suitable for both flux-cored and gas-shielded MIG welding on steel and aluminum. It lets you weld thick and thin material easily.
  • Can MIG weld up to 3/16 in a single pass!


  • Spool gun and other attachments for welding aluminum aren’t included.

3. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 Welder


  • Item Weight: 57 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19 x 11 x 13 inches
  • Model Number: 500559
  • AMP Range: 25-140
  • Welds 24 gauge up to 1/4 in mild steel

This machine will give you the power and capabilities that you did not know could come from such a small package. The device measures 19 inches x 11 inches x 13 inches and weighs a mere 57 pounds. It is easy to lift, easy to store on a shelf or under a cabinet, and can be transported to where the work needs to be done without a truck or a cart.

This is a MIG welding machine that is powered by the typical 110 volt electrical circuits found in most homes, businesses and garages. It has a five-position voltage control selector so you can set it according to the material you are welding on and know that you will get a precise bead that looks good and is strong.

It has a cast aluminum drive system that guarantees durability and comes with a heavy-duty work clamp. It is very easy to set up and use and is appropriate for the majority of homeowners, small business individuals, and auto restoration enthusiasts.

It is great for use on car repairs, farm and garden equipment repairs, fences, trailers, and more. It can be used to fabricate or repair metal lawn furniture and décor and can be used by experienced or beginning welders.


  • Suitable for 24 gauge up to ¼”. It gives a proper penetration and a stable arc.
  • Wire feed assembly is made of metal, which is more durable and gives better performance than plastic ones.
  • The dual gauge regulator provided is of excellent quality, and you don’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon.
  • Features a 5-position voltage control for a better arc performance.


  • The assembly of this welder requires you to use a ½” wrench and a 10mm wrench.

4. Miller Electric 120/240VAC, 1 Phase


  • Auto Spoolgun Detect
  • Dimensions: 20.5 x 11.25 x 12.5 inches
  • Part Number: 907614
  • Advanced Auto-SetTM
  • Output Range: 30 to 230A DC
Miller Electric 120/240VAC, 1 Phase

This is a dual power welding machine. It can be operated on 110 volt household style currents or on the heavier 220 volt currents designed for large appliances. It can easily weld 18 gauge mild steel that is up to 3/8” thick and 24 gauge mild steel that is up to 3/8” thick. You can even weld mild steel that is 20 gauge and up to ¼” thick.

It has an angled cast aluminum drive system that is powerful and makes the machine more durable. It can be used to perform MIG processes and flux core welding processes. It has thermal overload protection built into it and a fan on demand to help keep the machine cool and functioning properly.

This device is perfect for use on the farm or ranch, by the auto restoration enthusiasts, and by homeowners and craft workers. It is versatile and can be a great machine for the novice welder.

It comes with an MIG gun connected with a ten-foot work cable with a clamp on the end, a handy solenoid gas valve is designed into the machine, a dual regulator and appropriate gas hose, and extras such as sample wire, tips and hook and loop cord wraps.


  • Provides a broad output range of 30 to 230 A, suitable for welding a range of thick and thin materials.
  • 40% duty cycle sets it apart from the usual welders that have a 20-30% duty cycle.
  • Suitable for welding up to 24 gauge up to 3/8” steel without any kind of arc issues.
  • It can work with a dual voltage of 120V and 240V. Great for beginner welders as it can work on regular outlets.


  • Not made for arc welding.

5. Amico 160 Amp Stick ARC Welder For Exhaust System


  • Item Weight: 16 pounds
  • Dimensions: 17 x 8 x 12 inches
  • Model Number: ARC-160D
  • Manufacturer: Amico
  • Handle Material: Plastic ABS
Amico 160 Amp Stick ARC Welder For Exhaust System

This is a high-performance welding machine that is dual voltage. That means you have a choice of what electrical outlets to use and can take the machine just about anywhere you need to work. It even has an automatic compensation designed into it that protects the device during times of voltage fluctuation.

It has an over voltage protection designed to protect the machine and stop it from being damaged by a power surge. It is designed to be used by beginners and experienced welders and the safety features of the machine make sure that it can work equally well for both welder types.

It is made in the USA. It is also small and light weight so it is easy to store, easy to move, and completely portable. It provides a stable welding arc and has an adjustable control for the striking arc so you get a smooth start.

It is useful in a variety of welding jobs around the home and business. It is great for hobby welders, lawn and garden equipment upkeep, fence repair, and more.


  • Works with a range of electrodes from 6010 all the way up to 7018, great for a range of welding tasks.
  • It can automatically detect the input voltage as it has a dual voltage feature.
  • A superior duty cycle of 80% at 160 amps! Great for professional and heavy-duty tasks.
  • In a single pass, you can weld up to ¼”. You can weld thicker in multiple passes.


  • The amp display does not seem extremely accurate. However, the digital display is appreciated.

How to Pick The Best One

Welding machines do one of three processes. They are either MIG process machines, TIG process machines, or they are considered to be stick welders. There is also flux core welding but that is normally performed with an MIG machine without the inert gas that is normally used with those devices.

Before you buy a welding machine you have to know what welding process you need the most so you can get the right machine with the right features.

Voltage required

If you want a machine that you can plug into the normal household outlets you want to get one that uses a 110/115 volt current. These machines are often considered light-duty and some people do not like them because they are not designed for heavy welding jobs.

If you want a machine that is more powerful and has more capabilities then you need to get one that is plugged into a 220 or 240 current supply. These machines can provide enough power to weld just about anything you can imagine.


MIG is an easy welding process and is often the chosen process when you are working with thinner materials like the ones that exhaust systems are fabricated from. They are easy to learn to use and beginner friendly.

TIG welders are also easy to use and are considered to be a cleaner process than MIG welding. Many people say that the TIG welding process creates a stronger weld that lasts a lot longer.

Stick welders are basic welding machines that are usually cheaper than the TIG or MIG machines. Stick welding is not as easy as the other processes and will require more slag removal and create a greater amount of splatter than the other processes do.

Flux Core welding is done with a specialized wire that has the shielding gas designed into it so you do not need to have external sources of Argon. Many TIG and MIG machines are capable of doing their main process and the flux core process.

Multi process machines are capable of performing one or more welding processes. These are handy tools that give you versatility and the opportunity to learn every welding process and create more things.

Material Capabilities

Each welding machine will have certain materials that it is capable of welding. You have to know what metals you will weld the most often so you can choose a machine that can be used by you.

Often welding machines that can be used on aluminum will require you to purchase accessories to be used when you weld this metal.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of welder is used for exhaust?

Typically you will want to use an MIG welding machine to weld the exhaust systems of vehicles. Exhaust systems are constructed of thinner metals to keep them light and the MIG machine is usually the best choice for welding the thinner metals.

Can you MIG weld stainless exhaust?

Each welding machine is different but the majority of MIG machines can be used to weld aluminum. You will likely have to purchase an aluminum welding gun or wire feeder spool to make your MIG device do aluminum welding.

Is it better to weld or clamp exhaust?

If you weld an exhaust you get a tighter bond that lasts longer and is more durable. A clamp can come unfastened and your exhaust pipes can then drag the ground or be broken. Welded exhausts stay in place better.

Is it hard to weld exhaust?

Learning to weld thinner materials does take some practice. Once you have learned the proper heat settings and how quickly to keep your electrode moving then the welding exhaust is not hard.

Final note 

If you are looking for a small machine that is capable of doing just about anything you want around your home then we suggest the 160 Amp Digital Display LCD Stick ARC Welder IGBT DC Inverter 115 & 230V Welding Red. It is an easy to use a machine that is dual voltage and versatile.

If you are looking for a welding machine that is powerful and can be used on a great variety of metals we suggest the Miller Electric 120/240VAC, 1 Phase. This is an all-around great welding device that can weld most metals.

Welding is a precise process that requires you to choose the right tool for the job.

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