Best Welding Cable Lead Reels – Heavy Duty Reviews 2022

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Unarranged welding cables are a nightmare, and not all reels are good enough for the job. Welding cables require their type of reels that can be used in a professional environment.

When it comes to best welding cable lead reels, hundreds of items are dominating the market right now for their innovative ways of design.

Best Welding Cable Lead Reels

 We talked with welding professionals and tried out a large inventory of items in our facility. And from there, we found the best reels for welding cables you could ever purchase! Let’s have a look at the reels that can organize the toughest of welding cables and keep your garage clean!

Compared Between our Favorites





Diamond Heavy Duty Double Welding Cable Lead Reel

Lifetime warranty on Steel Construction

Reelcraft A5850 OLP Spring Driven Hose Reel

Built in the United States

ATD Tools 31170 Twin Welding Hose Reel

Heavy gauge all-steel reel assembly

Reelcraft CA32112-L Hand Crank Hose Reel

The T-handle tensioning device allows proper tension

RPM Lead Reels Double Fixed Base Welding Cable Lead Reel

Stays connected to the welder at all times

Best Welding Cable Lead Reel Reviews 2022

1. Diamond Heavy Duty Double Welding Cable Lead Reel


  • 1/2” terminal connections.
  • Comes with 600 Amp capacity.
  • Heavy-duty manual friction brake.
  • All hardware is ZINC coated.
  • 1 year warranty.
Diamond Heavy Duty Double Welding Cable Lead Reel

This heavy-duty double welding welder will save you by keeping your heavy welding cables together, all stacked side by side together. The diamond double welding lead reels is the cheapest but yet the best of the best.

The features on this heavy metal are wondrous. The reel will stay joined to the welder perpetually. It has a standard capacity of 600 amp with ½ terminal connections making the work easier.

The vented circle pattern on the reel enables the unrestricted air to circulate into the leads for a cooling mechanism for your hot cables. The heavy-duty reel features a heavy-duty standard friction brake, which is movable, providing the user to lock or fix the tension. It also blocks the free spooling of lead throughout a rollout.

The lock-in pull pin structure tightens the cords when not in use. The reels are rebuildable with a full line of replacement parts. All of these features give more easy, swift, and efficient work without any hesitation.

The product comes with a lifetime warranty, one less worry in life. The steel material has a long-lasting impression. The spool, bearing, and pins also come to a year warranty but bet you this will last a lifetime.


  • Fully insulated for no current fluctuations.
  • Has the ability to hold up to 125’ 1-0 cable without any issues.
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel with a good finish.
  • Features 1/2” terminal connectors and can always stay connected with your welder.


  • The tension bolt isn’t the best. It loosens up sometimes.

2. Reelcraft A5850 OLP Spring Driven Hose Reel


  • Weight: 41 pounds
  • Dimensions: 23 x 11 x 22 inches
  • Part number: A5850 OLP
  • Hose Length: 50 Feet
  • Made In USA
Reelcraft A5850 OLP Spring Driven Hose Reel

The reel craft A5850 is a spring-driven list 5000 reels and is entirely steel built and compact for significant space necessities.

The reel craft is a ½ inch by 50 ft. spring-driven hose reel with easy access to water or air flow. The robotically welded steel foundation grants peak durability and consistent quality.

The full flow swivel joins the highest-ranked seal design and materials with sustaining spaces to assure the maximum service life. Releasing the spindle or axle of the tool practically rejects the possibility of spring damage due to reverse winding.

Separately powder-coated segments allow the maximum assurance and protection from unanticipated corrosion. This tool comes under $400, relatively cheaper than other tools in the market.

It employs a full flow handle and swivels to protect maximum product delivery. The resulting reel lengthens high, trouble-free service life. The A5850 OLP includes 50 ft. of ½ inch I.D, high-quality PVC hose for air and water. This welding cable rack tool has made thousands of customers happy with easy, sufficient, and safe handlings.


  • Each component of the reel is powder-coated, giving excellent corrosion protection.
  • Features a robotically welded steel base. It is a heavy-duty part with excellent strength.
  • Reverse winding ensures no spring damage while you are using the reel.
  • Swiveling is easy due to quality components and bearings.


  • The installation is a hard process.

3. ATD Tools 31170 Twin Welding Hose Reel


  • Weight: 45.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 22.5 x 20.6 x 9.4 inches
  • Part number: 31170
  • Heavy-duty spring driven
  • Heavy gauge all-steel reel.
ATD Tools 31170 Twin Welding Hose Reel

The new, amazing, never seen before ATD Tools 31170 twin Welding Hose Reel is the most and best-valued welding hose reel in the market to save your money and day.

The tool emphasizes the heavy gauging all-steel reel assembly; it is an eight position ratchet mechanism. The ratchet mechanism secures the reel to the aspired hose length. The solid brass attachments and joints are utilized for leak-free performance.

The reel features a heavy-duty free spring-driven mechanism that concedes automatically to rewind. A 5-position adjustable roller outlet arm and slotted mounting studs holes allow easy reel mounting. Moreover, the maximum pressure of air delivered is 200 Pascal.

This arc welding cable reels tool is amazing and easy to use. The tool comes with short hoses to run to tanks. It is very nicely constructed, and the swivel joints are of very good quality.

Even after turning off the tanks, both of the lines keep holding pressure for a good amount of days. It is an overall good quality item with affordable or, safe to say, cheaper than most twin welding tools. Replacing the old hose and buying ATD Tool 31170, never a decision has been to correct.


  • Comes with twin 50 feet hoses in separate colors for acetylene or oxygen.
  • Works well locking the hose at a specific length due to the 8-position ratchet.
  • Double O-ring and tight brass fittings ensure no leak of gas.
  • Automatic rewind feature for fast operation.


  • The hose could be of better quality.

4. Reelcraft CA32112-L Hand Crank Hose Reel


  • Weight: 45.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 28 x 24 x 19 inches
  • Part number: CA32112 L
  • Built in the United States
  • Easy Hose Replacement
Reelcraft CA32112-L Hand Crank Hose Reel

This here is the new and improved cable reel engineered for heavy workability and to provide more efficiency. It is one of the series 30,000 reels that are very reliable for their durability and proficiency. The CA32112L can sustain low air and water pressure. It can handle up to 200 feet of 0.5 inch I.D. hose.

The materials the welding lead reels are made from are very high-grade and durable. Powder-coated separately, each component provides peak shielding from rust or corrosion of any sort.

The high-end material keeps the product effectively protected from potential damages and any sort of blunt force. So you won’t need to worry about accidents happening when using this. Not just the material, the product also offers peak performance and safety.

Replacing a hose is made so much simpler because of the goose neck’s removability. Because of this feature, you won’t be wasting time when adding long lengths of hose to reel.

The product also features a T-handle device that adds tension much easier. Eradicate the possibility of free spooling of the reel with the help of this. Made in the United States, the CA32112L is comprised of peak seal design. Created with the best materials and intricate composition of components make it a reel of maximum efficiency.


  • Has a big space for the hose; can fit up to 250’ of ½” without any issues.
  • Suitable for a range of hose starting from ¼” up to ½”.
  • Provides easy removal of the goose neck; it makes it easy to add a longer hose to the reel.
  • Features a T-handle tensioning device for making sure there is no free spoiling.


  • The reel crank has durability issues in rare cases.

5. RPM Lead Reels Double Fixed Base Welding Cable Lead Reel


  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11 x 15 x 26 inches
  • Material: Metal
  • Amperage Capacity: 600 Amps
  • Powder coated for a lasting finish.
RPM Lead Reels Double Fixed Base Welding Cable Lead Reel

A state of art double based cable reel for professional applications. It is suitable for heavy-duty applications. With a cable capacity of 125’-150’ on both of the reels, the double based reel will provide maximum proficiency for the user.

The friction brakes are adjustable, preventing unwanted spooling of lead and allowing the user with a comfortable tension. Never have to get disconnected from the welder because of the Constant Reel Setup. The reels have a finishing of powder coating to avoid corrosion of any sort. The components can be rebuilt, provided you have the replacement parts.

For safety measures, there’s a locking pull pin that can allow you to secure the unused cables. Standard 600amp spool isolators are applicable for the reels. Made with all steel components and being zinc coated, this line of products are very sturdy and effective when the time comes.

The welding lead reels are manufactured in the United States of America. The peak performance of the reels is proof that the manufacturer also recognizes the importance of this line of products. Save money, time, and labor by buying the effective reels on the market.


  • Each reel can hold up to 150’ of 1/0 cables. So, you can store up to 350’ of 1/0 cable on this reel easily.
  • Features the constant reel set up allowing it to stay connected to the welder all time.
  • Adjustable manual friction brake can ensure zero spooling of leads.
  • Power coated finish makes it highly durable and can take the stress of welding.


  • No locking mechanism for protecting cable from theft.

Buying Guide of Welding Cable Reel

The simple welding lead reels machinery can pull you into deep troubles while considering which one would be the best one for you. This state of confusion is common for people, which is why you need to learn a few factors before considering one to purchase. It will guide you on the way to implement the best decision while buying the welding cable lead reels.

Manual Conduction

Reels which can be used manually are the usual reels which are being used by people for a long time. The primary benefit of this source is that these come at a lower price. However, before you decide to purchase one of these, remember that this process requires huge time and effort.

You need time to get along with the reel for perfect and swift working. Also, as they don’t have an input system that requires any electrical connection, their durability increases highly and provides longer service.

Power Conduction

If you desire to make your winding of cables a lot easier task, then adapt to the reels conducted by power. Nothing easier comes with a low rate; that is why you need to check your wallet before purchasing one of these.

Also, unlike the manual reels, these require a power source that decreases its portability and cannot be used for work away from the power source. However, if the intention to buy reels is to work in industrial welding or busy workshops, then these will come in handy.

Additional Features

Before looking for any particular reel, keep your mind-set to purchase the one that holds, if not all, some of the following features at least:

  • Look for the ones which allow easy backup welding of the welding cables by an automatic reverse function.
  • Check if it consists of the lock mechanism to hold the specified length of the cable.

Never buy reels that do not carry any of these features because you do want features to aid your work and allow the reels to provide more efficient service.


Choosing the materials required to build a welding cable reel is an important issue. Because if it is a wooden one, then more chances are there to grow fire, especially in hot climates.

That is why usually plastic or steel is used to design the reels for safer use. Steel reels provide long-lasting service, whereas plastic reels are more affordable than the steel ones. If you can lengthen your budget, then going for steel reels would be the best choice.


To carry on the glossy and new vibe of your reel even after continuous long use, powder coats always prove to be pivotal. It is great to make your reel resistant to normal tears and cuts. To maintain a healthy reel, this coating is mandatory.


This condition is essential because it has the power to allow you to work in external workplaces. For easy mobility in the way you want, portability is a must feature for any reel.

Keeping all the information in your mind, head towards the store to buy the best welding cable lead reel for making your life easier.

Final Note

If you are searching for a high-quality reel under $400, the Diamond Lead Reels and Reelcraft A5850 are two of the best choices. The two of them are very different in terms of design and functionality, and as a result, you can choose from two different options that come under a budget.

If you are looking for the standard designs, the Diamond Lead Reels is an excellent choice. On the other hand, the Reelcraft A5850 is a spring-driven reel that is very different from the Diamond Lead Reels! For larger capacity, picking the this one is a better choice.

Whichever you want to pick from the list above, make sure to follow the buying guide in order to understand what kind of reel would be the best choice for you. Whether you are a professional welder or a hobbyist, it is a preferred choice to go for quality instead of low prices.

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