7 Best Welding Carts – 2022 Buying Guide and Reviews

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Welding equipment can be very heavy and awkward. This makes moving the supplies you need like the oxygen tanks, acetylene tanks, torches, accessories and hoses almost impossible.

You need your welding supplies to be mobile so you can go to where the work is so finding the best welding carts is a top priority for welders.

Best Welding Carts

Our expert welders told us about the carts they use for their own welding supplies. We also had them try several other carts to determine if they were going to be beneficial and practical. The following 7 carts were their top picks.

Best Welding Carts Review – 2022

1. Hot Max WC100 Plasma Cutter and Welding Cart


  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • Dimensions: 27 x 18 x 28 inches
  • Includes Safety Chains
  • Holds Up To A 125 Cubic Foot Tank
  • Overall Length: 27 in.
MaxWorks 80703 Heavy Duty

This welding cart can accommodate the majority of MIG welding machines and plasma cutters. It is an all steel construction device that has a durable finish and many great storage features.

The top shelf is tilted so the controls on your welding machine or plasma cutter are easy to reach and adjust. The handle of the cart has been designed and positioned so that it does not interfere with the leads or hoses of the machine while you are working.

There is an extra storage tray between the top shelf and the bottom shelf that is designed for tools and accessories. This keeps small things from being lost or hard to get to when you need them.

Here is a shelf on the back designed for the placement of shielding gas tanks. There are safety chains positioned to support your shielding gas bottles and keep them from being jostled when the cart moves.

Some assembly is required but the instructions are easy to read and understand. The assembly will only take you a few minutes to complete.


  • Safety Chains included
  • Built with industry grade and durable high-quality stainless steel
  • Enough space for both small and bigger welding machines as well as the other necessary equipment
  • The extra storage compartment helps you to store and carry smaller accessories like masks, rods, wires, etc.
  • Holes are completely punched in proper alignment
  •  Cable hangers are perfect for small cables and functional as well 


  • You need to assemble the rubber wheels and for longevity, they need to keep outside
  • Assembling parts and nuts are not easy for one person

2. Yaheetech 3-Tier Welding Cart


  • Weight: 25.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 27.6 x 15.7 x 36.2
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Iron
  • 3-Tier Storage
Yaheetech 3-Tier Welding Cart

This is a three-tiered cart so it has the most storage space possible. You can store your equipment, your tools, your accessories and more on one convenient rolling cart.

It has a rear shelf compartment that is designed to allow you to store your gas cylinders so they are easy to access and easy to remove. This shelf measures 10.2” (W) x 11.6’’ ( L) There is a chain to hold the cylinder in position while the cart is rolling.

The cart has two 6 inch wheels in the back and 2 smaller 2-inch wheels. The front wheels picot so you can turn and drive the cart to where it needs to go.

The top shelf is tilted so it is easy for you to reach the dials and controls on your machine. That upper shelf measures: Approx. 17.7” (L) x 10.8'' (W).  The second shelf is Approx. 15” (L) x 11 '' (W), The lowest shelf is Approx. 27.6” (L) x 11.4'' (W).

This cart is perfect for homeowners and garage welders, and it is also great for welding school students and professional welders. It provides everything you need plus a little bit more.


  • Well structured and organized 3 tier storage for safe welder and other equipment storage
  • Made of premium metal and PVC wheel to ensure the heavy loading
  • Durable enough to use for long term
  • 4 Strong PVC wheels including the front one having 360° swivel control to move in every direction
  • A perfect cart for both professional workshop and home garage


  • No Drawers

3. Klutch Compact Locking Welding Cabinet Cart


  • Weight: 47 pounds
  • Dimensions: 32 x 19 x 26 inches
  • Capacity: 135 Lbs.
  • Material: Steel
  • Base Type: Casters
Klutch Compact Locking Welding Cabinet

This is a serious welding cart that will allow you to store your helmet, gloves, and other items in a compartment that locks. You can use this in commercial shops where you share welding space and keep all of your belongi8ngs properly secured.

There is a built in cable wrap hanger that allows you to have a place for your cables and hoses so they do not get tangled up.

The cart has four tires to make it very easy to move around. It has 2 inch tires in the front that pivot and makes steering easy and it has 6 in stay in position tires in the back that makes it move with ease. You can push the loaded cart with just one hand.

This is a metal-framed cart that is capable of handling as much as 135 pounds. It can hold your equipment and will not buckle under the weight. You can put everything you need to do the job on your cart and wheel it anywhere in the garage the work needs to be done.

This cart is only 26” tall. You can easily push this cart under most workbenches so it is out of the way while you are doing other jobs.


  • Unique design, made of thick sturdy stainless steel
  • Having a specious shelve this cart is perfect for various usage
  • Comes with an easy to follow instruction and the setup is really simple
  • Quite perfect and efficient for garage use


  • Heavier than any other cart described in this article
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty professional work

4. Metal Man UWC2 Universal Welding Cart


  • Weight: 27 pounds
  • Dimensions: 31.8 x 17 x 4 inches
  • Size: Medium Duty
  • Part Number: UWC1
  • Dual caster for easy turning
Metal Man UWC2 Universal Welding Cart

This tough and versatile welding cart can carry a load as heavy as 110 pounds. It is capable of carrying a gas cylinder that has a 7 ½ inch diameter and weighs as much as 80 pounds.

It is made from steel so it is strong and resilient. It is not affected by weather conditions like humidity levels. Wooden carts will swell when they are exposed to high levels of humidity for long periods of time. When they swell they become hard to push but this steel cart does not swell and will always be easy to push.

The upper shelf of the cart is at the perfect slant to allow you to have easy access to the controls on your welding machine. While working you will not have to reach up or extend your arm to operate the control knobs.

The wheels are properly proportioned to allow them to have the weight of the cart easily distributed on them so the cart rolls smoothly without you having to put a lot of effort into pushing it.

The cart only weighs 39 pounds. It has measurements of 42” L x 16” W x 28” H with the handle up. 34” L x 16” W x 20” H with the handle in the down position, and the top shelf measures 13” W x 23” D.


  • Made of sturdy steel with a powder coating
  • Quality product under a cheaper budget
  • Higher capacity - around 110 Pounds
  • Assembling is easy enough for a newbie


  • Shorter in height

5. Goplus Welder Cart


  • Weight: 49 pounds
  • Dimensions: 37 x 12 x 15 inches
  • Style: 4-Drawer
  • Power voltage: 220V/60HZ
  • Rated input capacity:4.8 KVA
Goplus Welder Cart

This cart is constructed of premium steel that is strong enough to handle the weight of your welding machine and supplies without buckling. It is designed to be rust-resistant and to be durable enough to accommodate a TIG welder, an MIG welder, an ARC welder, or a plasma cutter. You can rely on this cart to carry whatever tools you need to transport.

It has four drawers that are perfect for keeping all of your tools and accessories organized. Small tips often get lost or they fall off of the cart and get dirty or grimy.

These storage drawers will keep that type of equipment clean and within reach when you are ready to use it. The topmost drawer can be locked to safeguard special items or valuables while you work.

The cart has four wheels so it slides easily even with the weight of your equipment on it. Two of the wheels are six-inch fixed wheels and two of them are 2.5-inch universal wheels. You can easily store as much as 100 pounds of equipment on this cart. That weight limit makes it acceptable for use in home garages and in workshops.


  • Sturdy and heavy materials
  • 4 drawers which are not often seen in popular models
  • Rear casters are strong enough to take the load and the front ones have a 360° swivel for moving in any direction
  • 2 Chains are included to protect the transported items
  •  A tilt-top shelf allows you to store the smaller accessories and access them easily
  •  Presence of an extra hook for hanging the welding gun


  • Sometimes the drawers don’t slide properly

6. Klutch 2-Tier Welding Cart with Locking Cabinet


  • Weight: 46 pounds
  • Storage Cabinet: 13.5 x 19.5 x 12"
  • (1) 2-tier welding cabinet
  • 4 sets of cable wraps
  • Middle Shelf: 13.75in. x 19.75in.
Klutch 2 Tier Welding Cart with Locking Cabinet

This two-tier welding cart has a cylinder rack that will hold your bottle of shielding gas in position. It is designed to accommodate a gas bottle with a diameter of 7 inches.

The cart has four casters to make it easy to maneuver. In the front of the cart, the casters are 2-inch swiveling units and in the rear of the cart, the casters are 6 inches. The wheels help the cart to glide smoothly.

The wheels and casters on this cart are made of hard rubber so they are durable and will last for a very long time. The remainder of the cart is designed from rugged steel so it is sturdy and can handle the weight associated with welding supplies and being pushed around while loaded down with those supplies.

The design includes four sets of cable wraps so all of your hoses and cables can be organized and kept untangled.

This cart is acceptable for commercial or homeowner use. It is rugged and designed to be able to withstand the heavy use a commercial welder would put it through. It is also sleek and small enough to easily store out of the way.


  • Made of excellent quality of rugged steel for longevity
  • Most of the welding carts available on the market look cheap yet they are expensive, however, this is an elegant one that looks sturdy, stylish and clean
  • Exceptional benefit of this product: you can place your main welder machine on the top shelf and easily put a plasma cutter or your second welder on the middle shelf.
  • 2-tier Welding cabinet
  • Enough space for cylinder having chain for protecting the cylinder


  • Setup and assemble is a bit complex and time-consuming

7. Generic MIG TIG Plasma Cutter Arc Welding Cart 


  • 100 lb. weight capacity
  • Dimensions: 29 x 14 x 5 inches
  • Material: Steel
  • Part Number: 1496-0
  • Heavy duty MIG welding cart
Generic MIG TIG Plasma Cutter Arc Welding Cart

This is an essential welding cart that is very easy to assemble. The instructions are written so that they are very easy to follow, and you do not need any specialized tools to put this together. If you have a screwdriver and a pair of pliers you can basically assemble this item with nothing else.

This cart measures 281/2” in height x 28” in length x 11 ½ inches in width. Please read the measurements of the cart and measure your welding supplies and welding machines to determine if the welding machine you have will fit on the cart with no alterations.

Many people do buy the cart and make small alterations so their supplies will fit properly because the cart is such an amazing value. We just want you to be sure about the dimensions before you make the purchase.

The cart essentially has three shelves. Your welding machine can often sit on top of the cart and that leaves two other shelves for storing all of your torch tips, gloves, welding hood, and accessories. Your welding leads can hang from the edge of the cart. The wheels are sturdy and make moving the cart very easy.


  • Simple construction yet strong and sturdy enough
  • Easy setup, doesn’t need to do any extra hole
  • Quite good for beginners and small workshop


  • Not for heavy-duty work
  • No cabinet included

Buying Guide for the best welding cart

Before you buy a welding cart you should consider the following things. This will allow you to buy a cart that will be best for your situation.


You want to make certain that the cart you buy is sufficient to carry the welding machine and accessories that you normally use. Get the dimensions of the cart and make sure that your machine can sit on the cart without you having to make alterations to the cart design.


Wheels are an important part of the welding cart. You want wheels that are made from hard rubber so they do not go flat or lose air through the day. You also want wheels that are big enough to easily handle the weight of your welding equipment and accessories.

Try to choose a cart that has smaller wheels on the front and the larger wheels on the back. The smaller wheels will generally pivot and that allows you to turn your cart easily and direct it to where you want it to go.


You want a cart that is made of sturdy materials like steel. These carts hold a lot of weight and lightweight materials can buckle under the weight of the equipment. You want a cart that is moisture resistant and will not corrode or rust if it is exposed to high humidity levels.

Weight Limitations

Read the weight limitations of the cart before you buy it. If you have a welding machine that weighs 100 pounds and you buy a cart that can only support 100 pounds then your cart will not be able to handle the weight of your machine plus your shielding gas bottle, hoses and accessories.

Slanted Shelves

The slanted top shelf is designed to allow you to easily be able to reach your control knobs on your welding machine. This is actually a very important feature.

Shielding Gas Shelf

You want to get a cart that has a place for your shielding gas bottles. You preferably will get a cart that has the gas cylinders at the back of the cart so they are easy to remove when they need to be refilled. You also want the cart to have safety chains in place to keep the gas cylinders from moving or falling while the cart is in motion.

Locking drawers

If you work from your home and no one else is ever around your tools then a locking shelf is not an important factor. If you work in a shop where several other people work, or where customers can gain access to your tools then a locking drawer or cabinet can be a great feature.

You can lock up key things like your helmet, your gloves, and your tips so that they do not get taken from your cart. You can also lock your wallet or valuable items in the drawer while you are work.

FAQs On Welding Cart

How to build a cart? 

To build a welding cart you will need framing material, material to create the shelves from, castors, and a handle for your cart. You need to get the measurements of your welding machine so you will know exactly how big to make your framework, and how big each shelf will have to be. You should choose your materials wisely because welding machines and equipment can be very heavy so you need a frame and shelves that can handle these weights.

You should build your frame and install your castors before you construct the shelves. The castors are important in making the cart mobile. You want pivoting castors in the front and larger castors in the back.

Your shelves should be far enough apart to allow you easy access to the items you store on them. You should also angle the top shelf so your welding machine controls are easy to reach.

Remember the shielding gas cylinders and make sure you create a place for them to ride on the cart. You also need to attach safety chains so the gas cylinders are protected.

Why are welding carts angled? 

The welding cart has an angled shelf to support the welding machine. The shelf is angled so the dials, controls, and knobs on the machine are easy to reach while you are welding.

If the shelf was not angled you would have to extend your arm farther to make any adjustments and this could possibly result in injury or at the very least discomfort. Make certain that your machine is positioned on the angled shelf so that the controls are easy to reach.

Welding cart or welding table? Which one is better 

This depends on how you work and where you work. If you weld on small items that need to be sat on a table while you weld them then the welding table is the best choice for you.

If you work on larger items that you might have to move across your shop to reach then the welding cart on wheels is right for you. Remember that a table is stationary and a cart is mobile.

Is Wood Cart OK for Welder? 

You can use a wood cart for a welding cart. The wooden carts are usually heavier than the metal carts, and the wooden carts often succumb to high moisture levels that make the wood swell or make the drawers difficult to open.

How far apart should two welding tank carts be?

The standard distance recommendation that applies to oxygen and acetylene is ten feet. You should always store these gases ten feet apart so at the end of the day you return the gas bottles to their proper storage compartments for safety.

Why are top shelves on welding carts at an angle?

The angled shelf on a welding cart makes it possible for you to easily see the dials and controls on the welding machine that you are using. You can also access the dials and controls and make adjustments easier because of the angle of the shelf.

Final Note 

A welding cart allows you to work anywhere in your shop without any complications. This is perfect if you repair lawn equipment, work on automobiles, or work on larger items. When the item is large you can bring the welding machine to the item instead of the other way around.

A welding cart makes your work easier and your load lighter. They protect your equipment and help you to organize everything.

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