Best Welding Clamps Reviews 2022 – Buying Guide

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The best welding clamps are units that can hold firmly, not slip, and be used on many different thicknesses of material.

Our expert welders told us that they choose their clamps according to the materials they are made from, their strength, and their versatility.

We wanted to tell our readers about the clamps used in welding and which clamps were the most frequently chosen by professional welders and welding instructors.

Best Welding Clamps

We asked a group of these individuals to try several different clamps and tell us which ones they would buy for their own personal use.

Comparison Chart





Lincoln Electric Grounding Work Clamp

Completes electrical circuits for a positive welding arc

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Locking C-Clamp

Wide-opening jaws provide greater versatility

Capri Tools Locking Welding Clamp

Locks metal pieces firmly in place

Hobart Two Axis Welding Clamp

Features a floating head and rotating spindle screw

TEKTON 6-Inch Malleable Iron C-Clamp

Versatile clamp secures Parts for assembly

Best Welding Clamps 2022 Reviews

1. Capri Tools Locking Welding Clamp


  • Item Weight: 4.55 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.3 x 6.4 x 4.7 inches
  • Model Number: 416
  • Manufacturer: Capri Tools
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Capri Tools Locking Welding Clamp

Like the Hobart Two-Axis, this one is another specialized welding clamp on our list. The rest are all-purpose clamps. 

This is a set of locking welding clamps. There are three pieces in this set. You will receive one 11” c-clamp, a 10” clamp designed for use with sheet metal, and a 10” clamp designed for use with general welding projects.

The clamps are designed to hold pieces of metal together while you are welding. They can also be used to hold other items like wood together while you are building or creating. You can use them to clamp items together while you are waiting for epoxy or glue to dry as well.

They have hardened steel jaws and the pressure those jaws will apply to the item you are working on will depend on the adjustment that you make. The adjustable pressure provides you with the ability to hold a wicker item in place or the strength to hold a piece of steel in place without damaging either item.

What we are missing?:

  • No Grip: Yes, this could be a great addition if the clamp comes with a rubber coated handle for gripping the tool comfortably like the picture. We found many similar products ( though not specialized for welding ) having an Ergonomic non slipping grip. 

The quick lock release on these clamps can be initiated using just one hand. They are all metal and they are not damaged or compromised by high heat situations like when you are welding. They are durable and will resist rust and corrosion.


  • The set includes three important clamp types that help in multiple locking tasks.
  • The quick-lock release mechanism of the clams ensures easy removal or locking.
  • Each clamp is highly durable for heavy-duty welding tasks as they are made of hardened steel with a solid design. Not clumsy like most medium-grade clamps.
  • These clamps can properly hold up to a twisting motion.


  • You need to align the jaws for proper use as the jaws are a bit loose.

2. LINCOLN ELECTRIC Ground Work Clamp


  • Item Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3 x 7 x 6 inches
  • Model Number: FBA_KH525
  • Manufacturer: Lincoln Electric
  • Batteries Required: No
Lincoln Electric Grounding Work Clamp

Unlike any other models of this article, this is the only ground welding clamp we reviewed here. You may check this post for other ground clamps which are popular in the market:

This welding clamp is designed to complete an electrical circuit for use with a positive welding arc. The jaws of the clamp are wide grip so they are able to make a firm connection to the majority of materials that you need to secure them to.

This clamp grounds your work. It can be opened up to about two inches but you are going to need both hands to do so. It is a very strong clamp and you are not going to open it to its full capability using just one hand.

The bolt of the clamp is a 3/8” bolt. An adapter can be added so the bolt can go down from a 3/8” to a 1/8”. It has copper plated teeth. It is a great conductor and very strong. The teeth are plated instead of solid copper in order to keep the cost of the item as low as possible.

These clamps could also be used to make a heavy-duty pair of jumper cables. They are strong, durable, and versatile. You can also use it to replace the ground clamps on welding machines when they get worn.


  • Great for getting a positive welding arc by completing electrical circuits.
  • Helps grounding that ensures proper welds.
  • Suitable for up to 300 amp.
  • Opens up to 2” wide with both hands since it is quite strong.
  • A heavy-duty bolt that is 3/8”. You can also add an adapter for different size needs.


  • Copper plating only, which makes sense due to its low price.

3. IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Locking C-Clamp


  • Item Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Style: Regular C-Clamp
  • Model Number: 20
  • Manufacturer: IRWIN
  • Color: Metallic Silver
IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Locking C-Clamp

This clamp has jaws that open wide. The wide opening allows you to clamp them securely to a wider variety of materials and thicknesses.

On the end of the clamp jaws, there are swivel pads that enable them to hold taper items with greater security. These swivel pads hold firmly onto delicate items and they do not damage the items they are holding. They are perfect for slippery items or awkwardly shaped pieces.

They are made from a high grade steel alloy that is heat treated. This material makes them extremely durable and capable of withstanding high heat like they would be exposed to if they are used for welding clamps.

They have a classic trigger release. This provides you with the maximum locking force and the ability to release the grip the clamp has with only one hand.

They have a turn screw that you can use to adjust the amount of pressure the clamp is providing and the tightness of the fit they have on the material. Once you set this turn screw it will stay in that position until you move it so you can use it repeatedly on the same materials without having to adjust the clamp each time.


  • The turn screw is suitable for repetitive use as it can adjust the pressure of the jaws and keep the pressure intact.
  • Feature a quality trigger release that facilitates maximum locking force.
  • The jaws can open up to 2.5” wide for a greater range of work!
  • The swivel pads give more grip and help you to attach the clamp at any angle!


  • Doesn’t have rubber pads on the vice grips.

4. Hobart Two Axis Welding Clamp


  • Item Weight: 1.85 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.25 x 10.25 x 2.25"
  • Part Number: 770565
  • Color: Silver
  • Batteries Required: No
Hobart Two Axis Welding Clamp

If you are welding square tubing, round tubing, angle iron, or channel iron then you will want a set of these clamps. The clamp is designed to help you weld the perfect 900 degree angle on these materials.

The clamp will open up to 2.95 inches or 75mm. It can easily accept a piece that is 2 ¾” in width or 2 7/8” in width. You can use it to weld “T’s” or make miter corners. You will know that your mitered corner has the exact angle that it should without doing a lot of measuring and realigning of the clamp.

It is made of heat resistant materials so you do not have to worry about damaging it while you are welding, or compromising the tool because of prolonged heat exposure. It is designed to resist rusting or corrosion.

It provides you with the ability to weld corners without you having to hold the corner in place with one hand while you try to get the angle right. The device shows you what the angle should be so you can work faster and be more productive.


  • For perfect alignment and use on square and round tubes at 90 degrees angle.
  • The rotating spindle screw assists with a tight holding of metal work pieces.
  • Holds up to 2.95” boards.
  • Allows you to use it as a ‘t’ clamp as well!


  • Not perfectly square and not suitable for multiple different angle-welding other than 90 degrees.
  • The vertical draft angle can cause some issues at rare welding angles.

5. TEKTON 6-Inch Malleable Iron C-Clamp


  • Item Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 1.25 inches
  • Model Number: 4027
  • Material: Iron
  • Batteries Required: No
TEKTON 6-Inch Malleable Iron C-Clamp

This is a c-clamp that has a jaw that can open up to six inches. The depth of the throat on this clamp is 2 5/8 inches. The clamp is made in the USA.

It is designed to be used anytime you need something held in position. It is great for welders because it is made entirely of metal and heat will not compromise the strength or durability of the clamp.

It is made of cast malleable iron, It is designed in the I-beam style to add strength to the hold. The handlebar of the clamp is a sliding bar so you can hold it in the position that is most comfortable for you. It is all metal and has no outer covering or cushion grips.

The threaded screw that moves in and out of the clamp to hold the pressure against an item or release an item glides smoothly. It does not have a tendency to stick or bind no matter which direction the screw is headed.

This clamp can be used on a variety of materials including metal, cast, aluminum, or wood. It is useful when you are gluing items, welding items, or holding items in place for any reason.


  • 6” jaw opening allows you to hold thick pieces that regular clamps fail to do.
  • Very heavy-duty and strong since the body is made of cast malleable iron.
  • The acme-threaded screw doesn’t get stuck or stiff while you are trying to align the clamp perfectly. Being chrome plates, it prevents damage that can cause it to get stuck.
  • It holds onto metals with a very tight grip that is highly adjustable due to the long screw.


  • More expensive than regular clamps. But then again, it is not a regular clamp.

How to Choose Welding Clamps  

Welding clamps are useful and they give you the opportunity to hold an item in place without losing the use of one of your hands. They keep things securely in place while you are working, but before you buy your clamps consider the following things.

Clamp Size

The size of the clamp will normally determine the thickness of the material that it is capable of holding. You have to consider the thickness of the materials you will use the most often and then buy clamps that can open up and accommodate that thickness.

Many welders choose to have several clamps of varying sizes so they always have the right size clamp no matter what material they are welding at the time.

The Release

The release is the method that you use to make the clamp turn loose of the item it is holding. Some clamps have a trigger-style release that you can easily depress with one hand. These are the most convenient clamps to use because they are simple to remove and you do not have to turn loose of the project to release the clamp.

The Purpose

If you are buying a welding clamp to hold something in position then the item is usually made from a steel alloy or hardened steel. If you are buying a clamp to replace a ground clamp on your welding machine then the item usually is copper or copper plated. When replacing a ground clamp you want the new clamp to be a good conductor of electricity and that is the reason for the copper.

The Shape

The shape of the clamp can inhibit its ability to hold an item for you. If the clamp is shaped wrong it will actually be in your way while you are working. Choose clamps that are shaped so that they can be turned to a position that will not hinder your progress.

Types of Welding Clamps and Which One You Should Get Why 

There are several different styles of welding clamps and each clamp was designed to be practical in a specified manner.

The Dimide Clamp

This type of welding clamp uses an impact wrench to squeeze items together tightly. They come with copper plated screws and their plates are zinc coated. They have removable T handles and a removable hex head. These removable parts make it easier to adjust the clamp on specific items.

The dimide clamps are perfect for welders, metalworking, and machining. They are great for auto bodywork, woodworking projects and sheet metal fabrication projects. They provide fast action and a high level of pressure.

These clamps have interchangeable arms and some of the arms are as long as 60” so you always have a clamp no matter what lengths you project demands. 


This is the most popular style of the clamp and almost everyone has seen them before. They come in a wide range of sizes, and they are used for woodworking projects, welding, sheet metal fabrication, These clamps often cost far less than other clamps, and most people have one or two of these in their tool kits.


The f-clamp has a wide opening so it is often easier to position it over large or awkwardly shaped objects. The clamp has a slider bar in place that allows it to be adjusted from one size to another. These clamps are often used when an item is too big to use a c-clamp on.

The f-clamp can be very useful for anyone working with tubing. They are capable of opening wider than the c-clamp and the can grip round or awkwardly shaped materials more securely.

Locking clamps

Locking clamps securely hold two or more items in one position. They can be operated with just one hand so they are fast to apply when you need to hold something together. They are perfectly suited to welding applications and can tolerate high heat exposure.

Locking clamps are spring loaded devices that hold securely. They often have swivel pads to help them get a grip on the item and help them maintain their grip. They are normally adjustable and you can often adjust them to fit one thickness and they will retain that adjustment so you can use them repeatedly on the same thickness of materials.

They work on metal items and on wooden items. They can be useful to auto-body workers, machine workers, welders, and craftsmen that are building and repairing just about anything.

The Kant Twist Clamp

The Kant twist clamps provide two parallel jaws to place on the item. With two jaws the tendency for the material being clamped to move is stopped. They have a handle that is perpendicular to the clamp to stop the clamp from being able to twist as you are tightening it.

They are perfect for welding applications, metal fabrication, woodworking shops, and more. They are durable and dependable, and very easy to clamp on or remove.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do welding table clamps stay in the 5/8" holes?

The welding table clamps stay positioned in the 5/8” holes because the clamp has a 5/8” diameter section that you insert into the hole. There are usually nuts to tighten over the portion of the clamp that is inserted through the hole to maintain the position of the clamp.

What clamps should I get for welding?

There are a wide variety of clamps to choose from. In order to choose the right clamp you have to discern what materials you will be clamping, and the shape of those materials. You always want to use heat resistant clamps when you are using the devices to hold items while you weld them in place.

What do clamps stand for in welding?

Clamp is the term used for a device that holds two pieces together so they remain stable while you weld. The clamps have different names according to their shape and style, but they are all designed to give you an extra pair of hands where you need them.

What are welding clamps used for?

Welding clamps hold the smaller sections of metal you are welding together in a uniform line so you have your hands free to work the welding process. The clamps keep the materials aligned and together instead of allowing one of the materials to slip beneath the other.

Final Note

Clamps are designed to hold things in place while you do other jobs. They can hold two sections of metal in close proximity so you can weld them together, and that allows you to have both hands free for other work.

If you are going to welding square tubing, angle iron, or round tubing then the Hobart 770565 is a great choice for you. This clamp lets you establish corners and create perfect angles without a lot of adjusting.

If you are looking for clamps that can do a variety of jobs you will want to consider the Capri Tools Locking Clamp. This clamp set gives you three basic clamps that are capable of doing most of the holding that you will need.

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