Coolest and Easy Welding Project Ideas for New and Advanced Welders

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When you think of welding projects you may think of fabrication of things like trailer hitches. You might also think of repairing metal objects by welding the loose or broken pieces.

You should know that welding decorative and fun items are an excellent way to create a craft item that will be durable, unique, and a conversation piece for your home. Welding craft projects will allow you to practice your skills and learn to be more precise with your weld applications.

The following projects will appeal to both new and professionals alike. They will test your skills, provide you with opportunities to learn, and help you create both beauty and practical items around your home.

welding project ideas

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Welding horseshoe projects

1. Simple Horseshoe

This is a basic project that will allow you to learn the intricacies involved in welding horseshoes. Mastering this project will give you the skills you need to make hundreds of other projects using horseshoes.

For more details about this project you can visit or watch this video:

2. Horseshoe Puzzle 

Horseshoe Puzzle

This puzzle is made by joining 2 horseshoes and short pieces of chain. There is a metal ring that will encircle the chains. To solve the puzzle you have to remove the rings.

To get the complete details of how to create these puzzles visit this page:

Garden welding projects

You need this book for these projects: Basic Welding for Farm and Ranch

3. Metal Trellis 

Metal Trellis

A beautiful trellis for your climbing flowers and plants, and the best part is this trellis will not rot and decay as wooden ones do. It can withstand greater amounts of weight and does not bend or break easily as the plastic trellis do.

If you would like to know more about this project visit:

4. DIY Homemade Garden Wagon 

This is the perfect garden wagon to have. It is made of materials that are easy to find, and it is very durable. This little wagon will provide you with the ability to move heavy objects like potting soil around without having to strain your back.

If you are interested in this project watch this:

Welding projects for trucks

You need this book for these projects: Welding: Principles and Applications

5. Plywood Rack For Truck

Plywood Rack For Truck

This plywood rack will allow you to haul plywood around without putting the materials on the bed of the truck. It frees up space and keeps your wood from being damaged by tools or liquid substances you might be transporting.

Get the complete instructions here:

Small welding projects from scrap and others

You need this book for these projects: How To Weld Scrap Metal Art

6. Metal shelf brackets 

The brackets that you hang your shelf boards on will determine how strong your shelf is. When you need a shelf that can hold a lot of weight, and can be completely relied on, then mount it to some of these metal brackets.

Complete instructions for this project can be found in this video:

7. Simple steel stools

Simple steel stools

These stools can be decorative and useful. You can paint the stools any color you desire and you know that weather and outside conditions will not cause them to deteriorate. They are decorative but also handy in garages, on porches, and as task stools.

Get all of the information at:

8. Small Doorbell From Scrap Steel 

You can take your scraps from other projects and make this adorable doorbell. It can be painted or trimmed with different materials to create a unique doorbell. 

For the complete details go to:

9. Small Pencil Holder 

Small Pencil Holder

This pencil holder can be made from small scrap pieces of metal leftover from other projects. It is decorative and practical, and you can even make them give as gifts.

Details can be found at:

10. Scrap Metal box

Scrap Metal box

This scrap metal box will hold all of the pieces left over from your many projects. It keeps your scrap metal contained neatly in one place, and keeps it handy for when you are ready to use some of it.

If you are interested in this project go to:

You gonna need a MIG welding machine for this project. Check our article on best MiG welders.

Cool Welding Projects

You need this book for these projects: Welding Techniques, Project Plans & Instructions

11. Cool Firepit

Cool Firepit

This unique fire pit will be a great addition to your deck, patio, or outdoor living space. It is useful, practical, and decorative.

Complete instructions available at:

12. Car Ramp

This set of car ramps are strong and will not be likely to bend under the weight of a vehicle. You will get increased safety while working on your vehicles, and you get the fun of crafting the item yourself. You might need a TIG welding machine for this.

To learn more visit:

13. Badass Stick Welding slag chipping hammer

If you weld then you know how often you use a chipping hammer. This chipping hammer is strong and durable. It is a hammer that you are going to use for years to come.

Watch this video for more details.

14. Giant Steel dice 

These giant steel dice make a great conversation piece and decorative yard piece. You can use them to play an outdoor dice game or use them as tables to sit beside your outdoor furniture. They are unique statement makers.

For more information on how to make the giant dice:

15. Tandem Bike

Tandem Bike

Create a tandem bike so you and someone you enjoy spending time with can take a ride on a bicycle built for 2. This is a unique piece that will create a bike that is incredibly strong and long-lasting.

Get the complete step by step instructions at:

16. Welding table

Welding table

Many of the small projects that you want to weld will have to be positioned on a welding table while you work. You can create a welding project table that you will be sure can handle the heat and stress of welding projects.

Further details are available at:

DIY welding projects

You need this book for these projects: The TAB Guide to DIY Welding

17. DIY Bucket Forks

Bucket forks are used to pick up wooden pallets, and to pick up many heavy objects. You can create a set of bucket forks that you will know are strong and reliable. This is a project that will be useful to the majority of small farm and ranch owners.

If you are interested in learning how to complete this project watch

18. Steel-made Hanging Pan Rack 

Steel-made Hanging Pan Rack

Hanging your pots and pans from a rack makes it easy for you to find the pan you want without digging through a cupboard. This rack is unique in appearance, strength, and will be able to make your cooking easier to do.

If you would like to know more about this project visit:

19. Reclaimed metal coffee table 

There is a lot of reclaimed metal that is good and can be repurposed. This coffee table allows you to use something that is no longer viable for its original purpose and turn it into an object that you will get plenty of service from. This table can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Complete instructions for this project can be found at:

20. Another Industrial Stool

This metal stool is strong and will bear the weight of almost everyone. It will not splinter or crack from being exposed to high humidity levels or outdoor weather conditions. It can be dressed up to be more decorative or left plain for simple service.

For more details about this project go to:

21. Steel Rocking Chair - Minimal

Steel Rocking Chair - Minimal

This rocking chair will last all of your life and be handed down to the generations. It can be kept outside on the porch or patio and you will not have to worry about moist conditions damaging it.

To learn more visit:

Artistic Welding Project Ideas 

You need this book for these projects: Creating Welded Sculpture

22. Decorative Figurine from Metal Hooks

Decorative Figurine from Metal Hooks

This tabletop figurine shows the love between two individuals and it only takes a couple of hooks and a little scrap metal to create. You can make a piece of art that will show your loved one how deep your feelings run. For this kind of metal artwork, you will need certain types welder, this article will help you to choose the right welders for metal art

If you are interested in this project go to:

23. Framed Picture Wall Art

Framed Picture Wall Art

This unique wall art depicts a wrench like it was a mother bird feeding three smaller (bird) wrenches that are in a metal nest. It is a truly unique work of art. It would be a conversation piece in any home.

24. Portraits


Did you know that you can weld a portrait of a human face? These welded portraits are unique and distinguished. They create a loving tribute that will last for many decades.

Complete instructions for this project can be found at:

25. Custom Metal House Number 

You can weld house numbers for your house that will be able to withstand wind, rain, sleet, and anything else Mother Nature has to offer. These numbers can be made big enough for the authorities to easily spot them, and they can be painted any decorative color that you like.

For detailed information watch this:

Welding Projects for Newbie

You need this book for these projects: Welding For Dummies

26. Outdoor fire pit

Outdoor fire pit

An outdoor fire pit is a useful item and it is the perfect item for starting welders to hone their skills on. This outdoor fire pit will give you a great place to gather with friends and family on a cool evening. You will also get the thrill of telling your friends that you made it yourself.

Get the details at:

27. Welded Barbeque pit

Welded Barbeque pit

A welded Barbeque pit will last much longer than any store-bought, screw together, barbeque pit. This is an excellent project for a new welder, and it will give you a lasting cooking appliance that you will enjoy for years to come.

Learn how to make this Barbeque pit here:

28. Workshop Security Door

Workshop Security Door

The integrity of your workshop will be protected when you create a welded security door. You will not have to worry about someone kicking in your door and getting access to your tools and belongings. You can make your workshop burglar proof and this project is ideal for new welders.

Complete instructions available at:

29. Metal Shop Box

This is an easy welding project that not only lets you practice welding it gives you a storage container strong enough to hold your metal cut-offs, your tools, or anything you want to protect. This box will be heavy enough to stop anyone from just grabbing it up and walking away, and it will stop anyone from easily gaining access to your tools or the contents of the box.

To learn more watch:

30. Welding Table

Welding Table project

If you weld any craft items, or if you do welding to repair other items, then you need a welding table that you can rely on. To get a welding table that you will be sure is strong and reliable you can make your own following this simple to understand the pattern.

Complete instructions for this project can be found at:

31. Steel Nuts lamp

Making a lamp using steel nuts will create a unique and interesting item of décor in your home. You will be certain that your lamp will be strong and the topic of most conversations when people come to visit.

Further instructions available at:

Farm Welding Project

You need this book for these projects: Farm and Workshop Welding

32. Door Caddy 

This innovative caddy will allow you to move doors, plywood, drywall, and other large and bulky items around with ease. You can load the caddy then transport the building materials you need to the location you will be using them without straining your back in the process.

If you are interested in this project go to: 

Welding projects for Christmas

You need this book for these projects: Welding Level 1 Trainee Guide

33. Yard Decoration

Yard Decoration

Everyone loves decorating at Christmas. The problem is that yard decorations are often expensive and they normally last just a couple of years before they need to be replaced. You can weld a Christmas tree yard decoration using this project design and you will have a tree that should last the rest of your life.

Get the details at:

34. Tree Ornaments

Tree Ornaments

Welded tree ornaments are beautiful and they can be hung outdoors without any fear that they will be harmed by wind or moisture. These ornaments will liven up your yard decorations and you will never worry that they are going to be broken in the wind or frozen and broken when they thaw.

If you are interested in this project go to:

Amazing Welding Table

35. Amazing Outdoor Light Shade

This outdoor light shade can be placed on an outdoor welded lamp and you will have a decorative item that is fully functional. You can have beautiful pieces in your yard that are not subject to the wind, rain and humidity. Create a unique space using this project.

For further details concerning this project go to:

36. Modern Steel Coffee Table

If you want an outdoor coffee table that will hold up under extreme weather conditions then consider this modern steel coffee table. It would be the perfect addition to a patio set, but it can also be used indoors. This is a unique item that is versatile and practical.

Complete instructions for this project can be found at:

37. Modern Outdoor Metal Table 

This modern outdoor metal table will give you a place to have lunch with friends or to play games. You can do craft projects on the table, and you can sit around the table while having drinks with friends. It is durable, beautiful, and practical.

Get the details at:

38. Own Go Kart Chassis 

Own Go Kart Chassis

If you have ever wanted to build your own go-kart then take a look at this project pattern. You can create a welded go-kart chassis that will be strong and capable. You can create a kart that can run fast and yet provide you with stable security in case of an accident.

More Information is located at:

Furniture Welding Projects

39. Standing Desk

A standing desk can be useful for so many things. The standing desk allows people who work from computers to exercise their legs. You can do plant potting and craftwork from a standing desk. You can enjoy working without having to sit around all day.

To learn more about the standing desk project watch: 

40. Steel Nuts Lamp

The steel nuts lamp will add a unique decorative touch to your home. This lamp base will be almost impossible to break and it will add a great touch to a den, living room, or bedroom. 

You can find the complete details here:

Final Note

Which Welding Projects Interest You Most? Please don’t forget to leave your message and we are appreciating to send us any of your welding project ideas, plan and project link as well.

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