Hobart Handler 100 Review

Hobart Handler 100 Review

The Hobart Handler 100 is a welding machine mostly built for people who wants a simple and easy welding experience. There isn’t any complex control system or such, which makes it easy to understand the functionality. It is so practical, and every part that the machine got is of great quality. You can perform MIG and flux core arc welding with this device.

You may have already heard the name of the Hobart brand. They are excellent at creating top-graded welding equipment. As I went through their products, I found out many other praiseworthy products too. Hence, I compared the Hobart Handler 100 with another model of the brand. Let me explain everything about this welding device from my research-

Specifications of Hobart Handler 100

Brand: Hobart

Model: 500572

Dimensions: 16” × 10” × 13.5”.

Type: MIG and Flux Core Arc.

Voltage: 115 Volts.

Amperage Output- 30 to 100 A.

Weight: 44 lb.

Weld Thickness: 18 ga. – 3/16”

Duty Cycle: 20% at 80A.


As I tried both MIG and flux core welding with this machine, it provided excellent results in both cases. However, on FCAW, it may require you to have experience and skill to get a strong weld. As this machine runs properly on home outlets, you can complete your Do-It-Yourself projects using it.

As I compared this machine with the Hobart Handler 125 model, I kind of liked the control of the 125 more. But the Hobart Handler 100 had more durability on its dials compared to the knobs in 125. There are two knobs to set the amp and the voltage. The amazing fact is that you can get infinite wire feed from this device.

You can weld only mild steel with this product, and the maximum steel thickness is 3/16 inches. While Hobart Handler 125 can weld even thicker metals, it is understandable considering the price.


For performing your daily welding needs, Hobart Handler 100 can provide enough power output. Its power range is suitable to weld up to 18 ga – 3/16-inch, which should be okay for most welders. As I mentioned, you can supply it with power from any household outlet with 115 voltage.

Meanwhile, you may think that the duty cycle is not much, but for any low-duty projects, it is enough. Its duty cycle is 20% at 80A. So, you can weld for 2 minutes and need to rest it for the next 8 minutes. About that, the machine has self-resetting overheating protection that automatically stops the welding after 2 minutes.


Hobart designed this welding machine properly to make it easy to store and carry around. This design is identical to most other Hobart products, including the Hobart Handler 125. This welding machine weighs only 44 pounds. Now, that may seem a bit heavy considering a 100A device. Though, there is a handle on the top with a soft grip for easy carrying.

You can install the wire spool inside the machine, which is pretty fortunate. As a result, it can further save some cash.


As a 100A welding device, Hobart Handler 100 is not that costly. You can find it on the market at a price lower than $400. This one has around the same price as the 125A version of it. As you will get an electrode holder and clamps, that will be further saving of your money.


  • Portable and Easy to Carry.
  • Perfect for DIY usage as it supports household power supplies.
  • There is a built-in contactor preventing the wire from heating up until you pull the trigger.
  • Advanced overheating protection.
  • Smooth and strong beads.


  • You cannot set the wire feed using the control panel.
  • You can only weld steel-type workpieces.
  • The welder does not come with a wire spool.

Why Should You Get This?

There are many reasons to buy this welding machine. Any beginner will find this device so helpful to learn and practice their welding techniques. Meanwhile, if you have DIY tasks, you can do it so smoothly no matter your skill level. If you must weld outside, you can use the flux core method with the Hobart Handler 100.

It is cheap and practical. The manufacturers did not exaggerate the details of its design. That is what makes this machine so easy to operate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Metals Can It Weld?

It can weld any steel-type metal. Mild steel is the best application for it.

Can I Plug the Machine On a 220V Outlet from My Garage?

No, as the machine runs only on 115V.

How Long Are the Leads?

Hobart Handler 100 has 8 ft leads.

Final Note

If you have to weld thin metals often, Hobart Handler 100 will be highly suitable for your projects. It is true that Hobart has many other welding machines with perfect features, but they can cost so much higher. If you don’t mind the cost, you can check out Hobart 190.

I advise you not to go for thicker metals than 3/16 with this device. Also, you should follow the recommended setup process. It will be best to weld in a place that has enough air circulation. If you are looking for a bit of upgrade at almost the same price range, you can try the Hobart 125 too.

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