Hobart Handler 130 Review – Wire Feed Welder 115V #500568

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  • Item Weight: 51 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 17 inches
  • Model Number: 500568
  • Manufacturer: Hobart
  • Material: Metal; plastic
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The Hobart Handler 130 is a MIG welder that is powered by the standard household 115 volt currents. It is small and lightweight, and it is powerful.

This small machine can be used indoors inside garages, or shops, and it can also be taken outdoors to use. It relies on flux core wire and you do not have to transport, buy, or handle any bottles of shielding gas.

This machine has a very easy set up, and you can be welding within 5 minutes of plugging the machine in. It is just as easy to put the machine away when you are finished welding for the day.

Hobart Handler 130 Review

Single Knob Adjustments

The single knob adjustment on this Hobart welder allows you to quickly set the machine up according to the thickness of the mild steel you are welding. It is a perfect tool to use when teaching beginners to weld because the single knob allows them to choose the right setting in a short amount of time.

If you would prefer to set your machine up according to the amount of voltage or the speed that the wire is fed out, there are knobs that can be adjusted to make those changes. As your beginner welder learns more about the MIG welding process they can customize their welding projects by choosing a different wire feed speed or voltage.

This machine is perfect for homeowners who might have some small repairs to make to metal objects like metal yard decor, lawnmower decks, and other things around the house. It is also great for automobile enthusiasts who want to rebuild and restore older cars.

The adjustments knobs on the machine allow you to have a quick set up or a custom set up so you can weld what you want, using your preferred processes.

Built-In Wire feeder

The built-in wire feeder makes it very easy to set the machine up. You do not have to worry about taking time to install the wire feeder properly, or getting the wire feeder lined up properly. The built-in feeder remains perfectly lined up so you have less wire tangles and fewer instances of crushed wire during operations.

Powered by 115 Volts

You do not have to worry about the power supply that you will use for this machine. Every home and business has 115 volts outlets. This is the common voltage that is used to power televisions, lamps, computers, and just about everything throughout our homes.

You do want to follow manufacturer recommendations and operate the machine on a circuit that has a 20 Amp breaker controlling it. This will stop the machine from flipping the breaker and will protect you from wires overheating, or energy surges that can interfere with the performance of your machine. 

You should never operate this machine using a household extension cord. If you have to use an extension cord to power the machine then you must make sure that you are using an industrial strength cord that can handle the voltage and amperage without overheating or being a fire hazard.

Handles Thicker Metal

This Hobart welding machine is powered by 115 volt electrical currents, but it performs with as much power as many of the machines that are powered by 208 volt, 220 volts. You can actually use this machine to weld steel that is ¼” thick. That is an amazing feat for a machine that is being powered by such a low voltage of electricity.

This machine will even weld that ¼” steel using flux core wire, with no external shielding gas, and without solid wire.

Light Weight and Portable

This welding machine is extremely light weight and portable. The external housing of the unit is made of a combination of metal and plastic. This combination makes the entire machine very light. The complete weight of the machine is only 51 pounds.

You can easily move the machine because it is so light, but it also has dimensions that are so small it makes it possible to store the machine on a shelf in the garage. The machine is 13 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches.

This is the perfect homeowner or small business owner welding machine. It is small, powerful, easy to store, easy to transport, and capable of welding the majority of all metals.

Even though this machine is small, it is still a welding apparatus and you need to take precautions to not be injured when working with the machine. These precautions include wearing protective welding masks to protect your eyes, wearing protective gloves, and wearing protective clothing like long sleeved shirts that are not loose or frayed.

What is in the Box?

  • MIG torch
  • Ground cable and clamps
  • Contact tips
  • .030 flux core wire sample
  • Easy to read instruction manual


  • Beginner friendly operations with the one knob selector for material thicknesses
  • Uses flux core wire so no shielded gas is needed
  • Can weld steel as thick as ¼” with little to no slag formation during the process
  • Light weight and easy to handle
  • Built in wire feeder reduces damages to the wire during operations


  • Cannot be used with solid wire and shielded gas
  • Does not come with welding safety equipment

Final Notes

The Hobart Handler 130 is a small and effective welding machine that is perfect for anyone wanting to learn the MIG welding process, or anyone who has welding tasks to take care of around their personal property.

That recommendation should not fool you into thinking that this is not a powerful welding machine. It has a wire feed speed range of 50 inches per minute to 400 inches per minute when it is working under a load. When it is working with no load the wire feed speed range increases to 120 inches per minute to 480 inches per minute.

It can weld steel that is up to ¼” thick, and it can make single pass smooth welds on thicknesses of as much as 3/16”.

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