Hobart Handler 135 Review – Is It Worth Buy?

Hobart Handler 135 Review

If you are looking for a budget welding machine that also fulfills all the essential requirements for supplying better performance, then the Hobart Handler 135 is made just for you. This product is perfect for lightweight regular welding operations and is the ideal choice for welding enthusiasts.

The power and welding capacity that this welding appliance possesses is significantly remarkable, and the safety features that come along are responsible for providing a safe experience. You will be amused by its user-friendly solutions that will make you fall in love with the welder.

Specifications Of Hobart Handler 135

Brand: Hobart

Model: Handler 135

Dimensions: 23.7× 17.9× 12.1 inches

Type: MIG, Flux Core

Voltage: 115V

Amperage: 135A

Weight: 52.8 pounds

Weld Thickness: 22 gauge up to 3/16 inches

Duty Cycle: 20% at 90A


The Hobart Handler 135 is specialized in taking over mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum wires. Its versatile characteristics make it a trustworthy product for different welding mechanisms.

To increase its perfection, the manufacturer included all sorts of gauges and fittings with the product making it a complete kit so that the customers don't have to purchase anything separately. If you don't mind the mess, then this unit runs perfectly in household current.

All the components of the Hobart Handler 135 are durable, high-quality built, and will never wear out no matter how many years you use it. The built-in wire feeder is popular for its stability that enhances your productivity and welding performance highly.

This wire feeder also comes along with a quick-release drive lever and a contractor that ensures the wire stays electrically cold while you are not welding.

The welding machine includes built-in safety features that make your experience with the product more reliable and safe. It has an installed thermostat that opens when the unit overheats and eventually makes the cooling fan run instantly.

However, do not exceed the duty cycle while the welder is overheated as it can highly damage the machine. Circuit breakers are installed to avail of the overload protection system. The drive motor also works to provide overload protection and ensures effective results.


The power that is associated with this compact unit is truly remarkable. To run the machine, 115-120 volts is sufficient, and as a result, you can plug it anywhere inside your house. Moreover, it supplies a maximum of 135 amps and can weld through stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum wires.

The product allows DC supply, and the welder's duty cycle is adequate, which is 20% at 90 amps. The strength of this unit enhances its welding capacity and can weld up to 22 gauge to 3/16 inches.


One of the greatest drawbacks of this welding machine is its weight. It weighs 53 pounds which makes it a heavy unit for moving around. However, the ergonomically designed handle provides an upper hand for easy portability. Also, the compact size reduces the storage space required for the welder and hence, allows it to be stored anywhere comfortably.


This is where many people would like to consider purchasing this product because it is one of the most affordable products you will find in the welding world.

The features, along with the performance and durable characteristics that this product brings, are truly praiseworthy and should have a higher price rate in accordance with the other welding machines available. But due to its lower price rate, it is now considered to be one of the cheapest options.


  • Overheat and overload protection and the drive motor that work accordingly to ensure maximum safety to both the users and the device.
  • It is an affordable product.
  • This product serves multiple welding mechanisms.


  • It is not a lightweight product that causes struggles during portability.
  • The product is not environmentally friendly as it produces toxic gases and fumes during welding or cutting.
  • Low duty cycle


When we compare this product with the other welding machines of the same category, we will see that the Hobart Handler 135 lacks in many ways. Firstly, the weight of the unit is considerably higher, and welders that are lightweight are available within the same category.

Also, most of them provide higher duty cycles that enhance the welding performance. However, the power that is associated with this welding unit is enough to take over all sorts of light welding executions. Also, the price of this welding unit is significantly lower and is the most affordable pick.

Why Should You Get This?

This welding machine is known for its stable solutions because of the wire feed and also comes along with immense safety options that will ensure greater reliability. Moreover, welders who are looking for a welding unit with a lower budget for their daily welding executions should definitely look into this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it produce harmful gases while working?

Yes. These gases can cause birth defects and other health issues.

Is it an eco-friendly machine?

No. It produces a lot of spatter while welding.

Does it include a drive motor?

Yes, it does.

How to Fix My Hobart Handler 135?

Here's a great video we found which may help:

Final Note

If you want a trustworthy, high-quality build and powerful welder to fulfill your daily needs, then you will not find a better deal than this one.

It includes all the essential safety features to provide you with enough protection and will last longer. Its durable characteristics will amaze you, and this purchase will be worth your investment.

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