Hobart Handler 175 Review

Hobart Handler 175 Review

If your garage or your workshop has a supply of 230 volts, then purchasing a bigger machine will be a smart move, and that is why the Hobart Handler 175 is the most recommended welding machine. This product is ideal for welding hobbyists along with professionals who are willing to execute light welding operations and require immense power.

The outlook of the welding machine is quite fresh and comes in a compact size along with a separate fitting kit. It has greater welding capacity and can weld greater thicknesses. The safety characteristics that come along are also remarkable to ensure a reliable experience.

Specifications Of Hobart Handler 175

Brand: Hobart

Model: Handler 175

Dimensions: 19× 11× 12.5 inches

Type: MIG, Flux Core

Voltage: 230 volts

Amperage: 175A

Weight: 65 pounds

Weld Thickness: 22 gauge- ¼ inches

Duty Cycle: 30% at 130A


The Hobart Handler 175 is a perfect machine that can easily weld stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum. As it can weld 22 gauge- ¼ inches in a single pass, the main applications that can be executed using this welding device are fabrication, repair or maintenance, and auto body applications.

This device is ideal for beginners who can implement their welding skills at their garage or small regular workshops as both MIG and Flux Core welding can be executed by this welder.

People searching for a welding device that can last long and have a high-quality construction should definitely opt for this one because it will provide service for a longer period and will not heat up that much.

The unit does not include a spool gun. However, this feature is not so important if you are not going to weld aluminum.

Surprisingly, Hobart included four output tension settings along with the wire feed tracking that improves the stability and allows the welders to easily adjust the machine for different thicknesses.

Moreover, the built-in contactor is an excellent safety feature that is easy to use and keeps the wire electrically cold when the welding machine is not used. For a more reliable and safer experience, thermal overload protection is verified to be essential in ensuring both the appliance and the users' safety during welding.


This big machine has greater power to weld up to 1/4 inches and can take over any kind of steel easily. It includes four settings for different thicknesses, and the DC power supply can convey a maximum of 175 amps.

The duty cycle of this unit is significantly higher, which is 30% at 130 amps. To make this appliance work, 230 volts will be required to make sure that the device can showcase its power.


As the Hobart 175 is a bigger machine with greater power, the unit is heavier which is around 65 lbs. It may be both beneficial and troublesome for welders as many professionals tend to adjust with the weight if the machine works on a higher voltage. However, the mobility of this unit may not be that much of an issue because it comes with a handle that allows greater assistance in carrying the product.


In accordance with different welders who have purchased this product, this is the best deal available at this price. It is because the welding unit has a longer duty cycle and also can weld greater thicknesses in a single pass. It also includes safety characteristics that make it a reliable option.

Therefore, considering all the aspects, the cost of the welding machine is quite reasonable and can be considered an affordable option for beginners and welding professionals.


  • It can be used for a long time and also does not heat that much.
  • This product is affordable.
  • Has a longer duty cycle.


  • The product has a heavier unit.
  • No spool gun is provided with the product.

Wire feed problem

Over the period, it was observed that the wire does not feed and starts troubleshooting after a while. Getting the wire to feed becomes a great hassle after working with the welding machine for a certain period.

The main issue is that the feed wheel doesn't feed the wire. It just spins against the wire even when the wire is tightened the most. It is one of the major problems that users usually need to experience while dealing with this welding unit.


The major difference that can be observed between the Hobart Handler 175 and the other available welding machines of the same category is that most of them have lighter weight.

The duty cycles of most of them tend to be similar along with the voltage required. However, the welding capacity is significantly higher than the Hobart 175, and also, few of them come along with a spool gun but at a higher cost.

Why Should You Get This?

If you are a beginner in welding or even a professional who is in need of a bigger and stronger welding machine to take over different operations in the house garage and small-scale workshops, the Hobart Handler 175 is just the right one for you. You will receive longer duty cycles along with appreciable safety options that will ensure you a protective experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come along with a spool gun?

No. You have to purchase an additional one.

Does it include thermal overload protection?


Can the welding machine be run on a 110/120V outlet?

No. It requires 230 volts to work.

Final Note

In terms of productivity, durability, and reliability, the Hobart Handler 175 is the ideal product that fulfills all the requirements of a welder who wishes to achieve greater power in welding.

t is one of the best products that comes at a lower price and possesses no significant issues to pull you back. That is why be assured of receiving a satisfying and pleasant experience from this welding machine.

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