Hobart Handler 210 MVP Review

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The Hobart Handler 210 MVP is a dual voltage MIG welder. It is a powerful machine with a cast aluminum drive that helps it to have increased amounts of stability and keeps it quieter when it is in operation.

It has seven voltage settings so you are able to weld mild steel, steel alloy, stainless steel, cast, aluminum, sheet metals, copper, brass, and almost any other metal that you wish to weld. It can be used on painted metals, dirty metal and rough metal, and in most instances you can create a strong weld with one single pass.

Hobart Handler 210 MVP Reviews

Dual Voltage

This machine can be powered by 110 volt electrical currents or it can be powered by the more powerful 220 volt electrical currents. Which is not presented in some other popular models from this brand like Handler 140. What does that mean to you?

At 115 volts the machine has slightly less power and will produce a lower output of Amps. It is still capable of doing many different welding jobs, and it can conveniently be plugged into the majority of outlets around your home.

This electrical current is available at the majority of places so if you need to transport the machine you will more than likely be able to find a sufficient electrical outlet to power it from.

Hobart Handler 210 MVP Review

At 220 volts the machine will be able to produce the maximum amount of output Amps. The increased amount of voltage input will increase the power of the machine and will increase the number of welding jobs that you can perform using the machine.

You will be able to weld things that are thicker and more time consuming because the increased power the machine will have.

Having a dual power machine means you have the best of both worlds. You have a relatively small machine that operates like the typical homeowner machine and helps with all of the small welding jobs you might face.

You also have a relatively small machine that operates like an industrial welding machine that you would expect to find at a metal fabrication shop.

The machine is great for beginners, who want to learn to perform the MIG welding process, but it is powerful and the experienced welder will be proud to have the machine to use when they are working, repairing items, or assembling metal components.

Flux core Capable

This welding machine can be used with shielded gas and solid wire. This welding process is often touted as being the best process for welding thicker pieces of metal because the solid wire creates a strong and smooth bond between the metal pieces.

Often when you use solid wire you can weld two thicker metal pieces in one simple path. You do need to have the shielded gas to perform this welding process.

In flux core welding the shielded gas is actually a part of the wire you are using so it eliminates the cost or complications that using the shielded gas and solid wire causes.

When you use the flux core wire the weld you create is usually stronger because fewer contaminants can get into the weld and compromise the strength of the weld.

7 Voltage Settings

This machine is designed so that the welder has the ability to fine tune it and create the perfect weld on whatever metal they are working on. It is not a simple preset machine that the welder has to adjust to, it is a sturdy machine that adjusts to the needs of the welder.

When you are operating the machine on a 115 volt electrical current you will have four voltage settings that you can choose when you are welding. When you are working from a 220 volt current you will have the choice of 7 voltage settings. If you are looking for a 230 volt machine from this brand then I recommend to use the Hobart Handler 190 welding machine.

Quick Change Drive Roll System

The quick change drive roll system means that you can set things up faster, and it means that you can change wire, and reload with more wire without having to use any tools, or go through a long drawn out process. This quick change allows you to work longer with less distractions or inconveniences.

The drive system is also made from cast aluminum. The cast aluminum absorbs the vibrations that are caused when the machine is in operation and helps to reduce the amount of noise created by the machine. The cast aluminum is strong and increases the life expectancy of the machine.

High Duty Cycles

The duty cycles of this machine are phenomenal. When the machine is being powered by 115 volt electrical currents you will have a duty cycle of 20% at 90 Amps. When the machine is being powered by 220 volt electrical currents you will have a duty cycle of 30% at 150 Amps.

What’s in the Box?

  • MIG welding gun with 10’ hose
  • Dual gauge regulator
  • Gas hose and 10 foot work cable, work clamp, power cord with plug.
  • .030 flux core welding wire sample
  • .030 contact tips
  • Wire spool adapter measuring 8 inches
  • Multi voltage plug to make the machine accept 115 volt or 220 volt


  • Cast aluminum drive system
  • Dual voltage
  • Built-in gas valve
  • Convenient set up guide on the inside of the cover
  • Can weld flux core or solid wire


  • Weighs 87 pounds so you might need a cart to move it around with
  • Need to purchase an optional spool gun if you plan to weld aluminum

Final Notes

This welding machine is appropriate for auto enthusiasts who need to weld on body panels, or exhaust systems. It is great for farms and ranches who may need to repair lawnmower decks, trailer frames or trailer hitches.

It can be used to repair metal fences or lawn décor, or used to fabricate arts and craft items. It is simply a good welding machine that is convenient for individual owners and business owners.

This machine is easy to use and makes a great machine for beginning welders to learn the MIG process of welding on. It also has enough features that the more experienced welder will feel confident that it can do any welding tasks they need to accomplish.

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