How Much Do Welders Make A Year In USA – Guide 2022

How Much Do Welders Make A Year

Welding is one of the professions that allow you to earn a good income without spending a lot of years in college. It is possible for you to work as a welder without any formal training, but the people who attend welding school become certified welders, and they earn a lot more per year than people with no formal welding training.

Welding is a secure trade with many job possibilities. Welding projects and job possibilities for this profession are expected to increase by about 4% between now and 2024.


Download The Full Chart of How Much Do Welders Make Annually State Wise

Chart Of How Much Do Welders Make Annually

State Name

Average Salary

Annual Salary Range



$38,703 - $51,088



$32,350 - $42,703



$31,841- $42,031



$34,131 - $45,057



$38,565 - $50,906



$34,422 - $45,437



$37,356 - $49,311

District of Columbia


$38,402 - $50,692



$36,251 - $47,853



$32,799 - $43,295



$33,403 - $44,093



$36,224 - $47,816



$33,041 - $43,614



$32,586 - $43,014



$35,457 - $46,804



$33,731 - $44,526



$32,764 - $43,250



$32,488 - $42,885



$33,075 - $43,660



$37,563 - $49,584



$35,597 - $46,989



$33,282 - $43,933



$34,553 - $45,610



$35,319 - $46,622



$32,902 - $43,432



$30,037 - $39,649



$31,297 - $41,313

North Carolina


$32,937 - $43,477

North Dakota


$32,419 - $42,794



$31,660 - $41,791

New Hampshire


$35,043 - $46,257

New Jersey


$38,171 - $50,386

New Mexico


$31,556 - $41,654



$35,388 - $46,713

New York


$37,045 - $48,901



$33,710 - $44,498



$32,454 - $42,839



$34,387 - $45,392



$34,456 - $45,483

Rhode Island


$36,390 - $48,035

South Carolina


$32,316 - $42,657

South Dakota


$29,554 - $39,011



$31,366 - $41,404



$33,903 - $44,752



$32,710 - $43,178



$34,318 - $45,300



$33,248 - $43,888



$36,873 - $48,673



$34,007 - $44,890

West Virginia


$30,589 - $40,378



$30,727 - $40,561

How Much Do Welders Make

One of the main questions people who are interested in a welding career asks, is how much money the typical welder earns. It is good to educate yourself on the earning potential you will have if you pursue this career.

You also should educate yourself on the different classifications of welders, and how the earning potential of each welding type fluctuates. Beginning welders are not going to earn the same amount of pay as an experienced MIG welder would.

Welders Salary Per Hour

A welder can expect to earn somewhere between 12.67 and 26. 47 an hour in the U.S. The salary expectations have many things that influence the total amount you would earn per hour.

Some of the things that influence a welders salary are:

  • The type of welding you do?
  • The company you work for?
  • The state you work in?
  • If you are required to travel to do the work you will likely earn more money.
  • The amount of experience you have. As you work you will gain experience that will allow you to be paid higher wages.

How much money do welders make a week

For a weekly salary the lowest amount that a welder should expect is roughly $506 dollars. The average welder salary for a week is about $1040. There are many different variables that cause these weekly amounts to be greater, or lesser. Some of those variables are:

  • The type of welding you do is the number one pay influencer. Different welding types pay different amounts.
  • The number of hours you work in a week.
  • If you travel for your job there is a high possibility that you will earn more money each week.

You also have to consider how much experience you have, and remember that some companies pay bi-weekly instead of weekly.

How much do welders make a month

The average welding wage is about $4160 per month. This wage is based on the average pipe welder, a person who does more complicated welding, like a MIG welder, or an underwater welder, will likely make two to three times this amount each month.

Another factor in the monthly amounts that welders make is whether or not the person has a welding certificate, or if they received their welding experience through on the job training, or self-teaching techniques.

The welders who do attend classes to learn this craft can expect to make larger amounts of money. They can also expect to have better benefit packages offered as a part of their pay compensation.

How much do welders make a year

The average beginning welder should make about $500 a week, $2000 a month, and 24,000 a year. This amount may also reflect the earnings of a self-taught welder who has not yet become established in their career.

The average welder who is not a specialized welding professional will earn about $4160 a month or $49,920 each year. This income is usually indicative of a welder who attended a trade school and has a welding certificate, and has job experience.

Each year that a welder is employed they gain experience that causes them to be more valuable to employers. This valuable experience will cause the amount of money that individual makes each year to increase.

By the time that a welding professional has worked at their craft for 20 years they can easily be making a six figure income each year. They may also have impressive retirement benefits if they have been consistently working for the same company for the majority of their career.

Welding is a type of work that can allow you to have the freedom to move around and not be doing the same thing in the same place every day. Welding is a career that can be done by men or women with equal proficiency.

Welder salary State wise

The demand for welders, and the amount of money that is paid to welders varies according to what state you are employed in. The highest paid welders are usually found in Alaska, but the highest number of welding opportunities is usually found in Texas.

How much do welders make in Texas

The average pay for a welder in the state of Texas is $13.96 an hour, or $20,040 for beginners. This amount of pay is at the bottom 20% compared to other states.

In Texas the medium welding salary is about $20.87 an hour, or roughly $43, 400 per year. This average salary is comparable to the medium salaries paid in the other states.

The higher welder salaries that are earned by the most experienced welders with the top skills is about $33.22 an hour, or $69,060 each year. The amounts that the welders with higher skills are paid is in the top 20% of pay amounts throughout the country.

There are a wide variety of welding jobs available in Texas. Some of these include:

  • Pipeline welders who travel from place to place
  • Fabrication jobs in plants and factories
  • Sheet metal working
  • Machine workers
  • Pipefitters

Texas is a large state and the opportunities for skilled welders are also quite large. There are many different chemical plants, pipelines, oil field companies, and ports in Texas that need skilled welders in order to do all that they do.

An underwater welder could make as much as $200,000 per year. With all of the ports in Texas the opportunity for underwater welding is great.

how much do welders make in Ohio

In Ohio the average welder will earn $16.07 per hour. This rate of pay is comparable with the pay that welders receive in all of the other states.

There are several welding career opportunities in Ohio, and the following are an example of some of the types of welding jobs and the amount of pay they bring in in Ohio.

  • A ULG skilled trades welder will earn roughly $25.98 per hour.
  • A tradesmen international welder will earn about $20.19 per hour
  • An integrated talent strategies welder will earn about $19.26 an hour
  • A Norcold welder will probably be able to earn $18.20 per hour
  • An Alliance technical welder will be able to make about $17.43 an hour
  • A Rogue fitness welder will earn about $17.43 an hour
  • A Hyur manufacturing welder will earn about $17.18 per hour
  • An Alliance technical solutions welder can make $17.12 an hour
  • An Eagle RailCar services welder can expect to make $16.91 per hour

Ohio does not have the same amount of welding opportunities that Texas has, but there are plenty of welding projects happening in this state, and they require a diversified welding skill set.

Welders Salary in California

In California they typical length of a welding job will be about 2 years. There are a lot of construction projects happening in this area, and the need for underwater welders, and military welders, is high.

The average pay for a welder in this state is $23.04. That amount is comparable with the pay welders from other states receive.

Some of the welder salaries currently being paid in the state of California are:

  • $18.00 per hour for Prime Labor & Staffing certified welders
  • $16.37 per hour for Go-Staff certified welders
  • $17.34 for Balance Staffing Certified Welders
  • $17.00 per hour for welders in Hughson, California
  • $18.00 per hour for welders in Madera, California
  • $20.44 for welders in Modesto, California
  • $16.50 for welders in Temecula, California
  • $28.65 for welders in Oxnard, California

The hourly wages for welders differs a great deal from city to city. This is because the different skill sets the welders will need to perform the welding jobs, and the amount of experience and education that the different projects will entail.

You can be assured that the higher paying welding opportunities are for people who have welding certification, and enough experience to prove they have the required aptitude. Welders may even be tested when they fill out a job application to see if their welds meet the companies quality standards.

Welders salary in Florida

Florida has a lot of job opportunities in the construction and welding trades. The average certified welder in the state earns about $19.19 per hour. There are other states with higher pay averages but you have to consider that in Florida the majority of welders hired will have a job for three or more years. You also have to consider the warm climate, the bright sunshine, and the access to those beautiful beaches as “perks” to working in Florida.

In Florida during the past year and a half welder salaries were reported to be:

  • $20.00 per hour at Staffing Specifix Inc. for a certified welder
  • $20.00 per hour at Emerald Coast Professional Erectors LLC for certified welders
  • $19.48 per hour at AWS Building & Equipment Inc. for certified welders
  • $20.00 per hour for certified welders in Tallahassee
  • $18.77 for certified welders in Miami

At this point in time there are welding jobs that need to be manned in Florida at:

  • Powerserve Technologies as a substation welder
  • Northop Grumman in Melbourne, Florida
  • SpaceX in Cape Canaveral
  • Intercounty Engineering Inc. in Pompano Beach

There are many different welding jobs in this state that could provide you with an excellent income.

How much do welders make in PA

Welding jobs in PA pay at the top of the pay scale. The average welding job in Pa pays $30.46 per hour. This pay amount is a lot higher than the expected hourly wage in some other states, but the length of the average welding job in PA is less than a year. The shortened job length makes the increased pay not as appealing.

If you are looking for welding opportunities in PA you can expect the following rates:

  • $23.00 an hour at MBS Solutions as a pipe welder
  • $13.23 an hour at Gregg Services as a pipe welder
  • $12.81 an hour at Gregg staffing as a pipe welder
  • $31.95 an hour as a pipe welder in Philadelphia
  • $28.02 per hour in Pittsburgh, PA for pipe welders
  • $12.41 per hour in Washington, PA for pipe welders
  • $23.00 per hour in Mount Joy, PA for pipe welders

Pennsylvania is not as warm as Florida, but the state has many attributes that could make you wish to take up residence, and work there. Pipe welders are the most commonly needed welders in this state. The requirements for certification are fewer and self-taught welders, or welders who learned on the job, are just as likely to find employment opportunities as trade school trained welders will.

Final Note

Choosing welding as a profession allows you to work in a variety of job types, and to decide how you want to work. If you like the nomadic lifestyle of moving from state to state then a welding career will provide you the opportunity to see the country, and earn a good wage.

You should consider taking welding education classes and getting your certifications so you will have more opportunities open to you. The certified welders also make higher wages, and they are more likely to land jobs with better benefit packages.

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