How Much Does Welding School Cost In USA

How Much Does Welding School Cost

If you are thinking about pursuing welding as a career choice, then it is natural that you are wondering about how much welding school costs to attend.

The cost of attending welding classes depends on the type of welding education you are pursuing, and where you are attending school.

Some welding courses offer a certification of completion in as few as 7 months, but there are courses that take up to four years to complete.



Lowest Average Cost for complete course

About $2800

Highest Average Cost for complete course

About $20,000

Average Cost for complete course

About $6,850

The three educational facilities that are considered to be the best welding academies are:

  • Lincoln Electrical Welding School
  • Hobart Institute of Welding Technology
  • Tulsa Welding School

The costs of attending these three schools are:


Course Length

Cost for full Course

Weekly Cost


15 weeks




38 weeks

$16, 190



40 weeks



Welding Training at Community College Costs

If you attend a community college to get your welding training the cost can be anywhere between $5,000 and $18,000. The type of program offer varies the cost of the education.

If the college has a certificate program or a diploma program you will likely be able to attend for under $10,000. These programs are shorter in duration.

If the college offers an Associate’s Degree program, then you will likely pay between $10,000 and $18,000, because these programs are longer. They typically take at least 15 months to complete.

School Application Fees 

When you apply to school you can expect to have to pay an application fee. These fees are normally between $75 and $125.


Welding School Training Cost by State

  • Schenectady, New York - $6,000 for tuition, fees, and materials
  • Minnesota - $7.000 for tuition and test fees
  • Allentown, PA. - $8,100
  • Austin, Texas – between $2,000 and $31,000 for an Associate Degree in Welding
  • Big rapids, MI. - $20,880 for an Associate Degree
  • Illinois - $9,035 for basic welding; includes tuition, books, and materials


Special Classes

There are educational facilities that offer a wide variety of welding courses, and welding related courses.

For instance, Pro-Weld offers 3 different welding courses:

  • The welder fabrication course that lasts 36 weeks and costs about $3,300
  • The pipe welding course lasts 24 weeks and costs about $2500 or students can take the extended 52 week course for $4500
  • The 12 session welding certification preparation class costs about $550 and the price of the certification exam is not included


Online Welding Training

You might not realize that there are some online educational opportunities for people who wish to become proficient at welding. These online courses are not actually designed for beginner welders. The online courses are actually designed to help further the education of a person who is already familiar with welding and welding tools, techniques, and basics.

The online courses will prepare a welder to take additional exams so that they can become certified in things like; becoming a welding representative, or becoming a certified welding inspector.

The course to become a certified welding inspector takes about 8 weeks to complete. This course will cost about $1,665, and when you complete it you will be prepared for the CWI exam.

The course to become a welding sales representative is actually only a one day seminar. It lasts about 23 hours and it costs about $600. This seminar does prepare you to take the WSR exam.

Common Welding Certifications people take online classes to prepare for include:

  • The CWI or Certified Welding Inspector. This exam will cost about $1065. If you do not pass every section you can retake the sections for $225 per section.
  • The CWS exam costs $600
  • The CWE costs about $850
  • The CWSR exam costs about $415


Additional Costs

There may be additional costs to your welding course. Such as:

  • Housing cost if you are from out of town or out of state. This amount is hard to estimate because there are so many variables involved. You can live on campus in a dorm or you can live off campus. You can also share a dwelling with several other people and reduce the amount you pay for off campus housing.
  • Out of state residents often have to pay a higher tuition cost. Colleges do this to encourage residents of their state to get their educations in the state.
  • Food costs are impossible to estimate. Each of us has different food likes and dislikes, and some people have medical conditions that cause them to have to eat certain foods and avoid others. If you have an off campus residence and the ability to prepare your own food it is often cheaper to cook for yourself than it is to buy food from a restaurant every day.
  • Testing fees if they are not included in the course. These certification tests can cost between $150 and $300. Most trade school and college courses include the fees to take the certification tests you are studying for. Many employers will pay for their employees to take these certification tests as well.

Welding supplies like safety gloves, glasses, welding hoods, etc. Some schools require text books as well. The most common supplies that are required include:

  • Protective equipment like welding hoods, cutting goggles, welding jackets, hard hats, safety glasses
  • Slag hammers
  • A square
  • An Angle Grinder
  • A ball peen hammer
  • A wire brush
  • A level
  • A tape measure
  • Possibly a wrap around
  • Soapstone
  • If you are in MIG welding then MIG pliers
  • If you are in TIG welding then TIG gloves

To find out exactly how much a welding education will cost you it is imperative that you contact the school you wish to attend. Many schools have financial aid packages that will help you pay for your education.

Welding is an excellent career choice, and there is always a need for welders. WeldersCave is trying to provide you with a handful of information about welding career and other tips. Stay tuned! 

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