How Much to Weld A Muffler – Cost Guide

A muffler is a car technology that decreases the amount of sound generated by your vehicle's engine. It has a system of pipes within that are calibrated to deflect and negate some of the engine's sound.

Rattling noise when initiating, accelerating, or stopping; harsh bangs or growls; corrosion or dirt coating the muffler; or sleepiness during driving are all signs that a muffler needs to be fixed as in being welded.

Can Mufflers Be Welded?

The biggest disadvantage of welding a muffler in position is the level of expertise required. This isn't a project for the faint of heart. For the muffler system to work effectively, you should be able to produce an air-tight seal.

This necessitates both the necessary talent and the appropriate equipment. There are various advantages to welding the muffler.

For starters, it gives the finished product a more professional appearance. Finally, it strengthens the link. This installation work will extend the life of the muffler assembly. It will also assist in the prevention of exhaust system leakage.

Cost Guide

A welding project typically costs $475. Costs might range from $50 to $1000 depending on the task and the sort of metal used.

The sort of steel cable or poles used for the filler for the project, as well as the kind of welding required, have an impact on the cost. Also replacing an old muffler with a new one will cost you (minor muffler replacements) around $250 to $500!

The cost of hiring a welder ranges from $50 to $100 per hour. So, by following some simple processes, you may weld your own muffler too.

Step 1: Piping Cost for Welding

Firstly, $100 for full piping, purchase a style of muffler that you like better or a custom would be good too. Anyways, the muffler install price depends on the shop, but probably around $60, it should have been a little more though since the muffler is all chrome.

Step 2: Metal Welding Cost

The prices for metal welding materials for mufflers range from $100 to $250. This cost includes the base metal, the flux or gas, the wire, and sandpaper if needed. This price does not account for the cost of a small project of welding muffler, where you only use a fraction of the material.

Step 3: Cost Of Metal That You’ll Be Using While Welding Muffler



Magnesium alloy

$7 to $15

Low carbon steel

$10 to $12

Stainless steel

$13 to $15

Aluminum steel

$13 to $25

Copper or brass

$15 to $30

Cast iron

$35 to $80


$80 to $100

Step 4: Welding Cost Factors

The average cost of a stick welding machine costs around $250 to $350. Also asking price of Metal inert gas (MIG) nowadays is around $20-$50 per 10lbs cylinder size. And Tungsten inert gas (TIG) costs around $25-$75

Step 5: Welding Equipment And Tools Costing



14 gauge steel


Bottle of flux gas


30-pound roll


30 sheets of sandpapers


Final Note

There you go, we described the whole cost guide regarding how to weld a muffler. Now if you have a muffler that needs to be welded then without any hesitation begins your task. Follow our cost guide to know the details.

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