Lincoln 180 Review – 230V Flux-Cored #K2481-1

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  • Item Weight: 66 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14 x 18.6 x 10.15 inches
  • Model Number: K2481-1
  • Voltage: 230 volts
  • Batteries Required: No
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This Lincoln welder is powerful enough that experienced welders applaud it, but it is simple enough to operate that beginners applaud this welder as well. It only has two knobs for you to use when adjusting it so you can easily have it set up and ready to weld in just a few minutes. The knobs have numeric dial systems so you can easily see what setting you have the machine on.

It weighs less than 70 pounds so it is easy to pick up and move and it can be operated either inside an enclosed structure or outdoors. It is a versatile unit.

Details of Lincoln 180 MIG Welder

208 volt / 230 Volt Input Power

This MIG welding machine is rated to be used with a 208 volt power circuit which is basically a 120 volt power circuit. The 208 volt In 120 volt circuitry it is considered to be a line to neutral voltage but 208 volt is a line to line voltage. 208 is powered by a three phase wire system.

This voltage is appropriate for powering small HVAC systems, and normal household items like computers, electric lights, radios and televisions.

180 Amp Output

The 220 volt or 230 volt input power gives you a higher amount of output power from your machine. You will get an output range of 30 Amp to 180 amps.

Easy to Set Controls

This welding machine has exactly 2 knobs that you will need to turn in order to set it so that you can start welding. The knobs are easy to turn, and clearly marked so you can set them according to the type of material you will be welding.

Heavy Duty Wire Drive

The heavy duty wire drive on this Lincoln welder is fully adjustable. Your ability to adjust the wire drive to accommodate wire diameter, and wire speed, will reduce the probability of your wire being crushed during operation, or your wire becoming tangled while you are working.

Cast Aluminum Gear Box

The cast aluminum gear box is one of the many features that make this machine sturdy and durable. Cast aluminum is strong and does not rust or corrode. This material is long lasting and dependable.

The cast aluminum also makes the gear box more stable because of its weight and strength. Along with this increased stability comes less noise. The cast aluminum absorbs much of the common noises that are made as you weld, because it reduces the vibrations. You get a machine that is quiet, powerful, and durable.

Welds a variety of Metals

This Lincoln welder can be used on a variety of metals, and can be used on metal pieces that are thicker than what you could use a stick welder to weld.

You can weld plate steel from ¼ inch thick to 1 inch thick with no problems. You can weld 24 gauge sheet metal that is as thick as 3/16”, You can also use it on:

  • Rough metal or metals that do not have a smooth surface
  • Dirty metal or metals that may have some rust or corrosion on them
  • Painted metals or powder coated metals
  • New and smooth metals
  • Copper, brass, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, steel alloy, galvanized metals, cast, and more

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What Comes in the Box:

This machine comes with everything you need, except a tank of shielded gas, so that you can start welding as soon as you get home.

  • Magnum 100L MIG gun and a 10’ cable assembly. The cable assembly has brass gun connectors and includes a 4 pin MS type connector to be used with your trigger control
  • .025 inch (0.6 mm) and .035 inch (0.9 mm) contact tip
  • Gas nozzle appropriate for MIG welding
  • Spindle adapter for 8 inch spools
  • Sample of .025 inch (0.6 mm), .035 inch (0,9 mm) welding wire (Standard MIG wire)
  • 52 inches of hose for gas
  • Shielding gas apparatus
  • DVD on Learning to Weld
  • Work clamp with a 10 foot (3.0 m) cable

Machine Specifications

  • Solid wire range of .0125 inches to .035 inches
  • Cored wire range of .030 inches to .045 inches
  • Output range between 30 amps and 180 amps
  • Wire feed range of 50 to 500 inches per minute
  • Weighs 66 pounds

Easy to Follow Manual

The included system manual for this welding machine is written in easy to read and understand terminology. The manufacturer wanted this machine to be a good learning machine for beginners so they wrote their easy to follow instruction manual in terms that everyone could understand.

They also included a how to weld instructional DVD for you to view and follow, The DVD will walk you through basic set up and basic weld making in an easy step by step format. You can use this machine to learn the art of MIG and flux core welding at your home  pace and at your own home.


  • Brass to brass gun connections increases your amount of conductivity and reduces the amount of splatter created during process
  • Cast aluminum gear box increases drive torque
  • Performs both MIG or Flux Core Processes
  • Quiet while working
  • Creates a MIG weld on 24 gauge metal that is up to 3/16” thick in a single pass


  • Does not come with the C02 shielding gas bottle adapter
  • Does not come with utility cart

Final Notes

This is a great welding machine. The manufacturer says the machine is great for small businesses and farm use, but there are plenty of experienced welders that will tell you this machine has enough power to be used in the majority of welding and fabrication shops. It is also light enough to be taken from one location to the next without incident.

You can weld thick and thin materials using this equipment, and it is perfect for the reparations on mower decks, and metal objects that are exposed to dirt, debris and outdoor elements. Please let us know via comment about this Lincoln 180 MIG Welder Review.

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