Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 125 HD Review

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Lincoln 125 HD Welder Review


  • Item Weight: 56.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 16 inches
  • Part Number: K2513-1
  • Manufacturer: Lincoln Electric
  • Batteries Required: No
Lincoln 125 HD Welder Review

This is a Lincoln welder that is capable of producing an output of 125 amps while being powered by the common household electrical currents of 110 volt / 120 volts. This machine pulls such a small amount of power when it is running that it can be plugged into a circuit that only has a 15 amp breaker, and it will not throw the breaker.

It is perfect for beginners and expert welders because it has simple features, easy to control settings, and enough power to get the job done. It is lightweight, portable, and made by Lincoln.

Lincoln 125 HD Welder Review

2 Knob Tapped Control

When you are ready to weld you do not want to have a lot of buttons to push or knobs to turn. You want to turn a knob and go to work.

This welding machine was designed with two tapped control knobs that allow you to simply turn a knob to the setting for the material you are welding and go to work.

Tapped means the knobs are preset to the perfect temperatures for the material selections you are making. You do not have to play around adjusting the heat up or down hoping to find the perfect temperature setting.

Gas-Less Flux Core Welding

MIG welding is one of the favorite welding processes, but many people do not like having to purchase, haul, and deal with the inert gas it takes to perform the process. This is MIG welding at its greatest because the gas you need is in the flux core wiring so there are no gas bottles, and no extra gas purchases.

The gas-less process is also safer because you do not have a bottle of potentially dangerous gas. When you transport your welding machine you do not have to carry a tank of gas, or worry about running out of gas before your project is completed.

The flux core wire is readily available where welding accessories are sold. You do not have to have any special permits or methods of transporting it. You can carry more than one roll of wire with you so that you are assured that you will not run out of wire while you are working.

.034 flux core wire comes with the machine. You can also use other wire sizes. Just make sure that your machine is capable of handling the diameter of the wire you are buying. Many people have a hard time determining if they should use the .030 or the .035.

The .030 wire has a higher wire feed range. It normally has a wire feed range of between 80 inches per minute and 445 inches per minute, where the .035 wire has a wire feed range between 70 inches per minute and 305 inches per minute.

Both of these wires have a voltage range between 15 and 18.

The real determination may be that the .035 is likely to be able to support multiple passes, and the .030 probably will not.

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Can be Used on Thicker Materials

One of the great things about owning an MIG welder that uses flux core wire is the ability it gives you to weld thicker pieces of material together. The flux core wire creates a strong bond between the two pieces of metal, and can be placed in a smooth line so you will have to do very little sanding, or slag removal when your project is finished.

The flux core also allows you to hold your torch however you need to in order to get the weld in the proper position. It allows you to weld in any direction, and provides you a greater amount of flexibility.

Powered by 110 volt/120 volt circuits

To operate this machine you do not have to worry about having a power source to plug the machine into. It plugs into your normal household outlets. You do not have to install anything special to operate the machine, and electrical power will be readily available at the majority of locations where you need to use it.

It is recommended that you do not plug a machine of this nature into the same circuit that is powering your refrigerator or your microwave oven. Both of those appliances pull quite a few amps when they are in operation and if you plug the welding machine into the circuit powering them you might cause the breaker to flip.

You can operate this machine on a circuit powered by a 15 amp breaker, but most electricians will suggest that you have a 20 amp or 30 amp breaker powering the circuit. The larger breaker will be less likely to be flipped while the machine is in operation, or when the machine cuts on and off.

Can be Used Indoors or Outdoors

You can use this welding machine in your shops, garages, or wherever you are working inside because it does not require any hazardous gas to operate. It is relatively quiet while in operation, and will not put off any harmful fumes.

It creates a weld using the flux core wire so you can use it when you have outside projects to work on and the wind will not interfere with your heat, or with your arc. It is actually the perfect welding machine for small farms, ranches, and homeowners.

Comes with Everything You Need to Get Started

  • Ground cable and clamp
  • MIG torch
  • Necessary hoses
  • .035 flux core wire
  • Wire feeder
  • Necessary power cord


  • Plugs into common 120 volt household electrical outlets
  • Comes with a roll of .035 flux core wire
  • Weighs only 58.6 pounds
  • Measures 20” x 15” x 16”
  • Does not need shielded gas to operate


  • Will not weld stainless steel
  • Can only weld with flux core wire

Final Notes

This Lincoln made 125 MIG welder is perfect for the majority of homeowners, hobbyist, and small farm or ranch owners. You can repair tractor and farm equipment, you can fabricate new items using it, and it can be used on a variety of metals.

The machine is also small and lightweight so almost everyone can pick it up and move it from place to place with no problems. You will not need a rolling cart, or a heavy truck to transport your machine around your farm.

It can also be used both indoors in shops and outdoors where things tend to break.

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Hi just wondering if this Lincoln 125 HD Welder could be converted to mig weld ?

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    I don’t think so, according to their support.

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I never knew argon or Co2/argon were DANGEROUS gasses. You learn something new every day.


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