The 7 Best Red Wing Boots for Welding – Reviews 2022

A factor that differs novice welders from a pro is whether they take all their protective wears seriously. It includes footwear too. Just because a part of your body is far from the welding process doesn’t mean that it is safe from any spatter, fume, sparks, or sharp objects.

Among many boot types, Red Wing boots are basically products from the Red Wing brand. They are better than an average boot in almost every way, aside from maybe the cost. Red Wing boots are also designed to make it really easy and fast to wear and take out. Not to mention, they are really comfy and lets you work for a longer time.

Another advantage of Red Wing boots over regular ones is that they are so good-looking. We will show you seven of the best Red Wing boots here since there are so many to pick from.

Best Red Wing Boots for Welding In 2022

1. Red Wing Heritage Men's Blacksmith Vibram Boot


  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Heel measures approximately 6 inches" 
  • Vibram sole 
  • For Light Cleaning: Use warm water
  • Use Red Wing's All Natural Boot Oil For Conditioning
Red Wing Heritage Men's Blacksmith Vibram Boot

Red Wing Heritage Men’s Blacksmith Vibram Boot is created to meet the need of workers from blacksmith, welding, and farms. The boot has an American work shoe design and will offer high durability.

While creating this boot, manufacturers used the highest-grade Red Wing leather with a mini-lug sole from Vibram 430. The boot is available in two colors and has sizes for most people. Its additional height is intentionally there to save your feet from dirt or snow. Aside from that, the leather also has resistance from water and oil.

Aside from all these, the boot has dull gilt hooks and steel shanks. As a result, the item can have an improved balanced on uneven roads. It also allows the boot to stay in shape for a long time. Finally, the pair of boots look aesthetically pleasing and match most casual cloth types. It is one of the most versatile options on this list.


  • The pair of boots are highly versatile.
  • An excellent option in all-season.
  • They have a custom fit for everyone.
  • The boot is from oiled leather and waxed nubuck.


  • You may find the laces a bit short.

2. Red Wing Heritage Men's Work Chukka


  • Leather,Suede
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Dimensions: ‎ 14.1 x 8.4 x 4.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.19 Pounds
Red Wing Heritage Men's Work Chukka

Available in four colors, the Red Wing Heritage Men’s Work chukka is really lightweight and will make you feel no weight on your feet. One thing we should mention is that it is not for amp-intensive welding processes that involve too many spatters. But the boot is suitable if your work field only contains light-duty welding or DIY.

To increase the comfort of the wearer, manufacturers added the all-leather footbed. As a result, it also stops your feet from staying wet and hot. The boot has a White Atlas Tred Polyurethane Outsole that makes it resistant to any heavy impact. It also gives you proper friction on slippery surfaces.

Compared to the Red Wing Heritage Men’s Blacksmith Vibram Boot, this one is a lighter boot and has a better lace system. Thanks to the hard-wearing laces, the Red Wing Heritage Men’s Work chukka fits your feet properly. However, the boot doesn’t have any shank.


  • It only weighs 1.19 lbs.
  • The boot has a rubber sole, allowing you to bend properly.
  • Because of the three nickel eyelets, the boot fits your feet perfectly.
  • There is also a resoleable welt.


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty welding.

3. Red Wing Men's Iron Ranger


  • Shaft measures approximately 6.5" from arch
  • Heel measures approximately 1"
  • Nitrile Cork sole
  • Made in USA
  • 100% Leather
Red Wing Mens Iron Ranger

One of the most iconic Red Wing products is their Iron Ranger. It is named after the area, Iron Range, commemorating the workers from the iron ore producer. We digress; this boot with a size of 6” is suitable for any welder regardless of their experience.

The footwear has advanced toe caps with dual-layered leather for improved protection from heavy objects. On the other hand, there is a bump toe feature to let you move your toe around. The leather used on this boot is grain leather, and manufacturers used their own hands to stitch them.

Aside from its stylish design, the nitrile cork sole is there to fit your feet. That means it will adapt to your feet the more you wear it. This item has hooks and nickel eyelets to make it easily wearable. Unlike Heritage Men’s Work chukka, this welding is compatible with highest-duty welding.


  • The leather of this boot is really tough.
  • Its bump toe will let you move your toe comfortably.
  • It fits most feet and adapts to them.
  • The boot includes steel shanks for perfect arch balance.


  • It is a bit expensive.

4. Red Wing Heritage Men's Iron Ranger 6" Vibram Boot


  • 100% Leather 
  • Made in USA
  • Rubber sole
  • Dimensions: 14.25 x 9.25 x 4.75 inches
  • Weight: 1.38 Pounds
Red Wing Heritage Men's Iron Ranger 6" Vibram Boot

The Heritage Men’s Iron Ranger 6” Vibram Boot is available in five different colors to match with any clothing you prefer. To make it resistant to oil and increase its lifespan, Red Wing used Vibram 430 mini-lug sole in its creation.

As a result, your feet also get proper steadiness when standing and working. The steel shank it contains improves its stability further and grants it better support. Steel shanks also make a boot more durable and save your feet from any damage from beneath.

You can rely on the nubuck waxed leather as it keeps the boot okay even in heavy-duty welding processes. It also gives additional longevity to the item. For extra comfort and better experiences, the boot offers a bump toe. Like the other Iron Ranger model we mentioned above, this feature saves you from any blisters. However, your feet may get moisture wearing the boot, unlike that original Iron Ranger boot.


  • It has ample room for your toes.
  • The boot is one of the most well-designed products on this list.
  • It is durable and oil-proof.
  • It has steel shanks.


  • Its lining may make your feet uncomfortable because of the moisture.

5. Red Wing Men's 2233 Electrical Hazard Steel Toe Boot


  • Best Chemical Resistance
  • Made in USA
  • Steel Toe
  • Electrical Hazard
  • 100% Leather
Red Wing Men's 2233 Electrical Hazard Steel Toe Boot

Many welding projects involve the use of electricity. You may want the Red Wing Men’s 2233 Electrical Hazard Steel Toe 8-Inch Boot to avoid accidents related to electricity. The 8-inches boot has a Poron insole and Mini Lug SuperSole as its outsole.

The manufacturers used boot oil on this item, and there is a steel shank. We already mentioned the advantages of having a steel shank in previous reviews. Also, the sole of this boot is molded with urethane to improve its sturdiness.

It is also resistant to oil and gas and provides advanced traction. There are risks of accidentally dropping a heavy metal on your boot in a workshop. But the steel toe will keep your feet safe. Its leather goes all the way to the calf, which gives more support to the ankle.

Because of the full-grain leather and SuperSolt Welt built, the leather is perfect for amp-intensive welding.


  • It has full-grain leather.
  • The outsole is Mini Lug SuperSole.
  • It provides extra support for the ankle area.
  • It is oil, gas, and electric resistant.


  • It doesn’t have enough ample room for your toes.

6. Red Wing Heritage Men's Classic Moc


  • Synthetic sole
  • Made In USA
  • 100% Leather 
  • Platform measures approximately 0.75" inches
  • Shaft measures approximately 5.5" from arch 
Red Wing Heritage Men's Classic Moc

The interesting thing about the Red Wing Classic Moc 6” Boot is how it was initially targeted towards sportsmen. But it got attracted by the welders and other workers. It happened because of how much safety this boot provides with its Norwegian Welt construction.

There are 11 different color versions of this item, and trust us when we say that all of them look very aesthetically pleasing. The outsole of this excellent footwear is Traction Tred, giving it better reliability on any surface. It has a rubber sole for added comfort.

Carefully selected oil leather is what the Red Wing chose for the boot. If you want an affordable option, this is the best item for you comparing to the Red Wing Men’s 2233.

Moc 6” has stain resistance, and its top part is waterproof. So, working in a damp area will not be an issue for your footwear anymore.


  • Its sole is totally synthetic.
  • The top part is waterproof.
  • It has a lower cost than most other Red Wing boots.
  • It is stain-proof.


  • It is only suitable for light-duty welding processes.

7. Red Wing Heritage Men's Wacouta Canvas Moc 


  • Weight: 2.95 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14 x 9.3 x 4.7 Inches
  • 100% Leather 
  • Made in USA
  • Crepe sole 
Red Wing Heritage Men's Wacouta Canvas Moc

Last but not least, we have the Red Wing Heritage Men’s Wacouta Canvas Moc, a peak-level item from the brand. With a sole made from crepe, this boot is a long-lasting and durable choice for you. From top to bottom, this boot is made to withstand many hazards from a work environment.

The leather is full-grain, and it can repel water, making it the perfect footwear for shipyard welding. Because of the seven-eyelet lacing, you can wear it tightly, and the boot will fit your feet without any problem. As the leather is breathable, your feet will stay dry and cool.

For added comfort to your feet, the insole is stationed and slightly cushioned. Red Wing made the outsole from crepe to above high vibration, which is not rare in a workshop. As the boot is so light, you can work for a long time with it.


  • It has complete water resistance.
  • The seven-eyelet lacing allows it to fit your feet.
  • The leather is breathable.
  • The insole is highly comforting.


  • Not the ideal item for heavy-duty welding.

Buyer’s Guide

When we were trying to find the seven best Red Wing boots for welding, we discovered that it was not easy. Partly because there are so many choices, and another reason is that almost all the footwear we were testing had high quality. If you want to take up the challenge, we have some suggestions for you. Consider these factors below before making your purchase.

The Material It Is Made of

The only boot material that can help you greatly in welding projects is leather. They have two significant advantages. Firstly, leather is highly durable and can last for a long time with the proper care. Most leather Red Wing boots are resistant to wear, and some are even water-repellent. You can go for ones that are oil and gas resistant.

Secondly, leather is so comfortable to wear. Getting a breathable leather boot will keep your feet dry, which is a nice thing as welding workshops are usually hot. Finally, leather boots are resistant to heat, sparks, and spatter. Go for full-grain leather as they best all others in terms of quality.

The Safety It Provides

There is another important duty of a Red Wing boot, aside from protecting your feet from flying spatter, chemical, sharp objects, or arcs. It should have a toe guard that saves your toes from any heavy object. There are two types of toe guard a boot can contain. The steel ones are more durable.

But the non-metallic toe guards are lighter in comparison, which makes it easier to work for a long period. So, go for one that you prefer. Also, another key factor of a Red Wing boot is its shank. Having a steel shank provides improves arch support and increases the balance. By staying in-between, the outsole and insole, they also provide durability.

The Sole Built

You can’t gloss over the sole while searching for a top-grade Red Wing boot. Since you are taking it for your welding projects, look for a chemical and oil-resistant pair. Your workshop can have chemical spills or stay oily. Without the resistance, your boot sole will wear out. You may also want thicker puncture-resistant soles. It may save you from puncture injury.

Water Resistance

For welders who work in marine environments, a water-resistant boot is so necessary. There are many welding processes that involve high voltage electricity. As you know, water and electricity together are dangerous. So, get a pair of boots that can repel water.


How to Clean Your Red Wing Welding Boots?

Remove any dirt or grime from the boots. Also, take the laces out. Take a soft bristle brush. Apply Red Wing leather cleaner on it. If the leather is waterproof, you can use warm water instead. Rub the boot gently to clean it. For Nubuck leather, you should use a cleaner bar and nubuck brush.

Is There Red Wing Steel-Toe Boots?

You can find several Red Wing boots with steel-toe safety. They are available for men. They are excellent in keeping your toe safe from accidentally dropping heavy metals.

How Long Will a Red Wing Boot Last?

It depends on lots of factors. If you take proper care of your Red Wing boots, they may last within a range from 5 to 25 years. Yes, this range is so long as it depends on how much you use it and what environment.

How to Break in Red Wing Boots Faster?

There is a way to make it quicker, but it still will take some weeks. As you receive your package, apply some leather conditioner on the leather. Keep doing it every week, and you will break in your boots faster than usual. Leather conditioner will also keep the footwear in top shape.

Final Note

Before going for any particular boot, you should learn how to wash it. Red Wing boots are generally more expensive than regular ones. You don’t want to ruin a boot by not taking care of it. You can find the washing process of each boot online. Also, you shouldn’t go for a light-duty boot if you need to perform welding with high amperages.

The packaging and customer care of Red Wing products are wonderful. So, if any problem occurs, don’t wait and contact them. Hopefully, you will be having a happy time with your newly bought Red Wing footwear pretty soon.

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