Tekware Welding Helmet Reviews 2022 – Top Picks

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According to the ANSI and CSA, it is essential for any welder to wear a welding helmet during their work. It repels and filters anything bright and harmful, preventing them from reaching your head. Among hundreds of welding helmets on the market, the Tekware shade lenses are top-notch.

With many years of experience, they know what they are doing. Their welding helmets always have a large view area, solar-powered battery, and accurate sensors. You have decided to put your trust in them, and it is an ideal choice. We will help you find the top 3 welding helmets from this company-

Tekware Helmet Reviews 2022

1. Tekware Wh-galaxy 20 Welding Helmet


  • Weight: 2.68 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.87 x 9.53 x 9.33
  • Color: Galaxy
  • Style: Galaxy
  • Material: Plastic
Tekware Wh-galaxy 20 Welding Helmet

Having a large viewing screen is a concern for many of us. The Tekware Wh-galaxy 20 Welding Helmet looks like a regular motorcycle helmet. But its capability of blocking any dangerous light or sparks is outstanding. It has special sensor technology to react quickly.

A larger screen like 3.94 by 3.27 inches lets you see your whole welding area without having to lift the helmet. On the other hand, the 4C lens is an innovative feature that provides better and clearer visibility. It takes only 1/10000 secs to turn dark, which ensures the safety of your eyes.

The welding helmet has DIN 9 and DIN 13 to offer a standard darkening stat. Meanwhile, its grinding mode allows you to grind without triggering the sensors of the helmet. With this shade lens, you can do MIG, Tig, or stick welding with no harm.


  • The optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/2 with the true color technology of the helmet refers to its true color sensing ability as well as fast response time.
  • Along with a changeable battery, it is powered by sunlight to provide more work hours.
  • From 4-13, a large shade range makes this helmet suitable for a multitude of welding projects as well as grinding and plasma cutting.
  • Has a large viewing angle for proper view of the welds in many angles.


  • Does not have a chin strap, so be careful not to hurt your chin using this.

2. Tekware WH009-Black Welding Helmet


  • Weight: 2.18 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.8 x 9.53 x 9.53
  • Color: WH009-Black
  • Style: Hemisphere 4C Lense
  • Material: PP/PA
Tekware WH009-Black Welding Helmet

Now we have the Tekware WH009-Black welding helmet, an incomparable shade lens that provides an ultra-large viewing screen. Regardless of your welding project, you can be completely safe from all types of bright and risky arcs and messes. Meanwhile, the welding helmet also protects your head from UV or IR rays.

The shade lens has a quick trigger reaction feature that lets it increase its DIN level so quickly within only 1/10000 secs. You can see even your surrounding with the 3.94 by 3.27 inches wide screen. The helmet has a dual crystal layer. As a result, you can weld for a long time without posing any harm.

Nullifying any light up to DIN 5 to 9 and DIN 9 to 13, there will be no worry. You can also charge the welding helmet under open sunlight. Its battery has a long lifespan and is highly energy efficient.


  • Has three different modes of operation (weld, cut, grind) for proper shading for each task.
  • Four arc sensors (2 on the top, 2 on the bottom) let you look at your welds from different angles and allows free movement of your head.
  • Features double liquid crystal for using the helmet for more than 7 hours without any issues.
  • Comes with 4C lens technology, which is one of the best options for the true color view.


  • The sensitivity knob is not low profile, and it can be affected when you bump into things.
  • The headgear isn’t the most comfortable.

3. Tekware LY400S-MOTO 3.0 Anti-Fogging Welding Helmet


  • Weight: 2.45 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.99 x 9.72 x 9.65
  • Color: Helmet Hood
  • Extra Large Viewing Area
  • Material: PP/PA
Tekware LY400S-MOTO 3.0 Anti-Fogging Welding Helmet

The Tekware LY400S-MOTO 3.0 Anti-Fogging Welding Helmet is a heavy-duty shade lens with high spark blocking performance. With quick reaction and better visibility, this item is a top choice by many welding experts. Not to mention, the package contains all the necessary instruments inside. They include additional shields, a battery, and a manual.

When you are not working, the welding helmet will be in the default DIN level 4. Meanwhile, within only 1/10000 secs of sensing a bright light, it will turn to DIN 9 to 13. This auto-adjustment is so fast and accurate, delivering utmost safety to any welder.

You can rely on the product as it was approved by CSA and ANSI. As the battery is both replaceable and solar chargeable, you won’t spend too much behind it. It features a large view area of 4.33 by 2.37 inches.


  • ADF lens on the front and fixed-shade lenses on the sides give you a 180 degrees panoramic large viewing area.
  • Does not fog up for a unique design.
  • The pivot-style headgear is well-built and is better than most Tekware headgears.
  • Light state of DIN 4 gives you a proper view of your surrounding without darkening too much.


  • Light source from behind can be a problem while using this helmet.

Buying Guide

All of the Tekware welding helmets feature excellent qualities. But it is not always about quality. Sometimes, whether the product suits your style, set-up, and comfort plays a huge role. For example, if your work contains a large space and you buy a shade lens with less view area, it will not be suitable.

So, before going for any item, you must go through their details in order to make sure that it is the right pick. This buying guide below is to remind you of all the considerations you should take as you browse various welding helmets by Tekware-

DIN level

DIN defines the darkening level of your welding helmet. The higher it is, the darker the shade lens will get. For the best experience, you will need both a low and high DIN at different times. If it is too dark when you are not welding, you won’t see anything properly.

And if it isn’t dark enough during the weld, you can hurt your eyes. Tekware offers shade lens with various shade ranges. Get the ones according to your welding project. DIN 5 to 13 is an ideal level.

View Area

Tekware has shade lenses with both wide and long view areas. If your welding is within a large place, you may want to go for one with at least 3.6 by 3.2 inches. The higher it is, the more you can see. Tekware welding helmets also have a color recognition feature, letting you understand the colors while wearing them.

Grind Mode

The grind mode is a pretty necessary feature that some Tekware welding helmets have. It lets you grind something without triggering the helmet’s sensors. As a result, your helmet won’t go dark as you are grinding. Make sure that you can switch between grind and normal mode quickly using any button or such.

Final Note

As these welding helmets that we reviewed are from the same brand, they seem almost similar. So, it is no wonder you can still be confused about which one you should choose. We recommend the Tekware LY400S-MOTO, as it has a much wider area than the other two. 

Its anti-fogging technology prevents the screen from going blurry in the dusty wind. The DIN level of it is also in a standard range.

Buying the wrong welding helmet is a risky thing. So, make sure to take the time and get a suitable one. Or pick the one from our recommendation.

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