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TIG welders are quite expensive, but you can still get quality gear, spending under $1000. So, if you are trying to learn the slow and precise art of TIG or need a professional welder at a lower price, there are some good gears available.

Under a grand, you will be able to quality TIG welding device around 200 amps. But you need to be careful about getting a quality device that will last you a lifetime. We talked with professional TIG welders and found their top choices for budget a TIG welder. Here they are:

Best TIG Welder Under $1000 Reviews - 2022

Weldpro Digital ACDC TIG/Stick Welder

If you are looking for a technically advanced 200 amp welding machine to experience efficient and effective results, then the Weldpro Digital TIG is ideal for your job. A simple machine that can change the way you weld.

This welding equipment features IGBT circuits that are partnered with PWM technology that ensures a wide range of settings for different specific welding executions because of the electronic circuitry presence.

This unit consists of features that allow it to be capable of handling both stick and TIG welding. Moreover, the device allows both AC and DC power sources, making it more versatile and easily welding stainless steel, copper, carbon steel, and many other metals.

Weldpro is an excellent device for welding enthusiasts to experience professional performance along with superior convenience because of the presence of different features like AC balance, AC frequency, fully adjustable pulse, style foot pedal, downslope, upslope, and many more.

YESWELDER TIG-205DS HF TIG Welding Machine

The YESWELDER welding machine has taken reliability and efficiency to another level. Because of the presence of multiple IGBT inverters, this welding appliance is confident in supplying an increased duty-cycle. That is why this product is suggested for professional users as well as for people who wish to work for a longer period.

This machine is combined with the most advanced inverter technology, and because of its reduced size and weight, it is more portable and efficient. To allow users to afford excellent arc stability, the equipment includes IGBT soft switch technology that provides a wide range of amperage for a suitable thin workpiece.

It is considered a professional device because of features like steeples amperage adjustment, automatic temperature control, over-voltage protection, overload protection, under-voltage protection, overcurrent protection, and many more.

YESWELDER has never failed to provide the best to its users, and that is why do not hesitate to purchase such a remarkable device.

Weldpro MIG200GDsv

Weldpro is one of the perfect welding machines for people who prefer to accomplish welding jobs inside their house or garage. That is why it has a compact size which makes it ideal for car modification, hardware stores, decoration, equipment, and factory maintenance.

The reason behind the power of this welding equipment comes from the IGBT inverter technology that makes it capable of performing TIG, lift, stick, and MIG welding with a maximum current output of 200 amperes.

It is true that no foot pedal is present in this machine, but with the help of the optional spool gun, every welding process can be executed. The dual-digital display allows ultimate convenience for the users to set and read the amperage readings and the wire speeds for performing repeatable welds.

It is an all-rounder indeed. The compact unit is capable of taking over heavy-duty welding executions and provides excellent results.

2018 AHP Alpha

AHP Alpha is a modified smart welding machine that includes improved technology with all sorts of remarkable functions that make it unique amongst all the available welding machines. It is an economically beneficial device that supplies efficient and top-class performance with a high duty-cycle.

To begin with, the appliance includes pro-level features like fully adjustable AC balance and AC frequency settings that are crucial in improving the tungsten life, penetration, arc cone, and etching width. Welders can comfort themselves with both AC and DC welding that makes it a versatile and flexible product.

No foot pedal is necessary because the unit itself can be operated with a remote switch that controls features like start and end cycle amps, post flow control, and ensures proper welding positions.

The advanced IGBT inverter technology along with the PWM makes it an unbeatable device. So, without any further ado, hurry up and purchase the best welding machine available!


PRIMEWELD is known for its perfection and praiseworthy results. The compact unit is capable of taking over heavy-duty welding executions and provides excellent results. It is manufactured with all sorts of modern advances that meet all the requirements of today’s welders. It provides professional experiences and is also ideal for people who consider welding as their hobby.

The biggest factor determining the reliability of this machine is the IGBT technology design that also comes with power width modulation. It includes a pulse function that is effective in welding stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals.

The welding appliance also includes a Superflex hose, Superflex TIG Torch with flex head, and dinse connector. Both precise foot pedal welding heat control and HF start hand torch are available for providing maximum convenience to the welders.

If you are willing to receive professional and high-standard outcomes from your welding device, then this would be the best pick.


The LOTOS welding machine is packed with immense characteristics that allow a wide range of users to work using the device. In addition to this, it is also designed into a compact unit that is lightweight and provides portability.

If you are looking for a versatile product, then this is the one. LOTOS supplies a great array of controls to set the welder conveniently to execute a greater range of welding operations.

For executing precise welding operations on aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, and other metal materials, this device includes an AC/DC square-wave inverter. If you are looking for a welder that provides industrial quality, then it is the perfect accessory because of the precise foot pedal welding heat control and HF start hand torch control.

You can run the machine directly on 220 volts because of its dual-voltage capability. LOTOS is by far one of the most reliable solutions for welders of all kinds.

Weldpro 200 amp LCD inverter

If you are looking for an economically beneficial welding device then the Weldpro MIG210 LCD inverter is just the one. It is an upgraded version that includes more advanced features that makes it a versatile product for more precise welding outcomes. That is why you can expect high-standard executions from this welding machine.

The welder comes along with an LCD that allows easy reading and setting of data regarding amperage and wire speed. It is also capable of true TIG welding and aluminum welding, and stick welding with the optional spool gun application.

The welding equipment is synergically designed and also offers independence in controlling the voltage and wire speed. The overload protection comes with indication and user-adjustable inductance settings that provide superior convenience to all kinds of users.

Weldpro always places efficiency and effective results as its top priority, and that is why you will receive the best experience from it without any doubt.


LOTOS CT520D is multi-purpose welding equipment that offers the users plasma welding, stick welding, and aluminum welding. The portable machine is filled with reliable functions that prove to be effective while welding.

This welding machine uses non-hazardous compressed air in order to cut alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, mild steel, and aluminum. You can carry out precise welding of thinner-gauge materials because of the high amperage that comes along with HF arc start hand torch control and foot pedal welding heat control.

The adjustable hot striking arc control will improve the arc-starting function that increases the precision of your works. It is very easy to assemble because of the industrial type-D plug and the presence of this stand coupler to place the air compressor perfectly.

Nonetheless, the LOTUS welding appliance is well-known for its exceptional service and reliable outcomes that prove to be remarkable for welders of all kinds.


The HITBOX TIG welding machine is widely used in high working places, including industries, indoor decorations, and do-it-yourself jobs. It is ideal for people looking for a welding machine to accomplish regular welding tasks in their home or garage. A welding hobbyist should look for a product like this.

Due to different technical advancements additions, the welding machine is more portable and economical, which makes it a good product for professional use. The TIG pulse function’s presence enables the welding current to fluctuate and keeps it under control automatically.

As a result, it is easier for welders to weld thinner metals without burning through the high heat conductive metals. You can also penetrate through thick metals easily while welding. It is economically friendly as it produces little spatter and works under a stable current.

If you are looking for a compact welding machine for your everyday execution, then the HITBOX TIG welding machine will be a trustworthy companion.


If you wish to work with a high-duty-cycle welding machine, then this welder from Eastwood will be your dream appliance. It can easily weld thick metals, including stainless steel and aluminum. It has a compact size and is lightweight, which is pivotal in portability and easy usage.

The welding unit provides industrial features at a reasonable budget that makes it affordable for welding hobbyists and people who are looking for welders for their homes. You will experience precise welding of thinner gauge materials.

The welder works on both AC and DC mode that offers enough versatility to allow a wide range of users. For precise arc control, it includes a high-frequency start and square-wave inverter for accurate aluminum welding.

With the combination of versatility, flexibility, and welding capabilities, Eastwood is considered to be one of the best welding machines that a welder can purchase. That is why do not miss this one.


Mophorn is an all-in-one product that is ideal for an array of welding processes, including TIG, MMA, and plasma. It supports dual-voltage input that allows a wide range of users to adapt to the machine.

Because of its high duty-cycle, the welding appliance can be used for industrial purposes. Not to worry because it is capable of providing professional welding executions.

You will experience excellent stability during every welding operation and because of the presence of the distinctive LCD monitor, you can easily read and set the data for your machine. If you need to deal with fluctuating power sources, this machine will adapt to the situation because it includes a dual-voltage input of 110-volt or 220-volt.

Also, for maximum power consumption, it includes a fast cooling fan. Overheat protection is included along with yellow indicator light. It is an ideal device for iron processing, automotive maintenance, factory, shipyard, large projects, construction field, and many more.


The LOTOS LTPDC2000D is a wonderful welding machine that ensures quality welding and cutting tools. A greater range of users can use this product because of its versatility and effectiveness with consistent results.

You can get access to all kinds of welding processes using this welding machine, starting from plasma cutting, TIG welding, stick welding, and MMA welding. It is an eco-friendly device and can efficiently cut through painted, rough, and rusty surfaces. It also comes along with a handle for easy portability and includes a high-frequency arc start and torch.

The adjustable hot striking arc current improves the arc-starting function hugely. As the equipment utilizes non-hazardous compressed air, it can smoothly cut copper, mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The advanced cooling system makes sure that the stable and consistent condition is maintained for the users to experience better.

It is ideal for both professional users and regular hobbyists because of its exceptional welding capabilities and efficient outcomes.

Everlast PowerTIG

The Everlast PowerTIG welding machine is considered one of the smallest and lightest devices available that consists of all the essential advanced features and can supply praiseworthy outcomes.

The machine is equipped with IGBT-based inverter technology that makes it a superior device and also holds power to allow both AC and DC power sources. Because of its compact design, it is easy to move from place to place, which makes it ideal for welding hobbyists and people looking for a welder for their garage.

If you wish to make high-quality welds, then the stick function, which includes all the functional controls, will ensure you accomplish it. The digital display allows easy inspection for the users during working. The overheat protection also comes along with an indicator light.

It is great for people who wish to execute regular welding activities because of its compact size, remarkable functions, and efficient services.

Buying Guide

TIG welders have some critical features that differentiate them from other welding devices. So, if you are about to purchase a TIG welder based on your experience buying MIG, flux core, or other welding gears, there are options to make significant mistakes. That’s why you should always think about these factors for getting a quality device under a grand:


Input voltage and output amperage are the two factors that you must consider before buying a TIG welder. If you know how many amps your welding device has, you will be able to determine the thickness of metal it would be suitable for.

If you are getting a welder under $1000, they will be around 200 amps. With such power, you can weld not only thin steel but also aluminum. So, 200 amps is the sweet spot for a budget like that.

Let’s talk about voltage. General mid-level TIG welding requires the usual supply, which is 115V. Some quality welders provide 230V options too.  


If you are just welding steel, a DC TIG welder would be able to do the job. However, getting an AC/DC device is probably the best idea if your work involves welding aluminum or magnesium. AC is suitable for self-oxidized metals that are soft.

Some welding devices have manual AC balance control. They are flexible and provides you more options to work with. As a result, they are highly recommended.


There are additional accessories needed with a TIG welder. It is highly recommended that all the critical accessories be included with the welding machine you bought. Some of these accessories are foot pedal, torch, ground clamp, flow meter, etc.


The safety of a TIG device depends on how good the temperature regulation is for the unit. With TIG gears, you are working at a very high temperature. So, the welding machine should have safety features that will protect itself.

If a unit doesn’t have the required temperature and electric protection also the proper cooling, it will last a short time, and it may even cause unfortunate accidents that you should always avoid. So, make sure the device you are getting provides these essential safety features.


Any welding device needs proper temperature stability for precise work. This stability should be more for a TIG welder. That’s why make sure to check out the manufacturers’ details on temperature stability.

Final Note

If you are still unsure which welder to get for your work, we suggest you check out the buying guide thoroughly. If you need a suggestion, the Weldpro Digital TIG device mentioned on top of our list is the best choice for any hobbyist and professional welder. It has a 200 amp output amperage, both AC/DC options, and it is overall an excellent choice and widely loved by many of the buyers.

Getting the right gear will save you money and effort. So always do your research properly before getting any welder. Know the devices’ specs and quality.

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