Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter Welder with Dual Voltage Review 2022

Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter Welder with Dual Voltage Review 2022

Getting a welding machine with the proper balance among all the factors is luck, to be honest. It may have many good sides while failing in another quality. The 2022 Weldpro 200 Amp is a device that holds many positive traits. As I bought the machine, not only did it wonder me with its performance, but the instructions were also so clear.

Apparently, this welding machine is available at a low cost and is suitable for beginners and experts alike. With the detailed manual, someone with no experience in welding can also operate it. Here, I will write everything related to the machine from my experience. I judged it objectively and included the negative factors of it too...

Specification of Weldpro 200 Amp

Brand: W Weldpro

Model: MIG200GDsv

Dimensions: 25.2” × 12.8” × 23.8”.

Type: MIG, Lift Tig, Flux Core, Stick.

Voltage: 120 Volt & 240 Volt at 60Hz.

Amperage Output on 120V- 40 to 120A (MIG), 40 to 120A (MMA), 15 to 120A (Tig).

Amperage Output on 240V- 40 to 200A (MIG) 40 to 200A (MMA) 15 to 200A(TIG).

Weight: 30 lb.

Weld Thickness: 19 ga. – 0.197”

Duty Cycle: 30% at 200A & 100% at 110A


When it comes to controlling and operating, the 2022 Weldpro 200 Amp is easily a top-tier item. It has a complex control panel. I understand that for a complete beginner, all those buttons and signals can be so confusing. That is why the package contains a highly elaborated instruction manual.

Using the control panel, you can adjust the necessary amp depending on your applications. There is two digital display to let you track the amp and wire speed. You can also use the buttons to switch welding methods among MIG, Tig, flux core, and stick. This welding machine grants a Steady arc. I used this and got a high heat output on the electrode.

Using the 2022 Weldpro 200 amp, it is possible to weld stainless, mild, and aluminum. Its wire speed ranges from 78 to 550 inches per minute, which is pretty impressive for a low-priced device. You can use wire with a diameter of 0.039, 0.031, and 0.024 inches.


The Weldpro 200 Amp has a unique feature regarding its capability to work for a long time. This welding machine lets you adjust the amp from a minimum of 15 to a max of 200. Using different amp will be necessary for various weld methods. You can run this machine using either 120 or 240 Volt. This feature makes it both a household and an industrial welding device. While most household outlets are 120V, using 220V will save your energy.

As I tried to test its duty cycle, it was an amazing experience. It has a duty cycle of 30% at 200amp. So, you can use it for 3 minutes before resting. Meanwhile, you will also get a duty cycle of 100% at 110A. What does that mean? It means that on 110A, you can use it continuously without having to face any overheating issues.


The manufacturers of this welding machine stayed careful to make it easy to transport. Its body weighs only 30 lb. So, you can carry it without any problem. Weldpro 200 AMP is a suitcase welder. And one of the primary features of a suitcase welder is its light body. You can also use the sturdy handle to help you carry it.


Do not worry much about the price of this welding machine as it is so affordable. I bought it at a decent rate, which was lower than $1000. As the device will provide you extraordinary features and many accessories, it is totally worth the purchase.


  • Dual voltage support.
  • Heavy-duty cycle under 110A.
  • Lightweight body.
  • Excellent weld finish.
  • It supports multiple welding methods.
  • Protection from thermal overload.
  • So many accessories are available in the package.


  • The output from Tig welding may not be too good.
  • You don’t get a spool gun in the package.

Why Should You Get This?

I can give you multiple reasons as to why you should try the 2022 Weldpro 200 AMP. All the buttons and knobs on the control panel are accessible and easy to use. Then I should mention how you can get good results from four different welding types with this item. Moreover, it is good if you want a machine at an affordable rate. I won’t gloss over the fact that you get a three years warranty for the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Thin a Metal Can I Weld Using MIG With This Machine?

You can weld metals with a minimum thickness of 19 gauge on MIG welding. But you got to be careful and move fast.

Do I Have to Use Gas with This Welding Machine?

For MIG and Tig, yes, you will need to provide gas to shield the weld pool. In flux core welding, you do not need to bring external gas, as the flux core is self-shielding.

Can I Use 6011 and 6010 Welding Rods Using the Device?

2022 Weldpro 200 AMP works well with the 6011, but it is not that excellent for 6010.

Final Note

Weldpro has a past version of this welding machine named 2019 Weldpro 200 AMP. I tried both to find the differences. They upgraded that variation, and the latest 2022 one has better performance, versatility, and control. The overload protection feature is also improved. That too at around the same price.

Based on my research, Weldpro released some other quality welding machines that you can check out too. But the 2022 Weldpro 200 AMP will be my top pick for you.

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  • June 28, 2022
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