Do You Know Why are Welding Carts Angled?

Why are Welding Carts Angled


When the welding cart shelf is tilted the welder has a better view of the controls of the machine. They can see exactly what settings the machine is being operated at.

Welding machines are heavy objects and the slanted shelf helps to regulate the center of gravity so that the cart has a low center of gravity.

The low center of gravity reduces the possibility that the cart will be tipped over and it reduces the possibility that the welder will be injured.

Welding machines are not cheap and they can be severely damaged if they fall to the ground from the shelf of their cart. For that reason, welders make certain that their carts are constructed of materials that can handle the weight of the machine without tipping over or collapsing.

The angled shelf prevents the possibility of the machine falling over because the cart was made top-heavy by a big machine on the top shelf and smaller items being kept on the bottom shelf.

Easy Access

As we previously mentioned when the welding shelf is angled the welder has a better visual line of the controls. The other great thing about the slanted shelf is the welder can easily reach the control dials.

On the majority of welding machines, the dials that control the machine are on the front of the machine. The welder is normally working in a position that would require them to have to reach high above their head if they needed to turn a dial or make an adjustment while they were welding. They might even have to stop what they were doing to stand erect and turn the dial of the machine.

The slanted shelf positions the welding machine at the perfect angle so the welder does not have any problem reaching the controls and making the adjustments they need to make.

The ability to reach the controls means that your welds look better and are stronger. The welding machine must be accessible to you while you work and those control dials need to be easy to get to.

This is also a safety feature because you can easily turn the machine off or stop any process that is possibly getting out of control. The tilted shelf is designed for the welder, your convenience, and your safety.

Neatness in the Shop

People have a tendency to lay things down on top of other things rather than put things back where they belong. It happens in shops with just one worker and in shops where there are multiple workers.

Having things piled on top of your welding machine can be a dangerous thing. You could cause the welding machine to catch things on fire if you have things piled on top of it while you are working. The slanted shelf makes it virtually impossible for anyone to put things on top of the machine and cause a hazard like this to occur.

You also do not want to have to move the items that were sat on top of your machine before you can begin to work. That is like having to clean the kitchen before you can cook a meal. The slanted shelf stops the machine from being used as a storage shelf and when you are ready to weld the machine is ready to be used.

Final Thought

Welding carts usually have handles at the back that you can put your cables around. The tilted cart leans the machine far enough down that the cables wrapped on the back of the cart do not cover or create a problem with you reaching the dials, gauges, or charts that you might need.

When you tip the cart backward to use the handle to roll it the machine rests against the back instead of sliding to the back and coming off of the shelf.

Angled welding carts are made so welders are safer while they are worn.

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  • June 8, 2022
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